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The Democrat Party is the Largest Hate Group in America

You have to look very hard — and you have to spend a long time looking — to find a genuinely happy or content left-wing political person. Whether they’re an activist or not. If they’re engaged in any way, shape, manner, or form of politics, they’re not happy, no matter what. When they elected Obama, they got angrier. They got more enraged. After every success they have, nothing is ever enough. No amount much success ever makes them happy.

Every success they have seems to tell them how little they’ve actually done and how much more there is and how deeply resentful of that they are. The bottom line is: You just don’t encounter happy, laughing liberals. Even their comedians are consumed by hatred. The Democrat Party’s become the largest hate group in this country. Even their comedians are angry and enraged, and that suffices as comedy. I think it’s one of the reasons why left-wing comics have become primary sources of news for other left-wing liberals.

—-Rush Limbaugh


Dems have morphed into the fascists they warned us about.

They embrace ‘occupy’ thugs, ‘black lives matter‘ criminals, and ‘antifa‘ malfeasants.  The Dems and the leftwing media own this violence. They foster it, praise it, and support it .

The Left engages in some of the worst hate speech, violence, and threats on record.

They spew misogynist hatred toward female conservatives, fling racial slurs at black Republicans  and Hispanic Republicans for refusing to be exploited and leaving the Dem plantation.  They especially hate white Republican/Tea Party members and hurl psychotic death threats at them for good measure.

They persecute Christians for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes.

They hate cops, the military, and the American flag.

While Obama was in office, anyone who spoke out against his corruption, crimes, and Constitutional violations, was labeled a ‘racist, bigot, hater’,  ad nauseum.

Late night ‘comedy’ is now a platform for hate-spewing assclowns who vent their spleens against Trump and Americans who are fed up with liberal malfeasance.

The Southern Poverty Law Center should have them on their list of ‘hate groups’. But, the SPLC is itself a leftwing hate group.



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Black Bernie Supporter Arrested for Bomb Threats Against Jewish Center


Hat Tip to Milo Yiannopoulos

According to multiple media reports, police have arrested one Juan Thompson from St. Louis in connection with more than six bomb threats against Jewish community centers, schools, and a Jewish museum.
The New York Times reports that Juan made some threats in his own name and others in the name of an ex-girlfriend. The full court document (previewed below) shows the full details of charges filed against him.

Following news of Juan’s arrest, speculation was rampant on Twitter that this was the same Juan Thompson that was fired from The Intercept for fabricating sources. appears to confirm this, pointing to a Twitter account owned by that same Juan Thompson.

LMAO! He’s blaming it on a white woman:


His sexual fantasies are chock full of conniving white women who use him for their whipping boy.


Hilarious. The leftwing main stream media will ignore this, but if there’s any justice he’ll actually get a prison stint.

His Twitter profile is full of racism and blame whitey victimology.







He’s a radical communist/blacktivist too:






This punk is a real piece of work.   The more this shit plays out, the more entertaining it will be.

You Can’t Make This Shit Up: White Radicals Attack Black Reporter, Call Him ‘White Supremacist”

The irony is lost on these libtards.

From The Blacksphere

Tim Scott Endures More Racist Filth From ‘Tolerant’ Liberals and Radical Blacks

No one does racism like the Left.

You can’t be Jewish and democratic, you can’t be black and Republican.  I’ve seen plenty of racism on the part of minorities not just toward whites, but toward conservative Hispanics and blacks.

Tom Scott (SC-R) took to the floor of the Senate and read the Twitter comments, chock full of racist epithets, which targeted him for his support of Jeff sessions:

Sen. Tim Scott, the Senate’s lone African-American Republican, on Wednesday offered a personal and passionate defense of Sen. Jeff Sessions, President Donald Trump’s embattled choice for attorney general.

Scott, a South Carolina conservative, noted the racist messages he had received since announcing his support for Sessions. He spoke of his personal experiences in introducing the Alabama Republican to African-American pastors at a racial forum in Charleston.

And he read the statements of black Alabama Democrats vouching for Sessions, who as attorney general will be the nation’s top law enforcement official.

Scott said the South is still working through racial differences and said “Jeff Sessions has earned my support and I will hold him accountable if and when we disagree.”

Scott read messages in which he was called an “Uncle Tom” — and worse — and said that “as I read through some of the comments of my friends on the left, you will wonder if I ever had an experience as a black person in America.”

“I just wish that my friends who call themselves liberals would want tolerance for all Americans.”

When Governor Nikki Haley picked Scott to fill Jim DeMint’s senate seat, the Left and radical black cabal exploded with frothing hate.

Bernie @GuessWho002
Cheer the token black. He joins MSteele, HCain, CThomas, AWest, & CRice.

No impact on blacks voting 4 . Another HOUSE @theGrio
10 Dec 12

lovelyladypa @lovelyladypa
TOKEN NEGRO: SC Gov Nikki Haley to name Rep Tim Scott, SC’s first African-American GOP rep since 1901, to replace Sen Jim DeMint. Event

lovelyladypa @lovelyladypa
lawd nikki haley picking a token for senate scott to say they hv a blk lawd

Smooth @smoothjazznmore
Meet America’s newest “House Negro”! He’s replacing Jim DeMint in South Carolina.

Dan (sí) @Coganuts
Uncle Tim Scott.
17 Dec 12


Black Republicans like Kenneth Gladney,  James T. Harris,  Bill Randall, Stacey Dash, and Allen West are often treated with obscenities, and horrific violence by so-called “tolerant” lefties.

Not to mention the onslaught of hate toward Michelle Malkin, an American-born woman of Filipino decent, when she took issue with a rapper’s album.

The sin of black Republicans is choosing substance over pigment; which the Left finds intolerable.  They use Occam’s Razor as a mindset; simplistic narrow minded explanations as a substitute for reason and logic.

Stay classy, lefties.