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Welcome to the Leftard Planet Bizarro: Black Albino Model Accused of Having “White Privilege”

You can’t make up this shit.


Joanné Dion, an albino plus-size model, said she’s often been accused of having “white privilege” because of her fair skin – despite the fact that she’s ethnically black.

In a short video published by the BBC, Dion explains she’s often judged on her light skin color, a condition of albinism, regardless of the fact that both of her parents are black.

“Black people naturally assume that I have white privilege, which is definitely not the case. I was told many times that I wouldn’t be able to model,” she said.

Dion said she was a victim of bullying throughout her childhood, but ultimately learned to embrace her uniqueness and channeled it into a successful modeling career. Still, she says, it’s been a struggle to figure out where she fits in society, as many members of the black community don’t consider her to be one of them.

Dion’s story brings up two important issues that, ridiculously, we still haven’t solved by 2018 – the first being that her rare physical traits made her a target of bullying rather than being seen as a spectacularly awesome and unique human being.

But it’s also interesting that “white privilege” is no longer relegated only to white people – apparently, it also extends to black people whose skin is considered a little too light. Which really flies in the face of the progressive notion that “blackness” is a cultural and ethnic heritage to be celebrated for its history, yeah?

It turns out the outrage over white privilege really is only skin-deep.


No one does racism like the Left and black radicals.  Within the black community , there’s a caste system based on skin color and politics.  If you’re a light-skinned black person,  you catch hell for being “too white”. Militant blacks bring the racist haterade whenever a black conservative speaks their mind and dares to step off the DemProg plantation.

As for the concept of “white privilege” I want to know where the hell I can get mine.


NFL Owners Will Fine Players Who Disrespect the Flag, Anthem

They can choose to hide in the locker room or come out and disrespect the country and the military. Either way, fuck them.

Via Breitbart

The NFL will allow players to remain in the locker room during the national anthem. However, if they come out and protest the flag or anthem, their teams will get fined.
That is the new policy announced in a statement by Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.

……Now, along with the commissioner’s official statement, other details of the policy have emerged:

nfl anthem policy statement

……While fining the teams could work as a deterrent to the protests, in theory, unless the fines are significant the NFL’s billionaire owners might find it all too easy to simply pay the fines. However, if the fines are significant, the owners may exert real pressure on the players to stop the protests.

Also noteworthy, is the provision that the discipline of the protesting players will be left to the teams. That will give more liberal teams the latitude to treat protesting players more lightly. While giving more conservative owners the ability to drop the harsher disciplines.

In any event, the fines are not likely to match or exceed the millions and millions of dollars that the protests have cost the NFL already, as fans leave the sport in droves.

According to a survey from UBS Securities, 50% of those who said they watched less football in 2017, listed the anthem protests as the main reason for their decision to snub the game. Ominously, the number of people naming the anthem protests as the main cause for watching less, rose 18% from the previous year.

The ticket sales and ratings have plummeted. Fans are fed up. They’re staying away and refusing to watch this shitshow on TV.

Adding to the fans’ anger are stunts where the NFL censors an ad by a veteran’s group speaking out against the boorish protests, but running ads that promote illegal  aliens is okay.

This bullshit ‘protest’ started with a petulant overpaid, ungrateful punk who was adopted by a white family when his white mother and BLACK father abandoned him.

The dumbassity has spread to other NFL players who think ‘solidarity’ means engaging  an act of disrespect and politicizing the national anthem for violent black radicals who burn, loot, vandalize, and slaughter each other at an incredible rate.

For your information, blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population, yet their homicide rate against whites and Hispanics combined is vastly disproportionate to their share of the population.

Where’s the fucking protests?

I didn’t watch a single NFL game last year, and I won’t until or unless these thugletes act like they have class and character.

All fines incurred should be donated to wounded and homeless veterans.


BTW: The premise that the anthem celebrates ‘slavery’ is patently false:

……this is a false, liberal narrative. The national anthem does not speak about the sort of chattel slavery that plagued the U.S.A. until it was eliminated by Republicans during the Civil War. It was talking about the practice of the British Navy of raiding ships and forcing sailors to serve in their Navy via an enslavement process called “impressment.”


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Largest ‘Black Lives Matter’ Site Run by White Male in Australia

The real ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs and guilt-ridden white liberals were scammed.

From the Washington Examiner

The largest Facebook page associated with the Black Lives Matter movement has turned out to be a scam with ties to a middle-aged white man in Australia, according to an investigation of the page.

The fraudulent page, titled “Black Lives Matter,” brought in over $100,000 that supposedly went to the movement, but a CNN review of the page’s associated accounts and websites found that some of the money at the least was transferred to Australian bank accounts.

Payment services, like PayPal and Patreon, suspended or completely removed themselves from the fundraising campaigns through the fake Facebook page.

The page, which was suspended by Facebook after being contacted by CNN, had 700,000 followers on the social media platform, over twice the amount of followers the official Black Lives Matter page has.

Since the suspension of the page and investigation into its validity, the Facebook page posing as being associated with BLM was taken down by an administrator of the page.

The group consistently links back to websites associated with a man named Ian Mackay, who is a National Union of Workers official in Australia.

Mackay and another official have been suspended from the National Union of Workers, a spokesperson for the union said Tuesday.

“[The union] is not involved in and has not authorized any activities with reference to claims made in CNN’s story,” National Secretary Tim Kennedy said in a statement.


Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of shitbags.

Cleveland Indians Drop Chief Wahoo Logo Because “Racism”

Not every person who is whole or part Native American wasted their time with dumb shit over a logo.

But since they’re so hellbent on sensitivity, here’s a suggestion for a new one:





Chief Wahoo, the longtime logo of the Indians, will be gone after the 2018 season.

The Indians will disassociate themselves with the logo and will no longer wear it on their uniforms or caps following the 2018 season. The logo has been a flashpoint for the team for several years, drawing criticism and lawsuits from Native American groups who consider it racist.

……Chief Wahoo, in one rendition or another, has been worn on Indians uniforms since 1947. Then-owner Bill Veeck made it part of the team’s uniform. Walter Goldbach, a 17-year-old draftsman, designed the first logo. Goldbach, 88, died in December.

The Indians name will remain unchanged. The charter member of the American League has been called the Indians since 1915. The Block C and script Indians will be the team’s main logos after 2018.


I think these are racist. Where’s the outrage?




Malia Obama Photographed Kissing White Boyfriend, Homies Go Cray Cray

After 8 years of divisive race-baiting by her parents, you figure she would have stuck to her ‘own kind’.

Gotta love it when they show their true racist colors.

Via American Thinker

Malia Obama, who is studying at Harvard University, has a boyfriend!  But some black people on Twitter have questioned her choice in men, because Malia’s new homey, Rory Farquharson, is white.








Just a reminder: Barky himself is half white.



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