Before and After Islamofascism

Wherever Islam rears its ugly head, destruction follows.

The bad thing is that the West is allowing this to happen.


Via Pam Geller



Police in Germany now wear  chain mail to protect against ax-wielding muzzies:



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Liberal Salon Writer: ‘Who Will Clean Toilets When Illegals Are Deported’?

Oops. Careful, your racism is showing.

From Twitchy

Wow Salon.

Seriously, just wow.

Keep it up, you haven’t QUITE embarrassed yourselves enough just yet.

They just can’t accept they are their own worst enemy. Instead they blame Russia or some other conspiracy because otherwise they would have to admit they did this to themselves.

Response was swift:




They’re not here to ‘clean toilets’. They get food stamps, welfare, free education, tax credits, medical care, and housing.  Who the fuck needs to clean toilets?

Now that Trump is enforcing the immigration laws, the Dems will lose their illegal alien voting bloc and the pro-illegal contingent will lose one of their narratives.




Picture of the Day: ‘Covfefe’ Howitzer

‘Covfefe’; the Word That Drives the Left to Distraction


The internet linguistic pundits immediately obsessed over the word and have literally gone nuts trying to decipher the meaning.  After scouring the planet’s language archives, they couldn’t come up with anything remotely explanatory.

The simplest and likeliest explanation: It’s a typo.  Maybe he intended to Tweet “cerfuffle/kerfuffle“.

Maybe it’s a new word for ‘distraction’.  Who knows?

The bilious leftwing media is so consumed with covfefe over Trump and his reversal of Obama’s damage, that any social media comment and spoken word is up for vilification.



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Cuvfefe’ Mystery Solved

DHS Gives Money to Muzzie Extremists to ‘Counter Terrorist Recruitment and Radicalization’

So they give taxpayer money to muzzie leaders to ‘prevent radicalization’ while these same muzzie miscreants preach hate and violence against Western civilization, America in particular.
Fucking brilliant.

Via Daily Caller

The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday that it has awarded 26 grants totaling $10 million to communities across the U.S. in an effort to fight radicalization and recruitment of American citizens by terrorist groups.

The awards are part of the department’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Grant Program, which gives money to city and state governments, as well as private organizations, to develop programs that combat terrorism and extremist ideology.

Many of the grant recipients are local police departments, but the award winners also include community groups that can intervene with susceptible young people before they become radicalized through the internet propaganda of international terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida.

“We are witnessing a global surge in terrorist activity, and in many ways our own backyard has become the battleground,” said Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly in a Friday news release. “That is why DHS is focused on stepping up efforts to counter terrorist recruitment and radicalization, including through close collaboration with state and local partners.”

Congress appropriated the $10 million for the CVE program in 2015, the first time the government had set aside funding specifically for local police, community centers and nonprofit groups to use in fighting the spread of extremist ideology. Following a call for applications in July 2016, DHS received nearly 200 applications from organizations in 40 states.

The grant recipients were selected for their ability to build “prevention programs” that address root causes of violent extremism and reverse further radicalization in already susceptible communities, according to DHS.

Two significant grants were awarded to organizations in Minneapolis, which is home to a large concentration of Somali immigrants. Several Somali men from Minneapolis have either attempted to support Islamic terror groups or have traveled overseas to join ISIS.

Recognizing the unique danger, DHS awarded $347,600 to the Hennepin Country Sheriff’s Office, which covers Minneapolis, and $423,340 to the Heartland Democracy Center, a civic engagement nonprofit that works in the Twin Cities area.

Kelly says DHS will keep close tabs on the results of the programs to determine which can serve as a model for future grants.

Kelly is out of his fucking mind.  The Islamic insurgency is flooding Minnesota.  It’s become a hotbed for muzzie extremists. It leads the nation in would-be ISIS members; Minneapolis is a major recruiting center.  The Somali population is producing its fair share of terrorists.  They travel overseas to join al-Shabab, the al-Qaida affiliate in Somalia, and ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  There’s nothing to stop them from reentering the U.S. and committing more terrorist acts here.

And Kelly wants to finance these pigs.  I have a better idea for the money: Finance a fleet of planes to ship these goat fuckers back to their Islamofascist cesspools in the Middle East.



The list of complete waste of taxpayer funds on the organizations, here: