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Matt Schlapp on Comey: ‘Good Riddance to Obama’s Enabler’

From his article at The Hill

……Many Democrats will never accept the legitimacy of President Trump, so they have a nationwide movement to collectively put their heads under the covers. Jim Comey is the Benedict Arnold in their progressive revolution, and all expected Comey to be dismissed from his job right after Secretary Clinton raised her right hand. The Democrats benefited twice from the most tumultuous week in U.S. politics that I can recall, at least since the week before: Comey was sacked; and Trump was pillaged by the swamp.

Oftentimes in politics facts matter less than atmospherics. Donald Trump made the right decision in firing Jim Comey. The most compelling reason is that Comey had become a lightning rod: hated by Clinton supporters, distrusted by Bush alumni. Comey convinced the Bush administration with a wink and a nod he was with them, followed by a raised fist to team Obama that he was reliable to their cause. In the end, the only cause to which Comey commits is his own.

……What’s clear is that Jim Comey was a careful lawyer but a dutiful master of his own image. His ambitions were rewarded by Obama when he was installed at the FBI.
Obama and Comey almost made it all the way to the end of Obama’s term without having a potential political conflict affect their collaboration. That was a major accomplishment considering the abuses carried on by Obama administration: Running a program to spy on adversarial reporters; using the IRS to persecute political opponents in Tea Party nonprofits; overseeing a sloppy program of arming violent criminals along the border; orchestrating a cover-up to blame a YouTube video for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya; and of course the scandals, wrapped in abuse and surrounded by law breaking, concerning the server, emails and smartphones of former-Secretary Clinton and her enablers.
All of these scandals were managed without the selection of a special prosecutor, without anyone being charged with wrongdoing and without any serious political consequences to Obama.

The reputations of Clinton and Comey were destroyed due to Clinton’s law breaking and deception and Comey’s apparent desire to be dutiful to the politics of Obama. That was until he decided that his own brand was being tarnished, and so lurched out with the now-infamous “Comey letter.”

Like so many things with President Trump, he made the right decision to ax Comey, but the turbulence and timing caused him to endure a withering week in the press and gave some additional life to a tired, manufactured scandal.
There are several critical steps Trump needs to take to finally put all the Russia-influence talk to bed. The president needs to select an FBI director who is beyond reproach and independent of all political influences. He needs to continue to cooperate with the investigations about Russia. Finally, the president needs to take stock of how these decisions can be rolled out more smoothly.

The president was elected over six months ago. He has reached a critical moment in the organization of his administration. He has been able to work with his team and see what is working and what is not. He has surrounded himself with good and capable people. Each member of the White House staff will privately admit that they do not always operate as a team, nor is the staff operating in a collaborative enough way that allows the president and vice president to make the very best decisions.

There is plenty of time to tighten up the processes and fill the gaps, but their window is beginning to close. The president is a true leader and at these moments part of leadership is also looking at ways the person at the top can up his game or better showcase his abilities.
Donald Trump is a shrewd political actor. He saw through Comey when others were charmed. He has a cabinet filled with firepower. He has real talent it the West Wing. But the time to organize for success is now, so that in the final quarter of the year we can all celebrate at signing ceremonies fulfilling the president’s big promises and maybe even be put a robe on another Trump Supreme Court pick.

The rank and file agents in the FBI were infuriated over Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary.

The crooked son of a bitch should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, the cover up  of Hillary’s crimes and participating in Obama’s illegal wiretapping of the Trump campaign.

Get someone in charge who will follow the law and the constitution, and hold government officials accountable for their crimes; even if they’re Dems.


Lynch Won’t Bring Criminal Charges Against Pal Hillary

Especially after the visit from Bubba.

From Fox News.

The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server will be closed with no criminal charges, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday.

Lynch said in a statement she had accepted the FBI’s recommendation that no charges should be brought against Clinton.

“Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system during her time as Secretary of State,” she said.

“I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation,” the statement continued.

Laws are for little people.

Gun Shop Where Muzzie Terrorist Mateen Bought Weapons, Warned FBI of Suspicious Behavior

By the way: Mateen did not use an AR-15, which seems to be the weapon of blame for liberal moonbats, he used a Sig Sauer MCX.

From ABC News.

The owner of a Florida gun store said he tried to alert the FBI to a “very suspicious” man later identified as Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen after Mateen tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition from the store.

Robert Abell, a co-owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach, Florida, told ABC News today that a man entered the store five or six weeks ago and asked specific questions about high-end body armor. When employees said the store didn’t carry the body armor he wanted, Abell said, the man made a phone call in a foreign language, hung up and then asked about ammunition in bulk.

Abell said a member of his staff thought the questions were “odd” and made him uncomfortable, so he turned the man away.

Abell added that they thought the man was “very suspicious,” so they called the local FBI office in West Palm Beach and reported the incident. But they didn’t have the man’s name, since no sale was made, and the only surveillance footage they had was grainy.

“We gave them information and everything that took place, and that was the end of the conversation,” he said.

There was a follow-up conversation with agents, Abell said, but the FBI never visited the store or investigated further.

Of course not. The morons at the FBI are too busy investigating people who are concerned about government oppression.

Mateen was interviewed by the FBI three times, but they didn’t think he was a threat.

Feel safer with these assclowns in charge?

Seriously?? The FBI Wants to Send Terrorists to Counseling

This goes along with the ‘hugs and jobs’. 

From Creeping Sharia.

Faced with a wave of potential homegrown Islamic State supporters, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is embarking on a new approach with some suspects: putting them in counseling rather than handcuffs.

Federal and local officials working on counterterrorism say the logistical challenges posed by Islamic State’s propaganda—its slick online messages are readily available to anyone—make it difficult to address the problem solely through traditional investigations.

Proponents of the intervention model say it provides a possible “off ramp” from radicalization and addresses a hard truth: The FBI cannot effectively investigate all of the thousands of Americans who are believed to be interested in Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

The challenge is particularly acute for teenage suspects, because the federal criminal justice system is poorly equipped to prosecute minors, officials said.

“Nobody wants to see a 15-year-old kid go to jail if they don’t have to,’’ said one official working on the effort. That official said that when the FBI recommends a potential suspect for counseling, the criminal investigation will continue and agents will be prepared to make an arrest if they believe the person becomes more dangerous.

What about the 15 year old jihadists who are seasoned terrorists? This is tantamount to placing them in juvenile detention.

The issue has sparked an intense debate inside federal law enforcement, where many fear deadly consequences if they misjudge a suspect who is sent to counseling instead of being arrested.

“I get the principle, but there are a lot of potential problems with this, and I think it’s a wrong move,’’ said Peter Ahearn a former FBI counterterrorism agent. “I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done but it shouldn’t be done by the FBI. That’s not the mission.’’

The mission, under Obama, has become a humongous clusterfuck.

In Dearborn, Mich., Police Chief Ronald Haddad’s officers were contacted about a month ago by a family worried their son might try to join Islamic State. Police ended up steering the teen toward psychiatric help, the chief said.

Such an intervention doesn’t stop a criminal investigation, but Mr. Haddad said the goal is to avoid any potential violence or arrest, if possible. In a city where roughly a third of the population claims some Arab heritage, several counterterrorism officials said Dearborn’s police department is better equipped than most to do such outreach and intervention.

Dearborn has become quite the muzzie enclave and operating base for Islamic jihad, with ‘Islamic centers’ and mosques that are breeding grounds for terrorism. The main mosque in Dearborn, the Islamic Center of America,  is run by Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini, who has considerableties to Hezbollah, invited Nation of Islam’s lunatic Louis Farrakhan to speak, and openly advocates terrorism.

If the FBI wants to curtail Islamic terrorism in America, it could start right there.

……The approach is increasingly embraced by the Obama administration as part of a broader initiative federal officials call countering violent extremism, or CVE—which focuses on countering terrorist propaganda and spotting problematic behavior early.

Don Borelli, a former FBI counterterrorism official, noted the approach has been used in Europe for years, and said that with proper legal guidance and training, could work here.

They don’t need “counseling”; what they need is a long prison stretch. They act as if this were a symptom of teenage angst, when it’s more of an effort to embrace a violent theocracy hellbent on destroying Western civilization.

On second thought, ff the punks want to join ISIS, Al Qaeda, or any other muzzie terrorist group, I say let them do it, so we can kill the little shitbags along with their mentors.

In past years, he said, “there was a lot of resistance’’ to the idea that the FBI play a role in interventions, Mr. Stanek said. “This new FBI is totally different.’’

Different? That’s a fucking understatement. It’s become a pile of mush.

Yep, the country’s in good hands.


This is what you get when the Muslim Brotherhood Takes Charge of FBI Counterterrorism Training and the FBI Partners With Jihad Groups.