Dems Drop the ‘Offensive’ Names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson From Their Annual Fundraising Diner

Seriously?? What about minorities with the same last names?

From the CTpost.

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut.

Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery.

Party leaders voted unanimously Wednesday night in Hartford to rename the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner in the aftermath of last month’s fatal shooting of nine worshipers at the historic black church in Charleston, S.C.

The decision is believed to be unprecedented and could prompt Democrats in other states with similarly-named events to follow suit.

Translation: Other DemProg assclowns will follow suit.

“I see it as the right thing to do,” Nick Balletto, the party’s first-year chairman, told Hearst Connecticut Media Wednesday night. “I wasn’t looking to be a trailblazer or set off a trend that’s going to affect the rest of the country. Hopefully, they’ll follow suit when they see it’s the right thing to do.”

No. The right think to do is use common sense and stop kissing the asses of militant PC leftwingnuts and minorities who think removing a historical American name or battle flag will revise history to their liking.

Democrats cited Jefferson and Jackson’s ownership of slaves as a key factor in the decision, as well as Jackson’s role in the removal of Native Americans from the southeastern U.S. in what was known as the Trail of Tears.

……Scot X. Esdaile, the head of Connecticut’s NAACP, said it was high time for Democrats to rebrand the event.

“I would applaud the current leaders in Connecticut in making the symbolic first step and striving to right the wrongs of the past,” Esdaile said. “You can’t right all the wrongs, but I think it’s a symbolic gesture of our support for their party.”

“Right the wrongs”; real or imagined.

The decision immediately drew criticism from some historians as a politically correct overstep, including Robert Turner, a law professor at the University of Virginia, which was founded by Jefferson.

“It is a sad and short-sighted decision based upon tragic ignorance,” said Turner, who has written extensively about Jefferson’s legacy.

This December will mark the 150th anniversary of the enactment of the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, which abolished slavery.

“The authors of that amendment purposely chose language drafted by Jefferson in an unsuccessful effort to outlaw slavery in the Northwest Territories as a means of honoring Jefferson’s struggle against slavery,” Turner said. “If (Democrats) understood Jefferson’s lifelong opposition to slavery, they would have reached a different conclusion.”

Are you kidding? Never let facts get in the way of a good LeftProg meme.

A new name for the event, which marked its 67th year in June with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as its headliner, will be chosen in the fall.

Elizabeth Warren? “Fauxcahontas” Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee and was touted as a “woman of color” at Fordham??  Balletto’s credibility just hit the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

……Balletto said blacks and Native Americans are a major constituency of the Democratic Party.

Color me shocked.

“When something offends someone, it’s beyond being politically correct,” Balletto said. “It just causes a need for change.”

“Beyond politically correct”, yep, it’s beyond asinine.  Hey, I’m offended by the logos used by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and the Boston Celtics.  If I scream like a banshee, do you think they’ll get rid of them?

Balletto said Jefferson was a great founding father, but “had some issues.”

“You can’t change history, but you don’t have to honor it,” Balletto said.

You can’t erase or rewrite history by removing a flag or a name. It may make you feel better but it doesn’t change the facts.  It will not improve race relations or stop the divisive racial politics practiced by B. Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

And it’s not going to stop some deranged nutjob like Dylann Roof.

The whole Confederate flag flap is an opportunity for liberal cultural fascists to rid public consciousness of anything that doesn’t fit their New World Order. They’ve extended their oppression to freedom of speech, thought, and personal decisions.

The perpetually offended nutbags in the world will always find something to throw down the memory hole.  The rest of us won’t forget.

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Immigration Services Will No Longer Require New Citizens to Pledge to “Bear arms on behalf of the United States””

Welcome to Obama’s America. Where everything is given, nothing is earned, citizenship is cheapened, and nothing says “I love my new country” like refusing to defend it.

From The Washington Examiner.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Tuesday said it will no longer require incoming U.S. citizens to pledge that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” or “perform noncombatant service” in the Armed Forces as part of the naturalization process.

Those lines are in the Oath of Allegiance that people recite as they become U.S. citizens. But USCIS said people “may” be able to exclude those phrases for reasons related to religion or if they have a conscientious objection.

USCIS said people with certain religious training or with a “deeply held moral or ethical code” may not have to say the phrases as they are naturalized.

The agency said people don’t have to belong to a specific church or religion to use this exemption, and may attest to U.S. officials administering the oath that they have these beliefs.

USCIS said it would take “feedback” on this policy change through August 4, 2015.

Believe me, I already gave them some feedback.

I always though that along with citizenship in a free republic, comes a sense of duty and obligation.  Under Barky’s ‘fundamental transformation‘ America has been pummeled into socialist mush.  The average rank and file American couldn’t care less. Half the time their heads are buried in their Iphones and the other half, up their ass.

Eventually, the oath will eliminate the requirements to renounce their heretofore countries, and to honor the Constitution.  They can get all the benefits of living here, including the protection of a military sworn to defend their freedoms and their way of life.  All they’ll have to do is squat.  Just like illegals.

Just wait.




Thousands Demonstrate in Times Square Against Obama’s Iran ‘Deal’

obama iran deal 1From Breitbart.

Live Blog: Over 10,000 at #StopIranRally in Times Square – Breitbart

Best speech of the night: Judging by how widely it is being shared on Facebook, this was the winner, from former U.S. Rep. Allen West.

“I want Barack Obama to know one thing: You may say that you have done something that no one else has ever done. You know why no one else has ever done it? ‘Cause it’s a damn stupid thing that you just did.”

……8:30 p.m. EDT: The rally finally ends. As the speakers continued, a full hour past the scheduled end of the rally, so did the enthusiasm and intensity.

Juan Hinojosa traveled from Brooklyn to participate in the rally. He said, “As an American I am disgusted with President Obama, the Democratic Party and the weak GOP in Congress. They are a disgrace to this nation and I cannot wait until 2016 when Obama’s gone.”

Stop Iran Rally (Breitbart News)

7:30 p.m.EDT: The rally, stretching six blocks long and over 10,000 strong, was due to end at 7:30, but continues with a roster of speakers, including Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), and many others.

……7:10 p.m. EDT: Conservative Jerusalem Post columnist (and occasional Breitbart News contributor) Caroline Glick gives a fiery speech attacking the Iran deal: “This deal gives the mullahs $150 billion as a signing bonus…that’s real money that you’re putting the hands of murderers!”

She warns that even if Iran abides by the agreement, “in ten years’ time it can build nuclear weapons at will.” She calls on Sen. Schumer and several of New York’s Democratic U.S. Representatives.

“You know what to do, unless you have no honor and no shame….You will not only vote against this deal, you will talk to all of your friends in the Democratic Party…you will tell them you can claim to care about the security of the United States of America and support this deal.”

She concludes: “Tell your lawmakers. Tell your friends. Tell the President of the United States to kill this deal. To preserve life, to preserve liberty, to preserve freedom, this deal must be killed.

“Thank you, God bless America, Am Israel Chai.

6:55 p.m. EDT: Advocates for the American captives, and for victims of Iranian-backed terror, take the stage. The anger against Obama is severe: “You couldn’t even pronounce their names properly….You, Mr. President, have become our national nightmare.”

……6:45 p.m. EDT: Former CIA director James Woolsey, another Democrat, criticizes the Obama administration for ignoring the pro-democracy protests in 2009, and focuses his remarks on the totalitarian nature of the Iranian regime.

6:35 p.m. EDT: Alan Dershowitz, noted Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, comes to the stage. He says that it is important that opposition to the Iran deal remain bipartisan: “It is a bad deal for Demcorats. It is a bad deal for liberals. I am here opposing this deal as a liberal Democrat.”

Dershowitz attacks the way in which the deal is being handled, with democracy being “ignored” as the Obama administration circumventing Congress. “That is not the way democracy should operate. This deal is essentially a treaty. It binds the United States in a multi-national way. This treaty should be submitted to the Senate for two-thirds approval. But the president won’t do that.”

Dershowitz criticizes Obama for taking the military option “off the table,” which allowed Iran “to negotiate with us as equals,” which is how the deal that resulted was so good for Iran and so bad for everyone else.

He warns that Benjamin Netanyahu will take “whatever actions” he has to take to stop Iran. The crowd cheers.

6:20 p.m. EDT: Organizers estimate attendance at the Stop Iran Rally at over 10,000 in Times Square.

The rally hears from presidential candidate and former New York governor George Pataki, who led the state during 9/11.

He takes a dig at Hillary Clinton: “She has embraced this agreement…Hillary, let me tell you one thing: America does not need as our next president another appeaser-in-chief.”

6:10 p.m. EDT: Organizer Jeffrey Wiesenfeld continues the focus on Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), “Where are you, Chuck?” He tells the crowd about White House efforts to twist the arms of wavering Democrats, warning that the Obama administration will give a green light to “pro-Israel” Democrats to vote against the bill once they have enough votes in hand to pass it.

“This is our civil rights! Our right to live! It will not be enough if those Congress members say they are opposing the bill because they got permission from Valerie Jarrett.”

He warns Schumer to round up votes against the bill, or “we will throw you the hell out.” The crowd roars. He offers Schumer “a chance for redemption” if he stands up to Obama and rallies opposition to the deal. “Chuck, this is your moment! This is your time to make the decision.”

……5:50 p.m. EDT: Fox News contributor Monica Crowley offers the most powerful speech of the rally so far: “Everybody who’s here tonight in Times Square wants to save Western Civilization before it’s too late,” she says. “Never again! Seventy years after the Holocaust, have we forgotten already?”

She adds: “Of the countless destructive things President Obama has done, this deal is the most dangerous of all….President Obama says that he can basically do what he wants because ‘he’s got a pen and a phone.’ Well, guess what, Mr. President? We’ve got pens and phones, too.”

……Finally, Crowley attacks Hillary Clinton, who received a round of boos from the crowd, taking her to task for supporting the Iranian regime while toppling the Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak. At a black-tie dinner in Bahrain, Crowley says, “She [Clinton] literally chased the Iranian foreign minister around the room, and got blown off by the Iranian foreign minister, not once, but twice.”

……4:45 p.m. EDT: Demonstrators are arriving in significant numbers, along with national media. Fox News devoted a segment to the rally, and their cameras are there to record the action.

One of the main organizations behind the protest, StandWithUs, has tweeted a list of 19 key U.S. Senators, all Democrats, that it is asking the public to contact.

……The event was coordinated by the Jewish Rapid Response Coalition, a grassroots organization concerned with the potential for a nuclear-armed Iranian regime.Over 100 partners are sponsoring the rally.

Other rallies are scheduled this week and next nationwide. A partial list is here.

The idea for the Stop Iran Rally came to fruition following the nuclear accord agreed to by the P5+1 world powers (US, UK, Germany, France, China, Russia) and the Iranian regime. Organizers expect that thousands of concerned Americans will be at the Times Square rally.

Of course, liberal papers and networks ignored the mass demonstration because it wasn’t in the best interest of their political slant or Barky’s dicked-up foreign policy.

From American Thinker:

An estimated 10,000 people jammed Times Square in New York City to rally against the Iran nuclear agreement.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough people to catch the attention of the New York Times, who feature a $15 an hour minimum wage protest of a couple of dozen people on the front page, but not thousands rallying against the Iran deal.

……Indeed, Google News shows only a handful of news outlets who bothered to cover the rally, most of them foreign sources. CNN has nothing on the rally either. The Washington Post front page features a story about Kerry’s salesmanship, but not a word about the rally.

When 10,000 American citizens make an effort to show up at a protest, you would think that’s news. The Times and the rest of them cover any gaggle of left wing radicals who gather at a street corner. Demonstrations against racism are covered even if the crowd is tiny. The Times and most other MSM outlets gave loving coverage to the Occupy Wall Street movement despite the miniscule numbers of people participating.

Obama’s “deal” guaranteed Iran the bomb.   It lifts sanctions, gives them billions in taxpayer dollars, and restricts the inspections that would monitor their race towards a nuke.

Iran already has nuclear weapons capability due to decades of failure by the West to stop them.  It will still develop nuclear bombs,threaten Israel, and export terrorism, regardless of Obama’s placating.  And *surprise*, after Iran got the green light, the goat-smelling Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared: “Our policy towards the arrogant U.S. government won’t change at all.”

Unless the GOP has the balls and enough Dems decide to halt this jackassery, Israel will have to stop Iran by itself.

Here’s the deal: We don’t negotiate with terrorist Islamofascist regimes and if Iran makes a bomb, Iran gets bombed.

The Testimony of Laura Wilkerson, Whose Son Was Brutally Slaughtered by an Illegal ‘DREAMER’

Excerpts from Laura Wilkerson’s testimony:

Wilkerson called on Congress to place American lives and interests over foreigners, especially those illegally living in the country.

During the hearing, titled “Oversight of the Administration’s Misdirected Immigration Enforcement Policies: Examining the Impact on Public Safety and Honoring the Victims,” Wilkerson broke from her written testimony to deliver a dire warning.

“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader,” she said at the most pivotal point in her testimony. “It is going to take another life lost by a Senator, a Congressman, the President, even another of today’s heroes, someone from Hollywood before someone in a position moves on this.”

“My son’s name was Joshua Wilkerson,” she began. “On November 16, 2010, he was beaten, strangled, tortured until he died. He was tied up, thrown in a field, and set on fire. His killer, Hermilo Moralez, was brought here illegally by his illegal parents when he was ten years old, so he fit the ‘DREAM’ kid description. He was sentenced to life in prison, which means it will be 30 years before he’s up for parole. He’ll be a 49-year-old man, who I don’t expect to be deported. And I just hope he doesn’t come to live in your city.”

Ms. Wilkerson’s son was murder by an illegal immigrant who, because he came to the country as a minor, would have qualified for Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty granted to illegal immigrant minors — or so-called DREAMers, whom Obama insists “belong here.”

Border patrol and immigration officials have explained that executive amnesty for illegal minors was, in large part, responsible for the surge of children coming across the border last summer.

Unlike most Western countries in which all foreign nationals illegally residing in the country are subject to immigration laws, in the United States, the left has effectively carved out a sector of the illegal immigrant population — illegal minors — who are exempt from immigration law. In so doing, the left has created a perpetual cycle of chain of amnesty– as evidenced by Obama’s 2014 amnesty in which he decided to suspend immigration laws for the parents of DREAMers.

“We had to hear this kid on the stand muttering about, ‘In my country…’ ‘In my country…’ never to finish that sentence. We listened to him tell us repeatedly that his ‘killing skills took over,’ that Josh had kicked his dog, and his ‘killing skills took over.’ His parents somehow managed to provide lessons so he acquired a black belt in mixed martial arts. Joshua had never been in a fight in his life.”

Joshua was a “very quiet, old soul,” his mother said. “He didn’t speak a lot, but when he did, you listened to him. Like I said, he’d never been in a fight in his life.”

The silence in the hearing deepened as Wilkerson continued: “Instead of getting Joshua home that day from school, we got an autopsy report.”

Wilkerson read aloud portions of the gut-wrenching autopsy: “‘This body is received in a grey body bag. There’s a tag on his toe that bears the name, Joshua Wilkerson. This is a white male weighing a hundred pounds. He is tied up with braided rope — 13 loops around his neck in a slipknot. It goes behind his back through his back belt loop. It goes to his hands and his feet, behind his body. He has multiple fractures in his face and nasal cavity. His throat and his voicebox are crushed.’”

Wilkerson took a deep breath and continued, looking at the senators before her with a steady gaze. “He was kicked so hard in the stomach that it sent his spleen into his spine, and sliced it in two… The medical examiner said it was torture.”

She returned to the text of the autopsy: “‘This body has significant skin loss on his buttocks, his abdomen, his penis, his hands, and his face. He has one stick of gum and a tardy slip in his pocket.”

“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader, whether you want to recognize it or whether you do not,” Wilkerson said. “This government continues to fail or even recognize that we have an issue. Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here.”

You’re officially notified today there’s a problem when this happens. You can’t deny it any longer. You cannot you cannot stand by and ignore our families — our American families. You’re elected by Americans, not any other country. You should be for Americans,” she emphasized. “If you want to sit quietly on the sidelines, you’ve thrown your hat into the ring already. Your silence speaks volumes. You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.

“I will not give up another one of my children so that a foreign person can have a nicer life. I’m not going to do it. You don’t understand the pain. It’s so deep in the soul — in the place you don’t even recognize you have. There aren’t words to describe the pain to someone who has not gone through it. I’m not giving up another kid,” she said.

Wilkerson then issued a blistering attack on sanctuary city policies that provide safe harbor and anonymity for dangerous, criminal aliens who are living illegally in the United States. She said:

“Sanctuary city policies scream to the criminal element of illegals in this country: ‘Come to our town USA, we’ll protect you from our terrible policemen. We’ll protect you from these tough American laws, that you — because you had a hard life — are not able to go through the same motion that an American is.’ It is going to take another life lost by a Senator, a Congressman, the President, even another of today’s heroes, someone from Hollywood before someone in a position moves on this. I urge you: you are in a position to do something about this for Americans.”

“I thank you, Mr. Trump for getting a message out about the nation in two minutes… that countless families like my own have been trying to say for five to six years. It feels good to be heard whether you love him, or whether you don’t, I felt heard.”

“Our family is shattered. It’s shattered– it’ll never be the same. We’ll manage, we’ll go on. We function. We put on that happy face. But my kids have changed — surviving kids have changed. Everything about us has changed. It’s by the grace of God that in our broken hearts we have a stream of memories of the loving relationship that we had with Joshua.”

Reminding mass immigration advocates at the hearing that American communities suffer unspeakable loss when an immigrant murders one of their own, Wilkerson said Joshua’s older brother returned from the battlefield fighting to defend our country, only to find no one was defending his younger brother.

“America lost that day. You lost a good citizen that was on the brink of becoming who knows what,” she said. “He mentioned going into the Air Force like his older brother, who was out defending this country — Americans — and we had to bring him home to bury his little brother, when he wasn’t being defended right here at home. It’s absurd to me.”

Illegal aliens aren’t living in the shadows, she added; they boldly break our laws and demand taxpayer freebies. She went on:

“They’re not scared to come here. We’re inviting them. Sanctuary cities says, ‘Come on down.’ Sympathy has never trumped the law in this country. Ever. Everyone of them here threaten national security because we don’t know who they are. They make a decision to come here. They’re not scared, and they’re invited by sanctuary city policies. They aren’t scared to wait in line for a hand-out that every American citizen has paid into the system for our children if need be. They mistrust police because they come from countries that mistrust police. They’re not scared here.”

“I want you to know that our family is broken, forever. We are forever broken. I don’t want the sympathy. I want you to do  something about it. Every one of you sitting here is in a position to do something. Just throw your hat into the ring for Americans. Quit sitting silent because it’s going to help you get a vote. Throw your hat in the ring and take care of American families.”

Wilkerson concluded her speech to a standing ovation from the audience…

Despite her unimaginable pain, Wilkerson has bravely fought for years, telling her story over and over again to help stop amnesty and prevent other American families from seeing an autopsy report instead of greeting their children after school.

The atrocity suffered by Ms. Wilkerson and her family is just one story of thousands. She’s right about the apathy of politicians and Hollywood pukes.  Unless they are directly affected, it won’t matter to them. They just look down from their ivory towers and smirk at the complaints of the little people.

When you have a regime in D.C. that  routinely ignores the immigration laws, and instructs the ICE to do the same, don’t be surprised when every piece of foreign garbage on the planet decides to take advantage of the open invitation.

The assclowns in the illegal alien cheerleading section refuse to admit the failure of the open borders policy. Criminals pour in and commit more crimes after they get here.

The crimes committed by illegals are especially insidious because the Obama regime and DemProg state and local governments don’t give a shit.  The daily body count produced by these people “looking for a better life” has reached incredible proportions.

Hundreds of crimes are committed by these dregs; cop killers, rapists, child molesters, murderers, thieves, robbers, gangs (MS13s), and a slew of other human garbage who are coming into this country illegally.  The feds, with Obama’s blessing, are scattering these animals all across the country.

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

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Families of the Victims of Illegals Testify Before Congress

Where appropriate, I’ve added the accurate term ILLEGAL ALIEN to offset the PC shit published in the article.

From the Sacramento Bee.

A U.S. Senate hearing Tuesday highlighted growing frustration by lawmakers of both parties with some local governments’ refusal to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities, as senators heard from the widow of a Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver, who prosecutors say was murdered by an undocumented immigrant. (Read: ILLEGAL ALIEN)

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s scrutiny of federal immigration enforcement policies came a few weeks after this month’s killing of San Francisco resident Kathryn Steinle. The undocumented immigrant (Read: ILLEGAL ALIEN) charged in that case, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, had a lengthy criminal record and was deported several times. San Francisco, a so-called sanctuary city, had released Sanchez despite federal immigration officials’ request that he be detained.

According to the committee, San Francisco and other local governments in 276 counties in 43 states have turned down 8,811 immigration detainer requests. Of that number, 62 percent involved people who had been previously charged or convicted of a crime or presented other concerns. Almost 1,900 went on to be arrested on suspicion of new crimes.

……Danny Oliver, 47, was killed Oct. 24, 2014, at a Motel 6 parking lot near Arden Way. Authorities say Luis Enriquez Monroy Bracamontes, who was in the U.S. illegally, killed Oliver at the start of a regionwide crime spree in which he also killed Placer County sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr. and wounded several others. Bracamontes faces the death penalty.

Susan Oliver said her husband, a father of two and 15-year department veteran, loved his job working in the problem-oriented policing program, known as POP.

“The last thing my husband attempted to do as a POP officer was to ask the man inside the car how his day was going,” Oliver said. “But he never made it to the driver’s window.”

The House of Representatives is scheduled to take up a bill this week to block federal funding for jurisdictions that resist turning over immigrants to federal authorities.

Yeah, we’ll see how that works out.

From The Washington Times.

Choking back tears, parents whose children were slain by illegal immigrants said Tuesday the federal government and so-called sanctuary cities both share blame for their children’s deaths, and pleaded with Congress for an all-out effort to secure the border and deport those who already snuck in.

“I don’t want your sympathy, I want you to do something,” demanded Laura Wilkerson, whose 18-year-old son was strangled, had his throat smashed and his body lit on fire by an illegal immigrant trained in mixed martial arts. “Quit sitting silent because it’s going to help you get a vote.”

The lawmakers, who said they were moved by the testimony of Ms. Wilkerson and a handful of others who recounted their relatives’ murders, vowed to take action and trained much of their criticism on San Francisco, whose sanctuary policy protected an illegal immigrant whom police have accused of killing 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle earlier this month as she walked on Pier 14 with her father.

“I’m hopeful I don’t have to hit somebody over the head with the federal hammer,” Sarah Saldana, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said.

Forget the hammer, drop a bomb.

Tuesday’s hearing grew heated at one point as the victims’ families were leaving the witness table and Ms. Saldana and her counterpart, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez, took their seats.

Don Rosenberg, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in a drunken driving incident, but who was not on the witness panel, stepped forward and scolded sanctuary city defenders.

“How dare you!” he said in remarks that appeared to be addressed to the Rev. Gabriel Salguero, pastor of Lamb’s Church of the Nazarene in New York City, who defended sanctuary policies.

Mr. Rosenberg continued to admonish the sanctuary city defenders as Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley banged his gavel and demanded order. Mr. Rosenberg was escorted out of the room by U.S. Capitol Police, trailed by a horde of reporters and photographers.

Rosenberg’s fury  sums up the anger felt by all victims of the federal government’s welcome mat for illegal aliens.

The rest of the hearing was calmer, but no less intense, with Ms. Wilkerson recounting the graphic details from the autopsy report on her son, Joshua, and Jim Steinle recounting his daughter’s final words to him moments after she was shot and fell to the ground: “Help me, Dad.”

The man accused in that shooting, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, had been deported five times before and was still being sought by Ms. Saldana’s ICE agents — but the federal Bureau of Prisons had shipped him to San Francisco instead on a decades-old drug warrant.

San Francisco authorities decided not to pursue the drug case, but rather than turn Sanchez over to ICE, which had put a detainer request on him, the county sheriff’s department released Sanchez as per its sanctuary policy. Under that policy, the sheriff won’t even inform ICE when an illegal immigrant is about to be released, shielding them from being picked up by agents.

Now, in the wake of the killing and the growing political pressure to do something, the sheriff and the city’s mayor are exchanging letters over whether the sanctuary policy can be changed under city law.

……“I want you to be angry that America’s borders are wide open. America does not know who is in this country. It is time to put Americans first,” Ms. Wilkerson said. “Close the borders, figure out who is really here. Keep statistics. Realize that we are at war right here in this country.”

……Mr. Grassley also prodded Mr. Rodriguez over Mr. Obama’s 2012 tentative deportation amnesty, and one case in particular, where an illegal immigrant granted amnesty was later accused of four murders in North Carolina. Mr. Rodriguez has admitted the man had gang ties that should have prevented him from being approved for the amnesty.

But when Mr. Grassley demanded to know who had been fired over the incident, Mr. Rodriguez said nobody had been cut loose. Instead, he said, employees had been “counseled” on how to apply the amnesty so gang members don’t get approved. He also said his agency had rechecked hundreds of thousands of amnesty recipients to weed out other gang members.

The trouble is, none of them should be cut loose. None of them should get amnesty. All of them should be detained, sent to prison, then deported after serving time.

We’re still waiting for the laws to be enforced.


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