Irony: Barky Says Sanders Hasn’t Been Vetted by the Media

From The Hill.

……Obama said the 2016 Democratic presidential primary will not be a repeat of the race in 2008, when he emerged as a successful insurgent challenger against the established front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

“No … I don’t think that’s true,” Obama said in an interview with Politico, when asked if he sees Clinton’s chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), as his alter ego in this year’s race.

……(Obama) also suggested that the Vermont senator has yet to be completely vetted by the media.

“I think that if Bernie won Iowa or won New Hampshire, then you guys are going to do your jobs and, you know, you’re going to dig into his proposals and how much they cost and what does it mean, and, you know, how does his tax policy work and he’s subjected, then, to a rigor that hasn’t happened yet, but that Hillary is very well familiar with.” he said.

……Obama expressed hope that, when voters go to the polls, they “will settle down and say, ‘Who do we want actually sitting behind the desk, making decisions that are critical to our future?’”


This is coming from a SCOAMF who was foisted into office by an adoring media, liberals, and minorities who deified him.  If Obama had been properly vetted , this corrupt and incompetent malfeasant would have never been installed the first time. His self-awareness tank has run on fumes for a very, very long time.

Anyone who studied Obama’s personality, philosophy, friends, associates, and background, would understand that he is a marxist, and not fit to lead a Democratic Republic. Evidently they couldn’t get enough of the first four years of it.

As infuriating as it was to hear Jonathan Gruber describe American voters as “stupid”, there’s no other explanation for a shitbag like Obama to be placed in a position to push some of the most depraved, obscene, destructive policies in our history.

As for Bernie Sanders, he’s another socialist lowlife with some seriously deranged rape fantasies.

Quite a collection of scumbags, those democrats.

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A Modern Version of “Who’s on First”?

COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America.

ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It’s 5.6%.

COSTELLO That many people are out of work?

ABBOTT: No, that’s 23%.

COSTELLO: You just said 5.6%.

ABBOTT:  5.6% Unemployed.

COSTELLO: Right 5.6% out of work.

ABBOTT: No, that’s 23%.

COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s  23% unemployed.

ABBOTT: No that’s 5.6%.

COSTELLO: WAIT A MINUTE. Is it 5.6% or 23%?

ABBOTT: 5.6% are unemployed.  23% are out of work.

COSTELLO: If you are out of work you are unemployed.

ABBOTT: No, Obama said you can’t count the “Out of Work” as the unemployed.  You have to look for work to be unemployed.


ABBOTT: No, you miss his point.

COSTELLO:  What point?

ABBOTT: Someone who doesn’t look for work can’t be counted with those who look for work. It wouldn’t be fair.

COSTELLO: To whom?

ABBOTT: The unemployed.

COSTELLO: But ALL of them are out of work.

ABBOTT: No, the unemployed are actively looking for work. Those who are out of work gave up looking and if you give up, you are no longer in the ranks of the unemployed.

COSTELLO: So if you’re off the unemployment roles that would count as less unemployment?

ABBOTT: Unemployment would go down. Absolutely!

COSTELLO: The unemployment just goes down because you don’t look for work?

ABBOTT: Absolutely, it goes down. That’s how it gets to 5.6%. Otherwise it would be 23%.

COSTELLO: Wait, I got a question for you. That means there are two ways to bring down the unemployment number?

ABBOTT: Two ways is correct.

COSTELLO: Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job?

ABBOTT: Correct.

COSTELLO: And unemployment can also go down if you stop looking for a job?

ABBOTT: Bingo.

COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to have people stop looking for work.

ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like a Democrat.

COSTELLO:  I don’t even know what the hell I just said!

ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like Hillary.

IRS Still Erasing Incriminating Evidence of Targeting

The thugs at the IRS continue to thumb their nose at Congress, and nothing will be done about it.

Via BizPac Review.

Leading members of Congress are ripping IRS officials for erasing a computer hard drive after a federal judge ordered it to be preserved.

“The destruction of evidence subject to preservation orders and subpoenas has been an ongoing problem under your leadership at the IRS,” Committee on House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Jim Jordan , wrote in a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen late Thursday.

“It is stunning to see that the IRS does not take reasonable care to preserve documents that it is legally required to protect,” Chaffetz, a Utah Republican, and Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said in the letter to Koskinen.

Reasonable care? They’re deliberately destroying them you dumb fuck.

The IRS recently admitted in court to erasing the hard drive even though a federal judge had issued a preservation related to a Microsoft Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the federal tax agency last year, according to court documents. Microsoft accuses the IRS of inappropriately hiring an outside law firm to audit it and of failing to hand over related documents requested under the FOIA.

Chaffetz and other members of the oversight panel began calling for Koskinen’s impeachment in October. Chaffetz and Jordan in their letter point out that the IRS in March 2014 also destroyed 422 backup tapes containing as many as 24,000 emails sent or received by Lois Lerner, former director of IRS’ Exempt Organizations Division.

Forget the impeachment. Arrest and prosecution are the appropriate response. But we all know that won’t happen, because the GOP doesn’t have the balls.

Lerner was the central figure in the scandal sparked by the tax agency’s illegal targeting and harassment of conservative and Tea Party non-profit applicants during the 2010 and 2012 election campaigns.

Samuel Maruca, owner of the hard drive in question and a former senior IRS executive, participated in the IRS hiring of the outside law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP allegedly to investigate Microsoft. Maruca left the IRS in August 2014, according to court documents.

Chaffetz and Jordan told Koskinen to hand over all documents on IRS preservation policies and all documents related to the destruction of Lerner and Maruca’s hard drives.

What a fucking joke. This circus has been going on long enough without one damned indictment to show for it.

A rundown of IRS corruption:

Under Obama’s direction, the IRS didn’t have any trouble defining his preference of sympathetic leftwing groups over Tea Party/GOP organizations.

Obama met with top IRS official William Wilkins before the targeting began.  As a matter of fact, a Cincinnati IRS employee testified that it was quite clear the orders came from D.C.

According to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, top Internal Revenue Service Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram discussed confidential taxpayer information with senior Obama White House officials.

Lois Lerner, then head of the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division, also received an email alongside White House officials that contained confidential information.  More emails uncovered Lerner’s role in the conspiracy, including proof that she gave confidential taxpayer information to the FEC, violating federal law.

J. Christian Adams, the former DOJ attorney who blew the whistle on Holder’s refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, was himself targeted by the IRS for critical articles he published in Pajamas Media.

The IRS engaged in the deliberate suppression, harassment, and intimidation of patriotic and conservative groups, and those who focus on the Constitution and criticize government spending, with Obama’s blessing.

All of the IRS officials, including the new IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, have lied, spun, denied, and openly smirked at any attempt to get at the truth.

Don’t expect the DOJ, who has its own share of corruption, to prosecute anyone associated with Obama’s regime.

They will never be held accountable for their crimes.  Let the average citizen commit a fraction of the crimes involved with Barky’s regime, and they would be under Leavenworth.

Congressional hearings are where a lot of  hot air passes for investigation. The Dems protect their own over the law and the Constitution, and the GOP doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it.




Ya Think?: White House Admits Iran Will Use Money for Terrorism

Thanks, all you Obama retards. This is the kind of shitty foreign policy we got with your messiah.  Nothing like arming America’s enemies as diplomacy.

Hat Tip: Deneen Borelli.

From The Washington Beacon.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday it was “entirely likely” and “even expected” that Iran will continue to support terrorism as it receives tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief through the Iran nuclear deal. The deal brokered by the Obama administration and other world powers gives Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, $100 billion in sanctions relief in exchange for compliance with the agreement meant to stop the rogue regime from getting nuclear weapons.

After Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged Thursday that “some” Iran deal money would go to terrorists, CBS reporter Margaret Brennan asked Earnest at the White House briefing whether he agreed.

“I think that reflects his rather logical conclusion that a nation that supports terrorism may use some of the money that’s coming into the country to further support terrorism,” Earnest said. “The thing that’s important for people to recognize is that critics of this agreement often exaggerate the value of the sanctions relief that Iran will obtain, and they often overlook the rather severe economic priorities that are badly underfunded inside of Iran.”



Here’s the meaty part:

“It is entirely likely, I think it’s even expected, that Iran will continue to support terrorism, but because of Iran’s intention that we assess to continue to support terrorism, that’s what makes it so important that we prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Earnest said.

You fucking douche.  Of course they’re going to use the money not just for terrorism, but to enhance their nuclear weapons program which Barky enabled with his disastrous nuke deal.

Obama’s “deal” guaranteed Iran the bomb.   It lifts sanctions, gives them billions in taxpayer dollars, and restricts the inspections that would monitor their race towards a nuke.

Iran already has nuclear weapons capability due to decades of failure by the West to stop them.  It will still develop nuclear bombs,threaten Israel, and continue to export terrorism.

And *surprise*, after Iran got the green light, the goat-smelling Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared: “Our policy towards the arrogant U.S. government won’t change at all.”

By extension, Barky has just implemented state-sponsored terrorism.




Hillary’s Staff Copied Classified Material From Top Secret Server to Private Email

From The New York Post.

The FBI is investigating whether members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle “cut and pasted” material from the government’s classified network so that it could be sent to her private e-mail address, former State Department security officials say.

Clinton and her top aides had access to a Pentagon-run classified network that goes up to the Secret level, as well as a separate system used for Top Secret communications.

The two systems — the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) — are not connected to the unclassified system, known as the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). You cannot e-mail from one system to the other, though you can use NIPRNet to send ­e-mails outside the government.

Somehow, highly classified information from SIPRNet, as well as even the super-secure JWICS, jumped from those closed systems to the open system and turned up in at least 1,340 of Clinton’s home e-mails — including several the CIA earlier this month flagged as containing ultra-secret Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs, a subset of SCI.

Yeah, somehow.

SAP includes “dark projects,” such as drone operations, while SCI protects intelligence sources and methods.
Top aide Huma Abedin sent emails containing classified materials to Hillary, according to intelligence agency reviewers.
Fox News reported Friday that at least one of Clinton’s e-mails included sensitive information on spies.
“It takes a very conscious effort to move a classified e-mail or cable from the classified systems over to the unsecured open system and then send it to Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail account,” said Raymond Fournier, a veteran Diplomatic Security Service special agent. “That’s no less than a two-conscious-step process.”

FBI agents are zeroing in on three of Clinton’s top department aides. Most of the Clinton e-mails deemed classified by intelligence agency reviewers were sent to her by her chief of staff Cheryl Mills or deputy chiefs Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan.

In one e-mail, Clinton pressured Sullivan to declassify cabled remarks by a foreign leader.

“Just e-mail it,” Clinton snapped, to which Sullivan replied: “Trust me, I share your exasperation. But until ops converts it to the unclassified e-mail system, there is no physical way for me to e-mail it.”

In another recently released e-mail, Clinton instructed Sullivan to convert a classified document into an unclassified e-mail attachment by scanning it into an unsecured computer and sending it to her without any classified markings. “Turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” she ordered.

Top Secret/SCI e-mails received by Clinton include a 2012 staff ­e-mail sent to the then-secretary containing investigative data about Benghazi terrorist suspects wanted by the FBI and sourcing a regional security officer. They also include a 2011 message from Clinton’s top aides that contains military intelligence from United States Africa Command gleaned from satellite images of troop movements in Libya, along with the travel and protection plans for Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was later killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi.

“Receiving Top Secret SAP intelligence outside secure channels is a mortal sin,” said Chris Farrell, director of investigations for Judicial Watch, the Washington-based public law firm that has successfully sued State for Clinton’s e-mails.

“A regular government employee would be crucified, and they are, routinely,” added Farrell, who as a former Army counterintelligence agent investigated such violations.

……As a result of Clinton’s negligence, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a recent interview he thinks “the odds are pretty high” that hostile foreign powers like Iran, China and Russia hacked Clinton’s homebrew e-mail server and stole US secrets.


Gawd only knows how much of those highly classified, unsecure emails were either hacked or leaked to the wrong people.

I worked in intel throughout my military career.  Safeguarding classified information was part of the job. Any security violation was immediately investigated and depending on the severity of the infraction, the consequences could result in prison time.  Hillary has violated every security regulation in the fucking book.  She and her staff knew what they were doing was illegal, so they deleted thousands of emails in an attempt to cover their tracks.

She unlawfully used a private email server to transmit classified emails and lied about it before Congress.

When you’re entrusted with classified information, security is pounded into your head. You do not grant access to uncleared personnel.  Classified information is to be stored in and transmitted from accredited computers through a secure network to another accredited computer. You do not transmit classified information as unsecured, unclassified emails.

If you’re Hillary Clinton, such things are trivial.

Hillary and her husband Bubba Clinton, have a lengthy history of criminal activity that stretches back to his days as governor of Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars in foreign ‘donations’ for the Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favors while she was Secretary of State.  Last I checked, that’s an offense punishable by prison time. If she were a Republican, the leftwing drive-by media would be having grand mal seizures. Don’t expect the DOJ, who has its own share of corruption, to prosecute Hillary for using her office to take bribes.

Like Obama regime, Hillary will never be prosecuted for her malfeasance.

So, the FBI is investigating. Good luck with that shit.


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