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The Five Muzzie Terrorists Obama Exchanged for Deserter Bergdahl Have Rejoined the Taliban in Qatar

Thanks, Obama. You ratfuck.

Via The Military Times

KABUL, Afghanistan — Five members of the Afghan Taliban who were freed from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for captured American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have joined the insurgent group’s political office in Qatar, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday.
They will now be among Taliban representatives negotiating for peace in Afghanistan, a sign some negotiators in Kabul say indicates the Taliban’s desire for a peace pact.

Others fear the five, all of whom were close to the insurgent group’s founder and hard-line leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, bring with them the same ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam that characterized the group’s five-year rule that ended in 2001 with the U.S.-led invasion.

……The five Taliban were released in 2014 in exchange for Bergdahl during the administration of Barack Obama after drawn out negotiations.
Bergdahl, who had been held in Taliban custody since 2009 when he wandered off a U.S. army base, was given a dishonorable discharge last year and fined $1,000 on charges of desertion and misbehavior.



When Bergdahl walked away from his post, he deliberately sought out the Taliban so he could join them.

He left his gear in a nice neat little pile along with a note that explained he was running away.  He willfully collaborated  with the enemy and declared himself ‘mujahid’ and allegiance to Islamic jihad.  The attacks his unit endured got more methodical and precise after his desertion.

Six Soldiers were killed looking for his worthless ass.  Barky traded five of the worst muzzie cutthroats at GITMO   for this piece of shit.

It took some time before charges were even brought against the little shitbag, since Obama treated him like a pet to advance his political agenda.

They should have left him with the Taliban. They should have considered him an enemy combatant and killed him on the battlefield.

Barring that, he should have been taken out and shot.



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After Years of Doing Damage to Germany, Merkel Steps Down


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down from her party’s chairwoman position.

During a press conference Monday in Berlin, Merkel announced she will not be seeking reelection as leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Party. Merkel has held this position for two decades.

Critics believe this may be the beginning of the end for Merkel’s era as one of the most influential political figures in the European Union.

“I will not put myself forward again as candidate for the CDU chair,” she announced. “Secondly, this fourth term is my last as German chancellor — at the federal election in 2021, I will not stand again as chancellor candidate.”

Merkel is expected to finish out the rest of her three year term as chancellor.



Muzzie refujihadists, rapists, thieves, and assorted other felons have gained access to Germany because this stupid scrunt put out the welcome mat.

The German authorities and media have tried to cover up the crimes because they don’t want to “offend” the muzzie invaders.

As if Germany’s suicidal policies weren’t enough, the authorities are prosecuting anyone who protests the muzzie criminal invasion and also worked out a deal with (*surprise*) Facebook to censor criticism that constitutes “hate speech” in a country that has no equivalent to freedom of speech.

The entire continent of Europe is saturated with these muzzie thugs, yet the idiots in government keep making excuses and pandering to them.  The terrorist attacks in Britain are increasing.

The rise of Islamic terrorism on the European continent started the day they put out the welcome mat for Haji invaders.

Muzzie animals commit massacres across Germany and have engaged in multiple terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, starting with Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015. Evidently, they haven’t had enough carnage. Instead of preventing these muzzie monsters from entering their region and deporting the rest, they prefer to become eunuchs for the New Caliphate.

If Germany, or Europe for that matter, has the courage to save itself, it will oust every last piece of muzzie vermin out of the region and stop any more from coming in.

We’ll see if the Germans have the guts to elect a leader who will do that.


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Feds Seized a Fortune From #Resistance Icons Accused of Boosting Online ‘Ponzi Schemes’

Leftwing douche Ed Krassenstein, and his brother Brian were busted for bilking money from ‘resistance’ tools.


Via The Daily Beast

In late 2016, federal agents showed up at the Fort Myers, Florida, homes of brothers Brian and Edward Krassenstein, seizing computers and financial records, and hauling off “at least 20 to 30 bundles of stuff.”

At the time, the story was just a notable blip on local media’s crime blotter. But in the two years since, the Krassensteins have become more than a pair of local businessmen. They’re now prominent members of the online anti-Trump “resistance.”

According to the feds, the brothers also, until recently, ran websites that propped up fraudulent online financial scams. Law enforcement officials last year seized nearly half a million dollars from the brothers, money that prosecutors say was derived from wire fraud. The Krassensteins, who have not been charged with any crimes, maintain that they did nothing wrong or illegal.

The brothers remain extremely popular in corners of the anti-Trump left, having parlayed their vehement, often conspiratorial opposition to the president into social-media fame, with well over a million followers between them. They also run the standalone news websites Independent Reporter and Hill Reporter where, like Twitter, their brand of #Resistance—a label that they eschew, but which aptly fits their frequent calls for the impeachment and prosecution of the president—has galvanized Trump critics.

But it has also drawn the scrutiny and criticism of progressive activists who see the Krassensteins as opportunists distracting from a more productive message. While others have been accused of using the anti-Trump “resistance” to line their own pockets, the Krassensteins have a documented history of involvement with shady internet get-rich-quick schemes—a history that one federal financial investigator had reason to believe amounted to a criminal conspiracy.


The official court complaint:

His ‘resist’ thugs are a splinter group of antifa. Both are responsible for a lot of violence, including mass shootings.

The feds should put his ass in jail and throw away the key.



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Looks Like Khashoggi’s Murder Wasn’t Such a Bad Thing After All

Turns out Khashoggi was a terrorist in a business suit.

Via Frontpage Magazine

Media martyr Jamal Khashoggi is being described as a political dissident.

Sure. So were Hitler, Khomeini and Osama bin Laden.

By no coincidence, Jamal Khashoggi was an old friend of Osama bin Laden.

In early 1990 Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia and gave a lecture in which he predicted that Saddam Hussein would invade Kuwait.

Jamal Khashoggi, who had travelled extensively with Bin Laden in Afghanistan, attended the talk and afterwards asked his old friend how he could be so certain of the future.

“He recited a verse from the Koran,” recalls Jamal.

“The verse means the one who practises jihad for God, for Allah, God will show them the right path. I wasn’t comfortable about it. He had given himself the position of ‘I am seeing things because God is directing me towards it’. That was the first time I felt that Osama began to have an inflated ego.”

Jamal lost touch with Bin Laden in the mid-1990s and Khaled in the early 1990s as both completely rejected his ideology.

Although it has been many years since either of them saw Bin Laden, both admitted feeling sad at the death of their old friend in a raid by US forces in Pakistan earlier this month.

……He was a Muslim Brotherhood member and continued backing the Jihadist network.

Under Muhammad bin Salman, the hitherto ambiguous Saudis now side with the Emiratis. He speaks of a “triangle of evil” encompassing Iran, IS and the Muslim Brotherhood. As such he seems to be drawing a dividing line between Arab states (and tame salafists) on one side, and all forms of Islamism on the other—be they non-violent Brothers or jihadists. “It is a crazy analysis about the threat of a pan-Islamic empire,” says Jamal Khashoggi, a former editor of al-Watan, a Saudi-owned newspaper, who now works as a columnist in exile in America. “He treats IS and the Brotherhood as the same thing—the only difference being that IS tried to create the caliphate immediately by violence while the Brotherhood wants to create the caliphate slowly, through democracy.”

Although the Brotherhood never seemed very strong in the Gulf, its election victory in Egypt in 2012 unnerved Gulf rulers. Saudi Arabia and the UAE enthusiastically supported the coup that overthrew President Muhammad Morsi of the Brotherhood, not least because he was moving closer to Iran. For Mr Khashoggi, the campaign against the Brothers is an attempt to extinguish the last embers of the Arab spring: “Democracy and political Islam go together.”

That’s that “democratic” Caliphate.

……And here’s Khashoggi vouching for an alleged terror funder for Al Qaeda.

“Yet Mr. Khalifa is unsure how long he will enjoy these freedoms. He is a wanted man, believed by analysts and intelligence agencies, including the FBI and CIA, to have links to the heart of Al Qaeda. Using charities in the Philippines as a cover, Khalifa is alleged to have funded the radical Islamic group Abu Sayyaf. He is also said to have spearheaded plots including a foiled 1995 plan to hijack planes and crash them into the Pentagon and CIA headquarters – widely seen as a blueprint for the Sept. 11 attacks.

The victims of Sept. 11 have named Khalifa in their multibillion dollar lawsuit for damages.

Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi columnist whose views are aired in the Western media, is a Khalifa supporter.

“I know Jamal very well and there is no way I believe he is involved [with Al Qaeda],” says Mr. Khashoggi.”


And he also insisted that the Muslim Brotherhood was just misunderstood.

The Saudis themselves  are  some of the worst terrorist facilitators on the planet. They’re not “allies”.

All they did was kill one of their own.



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British Cop Hid in Locked Vehicle While Muzzie Terrorist Stabbed Fellow Officer to Death

Running the son of a bitch over with his vehicle to defend his colleague never occurred to him.

Via the Independent UK


The acting head of the Metropolitan Police locked himself in a car as one of his officers was murdered metres away during the Westminster attack, an inquest has heard.

Sir Craig Mackey was commissioner of Britain’s largest force at the time of the atrocity, where Khalid Masood ran down four victims with his car and stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death.

An inquest into Masood’s death heard that Sir Craig was being driven out of the Houses of Parliament when the attack started on 22 March 2017.

The senior officer, who is now deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, had been to a meeting with the policing minister and recalled being in his “shirt sleeves”.

Sir Craig told the Old Bailey he heard an “abnormally loud bang” that he feared was an explosion before seeing Masood start attacking PC Palmer.

The 52-year-old had crashed his car into railings surrounding parliament after killing four victims with his car on Westminster Bridge, then charged through Carriage Gates armed with two large knives.

“There was quite a lot of confusion about what was going on,” Sir Craig said. “The way that the male came in and the purposeful way he in came, that was a clear threat.”

He recalled locking the doors of his chauffeur-driven car, where neither of the two other people inside had stab vests, any other equipment or a radio to communicate with officers about what was happening.

“A colleague in the car had clearly seen what had gone on as well, and I locked the door,” he added. “I’ve got no protective equipment, no radio … we were in a ministerial meeting and literally came out to that.”

From the car’s passenger seat Sir Craig described seeing “two determined stab wounds”, adding: “I could see PC Palmer moving backwards and him going down.”

Sir Craig, who is to retire in December, said: “The attacker had one of those looks where, if they get you in that look, they would be after you.

……Sir Craig was then driven away and started coordinating the response to the attack, which was initially feared to involve multiple terrorists.

……PC Palmer died at the scene after undergoing emergency surgery and first-aid from paramedics and bystanders, including defence minister Tobias Ellwood. Masood was pronounced dead in hospital later that afternoon.


Britain is in the throes of suicide. It allows violent terrorist muzzie pigs onto its soil, condoning the the carnage, and in the case of Craig, abetted by cowardice.  They murder, rape, and commit acts of terrorism with impunity while citizens who speak out against it are censored, harassed, and prosecuted.

Put a gun to your heads, Britain. It’s faster.