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Malia Obama Photographed Kissing White Boyfriend, Homies Go Cray Cray

After 8 years of divisive race-baiting by her parents, you figure she would have stuck to her ‘own kind’.

Gotta love it when they show their true racist colors.

Via American Thinker

Malia Obama, who is studying at Harvard University, has a boyfriend!  But some black people on Twitter have questioned her choice in men, because Malia’s new homey, Rory Farquharson, is white.








Just a reminder: Barky himself is half white.



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Sheila Jackson Lee, a Profile in Psychotic Behavior and Demagoguery (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The booted passenger is a longtime registered Democrat.  She just got a taste of her own party’s arrogance and disdain for the peons.

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)  is a raging psycho. Her latest act of petty childishness involves stealing a woman’s airplane seat and throwing the race card when the woman objected.

He behavior is unpredictable and bizarre. She also berates her own aides.

From Red State

……According to a series of interviews conducted by the Daily Caller, former staff members of Lee’s said that the congresswoman’s knack for mistreating her employees borders on the psychotic. From making anyone from staff members to the Transportation Secretary wait for hours on end for her while she sits and watches television, or demanding her drivers run red lights and drive in the emergency lanes — causing at least one accident — Lee seems to believe she is above the law, above her colleagues, and above you and I.

This is unsurprising coming from the woman who once said “You don’t understand. I am a queen, and I demand to be treated like a queen.”

The proof can be seen in things she says to people. According to one staffer who had recently signed on, she called the congresswoman in order to request a meeting that would allow her to best serve Lee. The response she got was a tongue lashing on the phone.

“What? What did you say to me? Who are you, the Congresswoman?” railed Lee. “You haven’t been elected. You don’t set up meetings with me! I tell you! You know what? You are the most unprofessional person I have ever met in my life,” she said before hanging up the phone.

The Daily Caller reported that one of Lee’s drivers actually had to pull her car over because her behavior had become so horrible. He demanded that she either get out of his car, or calm down. Lee attempted to scare the driver into obedience, but the driver held firm:

“One of Jackson Lee’s drivers became so frustrated with her abuse the person pulled the car over and demand she stop: “She’s screaming and swearing. ‘M.F.’ everything. Finally I slammed on the brakes and told her to get the hell out of my car. I’m like ‘I can’t drive with you like this. Either get out, or you can calm down.’ And she’s like ‘you need to go or get fired.’ I’m like, ‘that’s fine. But I’m either leaving without you or you can calm down,’” the staffer said.

Jackson Lee then threatened to call the police and claim she was being held hostage in the car. But she finally did calm down when the staffer called her bluff, offering to flag down a Capitol Police officer to explain the situation.”

……Staffers also report that Lee was incredibly harsh to black staffers in particular.

“’You stupid mother-effer’ was like a constant,” a staffer told the DC. “Like, all the time. But the interesting thing is she would really project that behavior more towards her African American staffers. She would have other ethnic groups in the office, like interns or whatnot. But it was really her African American staffers who she felt comfortable enough to really curse out…. This is something we always talked about.

“She is very strange in who she insults and how. For some reason, it seemed like she was racist against African Americans,” noted another former staffer.


Jackson Lee is the intellectual giant who brought you such gems as, ”hurricane names are too “lily white” and that “all racial groups should be represented.” She suggested more hurricanes named “Keisha, Jamal, and Deshawn.”

At a town hall meeting, she rudely ignored a cancer survivor’s question and gabbed on her cell phone.  During the same meeting, she called on a woman—Roxana Mayer—who claimed to be a doctor, but was actually a graduate student in social work and an Obama delegate.

More of the shrew’s  batshit crazy behavior:

During a 1997 visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, Jackson Lee, who was then serving on the House Science Committee and on the Subcommittee that oversees U.S. space policy, asked a guide whether the Mars Pathfinder would be able to show an image of “the flag the astronauts planted there before.” When it was subsequently pointed out that the flag to which she was referring was in fact the one that Neil Armstrong had planted on the Moon—not Mars—in 1969, Jackson Lee complained that she was being mocked by bigots. “You thought you could have fun with a black woman member of the Science Committee,” her then-chief-of-staff wrote angrily in a letter to the editor.

In July 2010, Jackson Lee spoke at an NAACP meeting where she derided the Tea Party movement as a racist phenomenon, saying: “All those who wore [Klansman] sheets a long time ago have now lifted them off and started wearing, uh, clothing, uh, with a name, say, I am part of the Tea Party. Don’t you be fooled. Those who used to wear sheets are now being able to walk down the aisle and speak as a patriot because you will not speak loudly about the lack of integrity of this movement.”

While speaking from the House floor on March 12, 2014, Jackson Lee suggested that the U.S. Constitution (which was adopted in 1787) had been written in the early 1600s: “Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.”


Texas needs to throw this crazy scrunt out on her ass, or at least have her committed to an asylum.

John Derbyshire’s OpEd, ‘The Talk: Nonblack Version’ vs Ekow N. Yankah’s OpEd, ‘Can My Children Be Friends With White People?’

The NYT published another piece of tripe from a black law professor who opined whether or not his children can be friends with white people:

“Donald Trump’s election has made it clear that I will teach my boys the lesson generations old, one that I for the most part nearly escaped. I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust,” Yankah wrote. “Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people.”

“In the coming years, when my boys ask again their questions about who can be their best friend, I pray for a more hopeful answer,” he concluded.


Aside from injecting the usual false ‘racist’ label to Donald Trump simply because they don’t like him and they miss their corrupt, divisive, black messiah, this is typical of leftwing activists who don’t get their way in elections.  BTW:  Race pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton once sang Trump’s praises.

Here’s a counterpoint by John Derbyshire that was written during the Obama regime in 2012:


There is much talk about “the talk.”

“Sean O’Reilly was 16 when his mother gave him the talk that most black parents give their teenage sons,” Denisa R. Superville of the Hackensack (NJ) Record tells us.  Meanwhile, down in Atlanta: “Her sons were 12 and 8 when Marlyn Tillman realized it was time for her to have the talk,” Gracie Bonds Staples writes in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Leonard Greene talks about the talk in the New York Post. Someone bylined as KJ Dell’Antonia talks about the talk in The New York TimesDarryl Owens talks about the talk in the Orlando Sentinel.

Yes, talk about the talk is all over.

There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too. My own kids, now 19 and 16, have had it in bits and pieces as subtopics have arisen. If I were to assemble it into a single talk, it would look something like the following.

(1) Among your fellow citizens are forty million who identify as black, and whom I shall refer to as black. The cumbersome (and MLK-noncompliant) term “African-American” seems to be in decline, thank goodness. “Colored” and “Negro” are archaisms. What you must call “the ‘N’ word” is used freely among blacks but is taboo to nonblacks.

“There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too.”

(2) American blacks are descended from West African populations, with some white and aboriginal-American admixture. The overall average of non-African admixture is 20-25 percent. The admixture distribution is nonlinear, though: “It seems that around 10 percent of the African American population is more than half European in ancestry.” (Same link.)

(3) Your own ancestry is mixed north-European and northeast-Asian, but blacks will take you to be white.

(4) The default principle in everyday personal encounters is, that as a fellow citizen, with the same rights and obligations as yourself, any individual black is entitled to the same courtesies you would extend to a nonblack citizen. That is basic good manners and good citizenship. In some unusual circumstances, however—e.g., paragraph (10h) below—this default principle should be overridden by considerations of personal safety.

……(6) As you go through life, however, you will experience an ever larger number of encounters with black Americans. Assuming your encounters are random—for example, not restricted only to black convicted murderers or to black investment bankers—the Law of Large Numbers will inevitably kick in. You will observe that the means—the averages—of many traits are very different for black and white Americans, as has been confirmed by methodical inquiries in the human sciences.

(7) Of most importance to your personal safety are the very different means for antisocial behavior, which you will see reflected in, for instance, school disciplinary measurespolitical corruption, and criminal convictions.

(8) These differences are magnified by the hostility many blacks feel toward whites. Thus, while black-on-black behavior is more antisocial in the average than is white-on-white behavior, average black-on-white behavior is a degree more antisocial yet.

(9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.

(10) Thus, while always attentive to the particular qualities of individuals, on the many occasions where you have nothing to guide you but knowledge of those mean differences, use statistical common sense:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

(10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).

(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

(10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

(10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

(10i) If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.

(11) The mean intelligence of blacks is much lower than for whites. The least intelligent ten percent of whites have IQs below 81; forty percent of blacks have IQs that low. Only one black in six is more intelligent than the average white; five whites out of six are more intelligent than the average black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise. They are reflected in countless everyday situations. “Life is an IQ test.”

(12) There is a magnifying effect here, too, caused by affirmative action. In a pure meritocracy there would be very low proportions of blacks in cognitively demanding jobs. Because of affirmative action, the proportions are higher. In government work, they are very high. Thus, in those encounters with strangers that involve cognitive engagement, ceteris paribus the black stranger will be less intelligent than the white. In such encounters, therefore—for example, at a government office—you will, on average, be dealt with more competently by a white than by a black. If that hostility-based magnifying effect (paragraph 8) is also in play, you will be dealt with more politely, too. “The DMV lady“ is a statistical truth, not a myth.

……You don’t have to follow my version of the talk point for point; but if you are white or Asian and have kids, you owe it to them to give them some version of the talk. It will save them a lot of time and trouble spent figuring things out for themselves. It may save their lives.


There’s always two sides to the story; something the liberal media conveniently ignores in the modern age of black radical extremists .

My take on race and ‘privilege’ is here: Co-founder of ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Louisville Posts a List of ‘Reparations’ That Suggests White People Give Away Their Homes and Money

There are valid reasons for racial tension in America, and whitey doesn’t have a corner on that market.  Newsflash for Yankah: The feelings are mutual, bro.

Racist Mexican Bigot at Texas State University Tells White People: “Your DNA is an abomination”

Via The Conservative Team


The University Star, a Texas State University newspaper has faced huge backlash after going through with an article which was particularly racist. In the piece, the student newspaper calls white people “an abomination.”

The column is called “Your DNA is an abomination,” and in it, senior student Rudy Martinez explained how white people are pushing away and limiting other people, which is why they “shouldn’t exist.” In addition, he mentioned that “whiteness” is a “construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power.”




“Whiteness will be over because we want it to be,” Martinez, a philosophy major, wrote. “And when it dies, there will be millions of cultural zombies aimlessly wandering across a vastly changed landscape.”

“Until then,” he continued, “remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

The newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Denise Cervantes, offered his apologies as soon as the column took full effect. However, the editorial was withdrawn immediately after.

On Thursday, the school’s website released a statement in which TSU president Denise Trauth noted she was “deeply troubled” by Martinez’s column:

“I am deeply troubled by the racist opinion column that was published in the November 28, 2017, issue of the University Star titled “Your DNA is an abomination.” The column’s central theme was abhorrent and is contrary to the core values of inclusion and unity that our Bobcat students, faculty, and staff hold dear. As president of a university that celebrates its inclusive culture, I detest racism in any manifestation.

While I appreciate that the Star is a forum for students to freely express their opinions, I expect student editors to exercise good judgment in determining the content that they print. The Star’s editors have apologized for the column and are examining their editorial process.”




The Mexican bigot who wrote that racist tripe and those who allowed it are an abomination.   Every time one of you rancid La Raza social justice warriors spews your bile and death threats on social media or some crappy college paper, my response is always the same: Bring it, mutherfucker. I’m armed and I shoot back.

Oh, and the little radical beaner also posted his adoration for communism:



None of these neo communist pigs have ever lived, experienced, or suffered under real communism.  The Khmer Rouge, Mao’s bloody campaign, the Soviet gulags, and Stalin’s atrocities, are ‘inspirational’.

But hey, communism only killed about 100,000,000 people.  Let’s give it another chance.

Tell you what, Martinez, if you think I give two fucks about your phobia over white people, you can kiss my bare, hyphenated Caucasian ass.



Thug Dem Representative Arrested at St. Louis Protest

From  DML News

A large group of Black Lives Matter protesters decided to “go shopping” at the St. Louis Galleria mall Friday afternoon, conducting a Black Friday protest, and among them was state Rep.Bruce Franks Jr., a Democratic state lawmaker, and rapper, who is well known for his anti-police activism.

Marching through the mall, they loudly chanted, “Shut it down, shut it down,” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho, those killer cops have got it go!”

As the mob moved through, stores started closing their security gates, leaving some customers trapped inside the stores.

The group reportedly arrived about 2 p.m., and police announced that they must disperse by 2:25, or they would be arrested. When the first person was laid on the floor and handcuffed, Franks started ranting and screaming at the officers until he too was handcuffed and arrested.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that seven people in total were arrested, one woman and six men.

The mall closed about 2:40 p.m., and finally reopened about 3:20 p.m. after most protesters had finally left.

The Black Lives Matter activists were outraged over the arrests, claiming their protest was peaceful, and the police were cruel and abusive.

Franks used to rap under the name “Ooops,” having belonged to a rap group called St. Louis Cypher. With CypherFranks appeared in a number of videos wherein he rapped disrespectfully about women; shooting, stabbing and killing people; and about hiding evidence and planning violent revenge.

A sample of his lyrics:

I off them if they snitch, I put a shotty to their body, send them straight to the reverend! I put them in a body cast, put them in a body bag, tie them to the bag of the Chrysler then it’s body drag! A nigga speak my name, he will get slain!”

“These niggas better stop playin, I get to AK-in.”

“Don’t get added to my hit list, try to spit with a slit throat get left neckless.”

“They won’t recognize you until they find you and count your parts.”

“With the women I’m phenomenal, running like Obama do, P90X until she feeling it in the abdominal.”

“I have been shot, stabbed, robbed, but don’t worry about me. I returned those favors. Came back three weeks later just to return the razor.”

“It’s prom night, I’m drunk, I didn’t come to play with this bitch.”


What a fine example of human excrement.

Just think, this lowlife nigga is a Missouri State Representative.  His constituents are likely just as bad.