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Hillary’s State Department “Misplaced” Six Billion Dollars

Washington Times


The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to a newly released Inspector General report.

The $6 billion in unaccounted funds poses a “significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” according to the report.

The alert, originally sent on March 20 and just released this week, warns that the missing contracting funds “could expose the department to substantial financial losses.”

The report centered on State Department contracts worth “more than $6 billion in which contract files were incomplete or could not be located at all,” according to the alert.

“The failure to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” the alert states.

The situation “creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file,” the report concluded.


The IG should check her Clinton Foundation financial records. She probably ‘acquired’ 6 billion for the coffers.

A Running Tally of Murders, Assaults, and Violence by the Floyd “Protesters”

So far, they’ve killed 17. Expect that number to rise before they’re done with their rampage. The only deaths they focus on are the ones they highlight for political points and extremism.


As of June 2, 2020, at least 17 people have died during the protests. 16 of the casualties died of gunshot wounds:[56][57][58][59]

May 27

  • On May 27 in Minneapolis, Calvin Horton Jr. died after being fatally shot during a protest. A local shopowner was arrested, and police sources claimed that Horton was involved in looting of his store.[60]

May 30

  • On May 30 in Oakland, amid unrest, a Federal Protective Service officer, David Patrick Underwood, was fatally shot outside a federal courthouse in a drive-by attack that also wounded another guard.[61] At the time of the shooting, Underwood was providing security at the courthouse during a protest.[58] The Department of Homeland Security has labeled the shooting an act of domestic terrorism. The FBI is investigating but had not yet identified a motive or a suspect as of May 31.[62] Although initially the police were not sure that the shooting was connected to the protests, on June 2, investigators stated they now believed the attackers were targeting uniformed officers, but who carried out the attack is not clear so far.[63]
  • On May 30 in St. Louis, 29-year-old protester Barry Perkins died after being run over by a FedEx truck that was fleeing from looters.[64][65]
  • On May 30 in Omaha, 22-year-old protester James Scurlock was fatally shot outside of a bar.[66] The shooter was the owner of the bar, who had a scuffle with a group of protesters and ended up firing several shots, one of which struck Scurlock in the clavicle, killing him.[66] Two days later, it was announced by authorities that there will be no charges for the bar’s owner and that he had opened fire in self-defense.[67]

May 31

  • On May 31 in Indianapolis, two people were fatally shot in the vicinity of protests or riots in downtown.[58][68] One of them was 18-year-old Dorian Murell, killed around 2:30 am June 1; a man was arrested and charged with the shooting on June 2.[69] The other was 38-year-old Chris Beatty, a local business owner, who was shot shortly before midnight May 31.[69]
  • On May 31 in Kansas City, Missouri, 50-year-old Marvin Francois was shot and killed by robbers while picking up one of his sons from a protest.[70]

June 1

  • On June 1 in Louisville, local restaurateur David McAtee was killed as a Louisville Metro Police and Kentucky National Guard curfew patrol fired at him.[71] Authorities allege that the patrol returned gunfire after McAtee fired at them.[71] However, McAtee’s alleged gunshot occurred after the patrol appeared to fire a pepper ball into McAtee’s restaurant, nearly striking his niece in the head.[71] According to the victim’s sister, the gathering was not a protest but rather a regularly scheduled social gathering at which McAtee served food from his barbecue restaurant.[72] An investigation of the killing is ongoing.[73][74] LMPD Chief Steve Conrad was fired later that day, as officers and troops involved in the shooting did not wear or failed to activate body cameras.[75] Louisville mayor Greg Fischer admitted that the city had shown an “inability to apply [curfew] evenly.”[71]
  • On June 1 in Davenport, Iowa, two people were fatally shot on a night with significant rioting.[76][77] One of the victims was the 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly in an apparent random shooting as she was leaving a demonstration.[76][77] A Facebook Live video spread online in which Kelly’s sister emotionally denounced the protesters for shooting and killing her sister.[78] One police officer was wounded during a shooting into an occupied police cruiser; a fleeing vehicle crashed during a police chase and several people have been arrested.[77]
  • On June 1 in Cicero, Illinois, two men were fatally shot in separate incidents following an “afternoon of unrest”; this was confirmed by Cicero Police.[79] Town spokesman Ray Hanania said the shots were fired by “outside agitators.”[80] The two men were both described as bystanders and were identified as 28-year-old Jose Gutierrez and 27-year-old Victor Cazares Jr.[81][82]
  • On June 1 in Las Vegas, police shot and killed Jorge Gomez. Gomez was walking among protesters as a demonstration was coming to an end and reportedly reached for his firearm when he was shot.[83]

June 2

  • On June 2 in Philadelphia, a man was fatally shot by the owner of the gun shop Firing Line Inc., while trying to break into the store in the south section of the city.[84] Mayor Jim Kenney stated that he was “deeply troubled” by the killing and that he did not condone vigilantism.[85]
  • On June 2 in Philadelphia, during the fourth day of unrest, a 24-year-old man was severely injured after attempting to use an explosive device to destroy an ATM machine. He was rushed to a local hospital before being pronounced dead.[86]
  • On June 2 in St. Louis, 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn was shot and killed by looters at a pawn shop.[87] The shooting was reportedly streamed on Facebook live.[68]
  • On June 2 in Vallejo, CaliforniaSean Monterrosa, a 22-year-old man, was shot and killed by police while on his knees. Monterrosa lifted his hands up, which revealed a 15-inch hammer tucked in his pocket that was mistaken for a handgun. A police officer then fired on Monterrosa five times through his windshield.[88] He later died at a local hospital. Monterrosa was killed by police who were responding to a call of an alleged looting at a Walgreens, as described by police chief Shawny Williams. The day after his death police revealed that “there had been an ‘officer-involved shooting'” at a press conference, yet declined to offer specifics on whether it was fatal and who was involved. The name of the officer involved was not released. The event reportedly sparked intense outrage in the Bay Area, particularly in Vallejo, which was identified as having a long history of police violence, excessive force complaints, and high-profile killings including the shooting of Willie McCoy.[89]

The death of a 21-year-old man on May 29 in Detroit was reported as a possible part of the unrest,[58][90] but police investigation determined the killing had no connection to the protests.[91] The man was killed when his car was shot at amid protests.[58]


Rioter Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Shooting At Minneapolis Police


Some facts ignored by the antifa radicals, BLM, and DemLeft politicians:

From 1976 to 2014, 198,288 black Americans died nationwide at the hands of black killers. That’s 5,218 deaths per year on average, roughly 19 times the annual number of deaths of blacks in confrontations with police.

In Chicago in 2018, there were 2,462 black shooting victims and 478 black murders over the same period.

In Cleveland, 87 percent of victims in 2019– 92 out of 106 — were black and 77 percent are black males. In 2018, roughly 75 percent of homicide victims were black.

In Baltimore, there were 300 homicides in 2019—more than 90% of victims were black.

Blacks represent 13 percent of the nation’s population, yet accounted for 51 percent of all homicide victims.

It was never about Floyd. It’s about animals with a tendency for violence and the leftwing radicals who join in and fund this shit. All they need is an excuse.




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The Media Lied About Everything, Including the Riots

Does it surprise anyone?

The Federalist 

It seems no great event or upheaval in our national life can pass now without the media lying to our faces about it.

They lied about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia in 2016. They lied about the Mueller probe and Brett Kavanaugh and former national security adviser Mike Flynn. They lied about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president and the impeachment farce that ensued. They lied about the coronavirus and the lockdowns and the White House response. And now they’re lying about the riots.

In recent days we’ve heard a steady drumbeat of lies, distortions, and disingenuousness from the mainstream media about almost every aspect of the unrest now gripping American cities. The deceit is almost too pervasive and amorphous to describe, but I’m going to try anyway.

Over the weekend we were told, for example, that the looting and violence was being instigated not by left-wing anarchists and antifa groups but by the media’s favorite villains: white supremacists. CNN, whose Atlanta offices were vandalized Friday, went on and on—without a shred of evidence to back it up—about how white supremacists might be infiltrating the protests and stirring up trouble. The New York Times, in a report that even quoted a senior police official in New York City saying outside anarchist groups were coordinating mayhem before the protests began, nevertheless veered into a long aside about how far-right “accelerationists” were hoping the unrest would bring about a long-sought second civil war.

By Monday, no one was talking about the white supremacist agitators anymore. The media had moved on to better, more plausible lies.

Here’s Matthew Yglesias of Vox, disingenuously comparing the rioters and looters to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. His snarky tweet is meant to suggest Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton is a hypocrite for supporting the Hong Kong protesters but calling for the restoration of order at home.

No one should have to point out to Yglesias—or anyone else with a large media platform—that the looters of Minneapolis and the rioters in Philadelphia have nothing in common with the people fighting against an actual communist dictatorship in Hong Kong. Yet here we are.

This kind of disconnect—what can only be described, at best, as a willful misunderstanding of reality—has been disturbingly commonplace among media pundits and reporters since all this began.


The Left makes connections, no matter how fictitious, to bolster their narrative. They railed over the Tea Party and Americans who protested against the Scamdemic lockdowns.

On the other hand, they embrace ‘occupy’ thugs, ‘black lives matter‘ criminals, and ‘antifa‘ malfeasants.  The Dems and the leftwing media own this violence. They foster it, praise it, and support it.

That’s the media M.O. 



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Priorities of the the Leftwing Media Tools During the BLM/Antifa Chaos

A Las Vegas cop on life support after being shot in the head.

Cops being run over and shot.

Rampaging animals looting, rioting, committing assault, vandalizing, arson, and murder.

But you spend your time bitching over President Trump walking across the street from the White House to attend church.




Two Brooklyn Lawyers Charged in Molotov Cocktail Attack on NYPD Cruiser

NY Daily News

Colinford Mattis, 32, a corporate lawyer and member of Community Board 5 in East New York, was charged along with fellow attorney Urooj Rahman with the attempted attack on an empty police cruiser parked outside the 88th Precinct station house in Fort Greene.
……de Blasio Sunday blamed outside “anarchist” for the violence that erupted in New York over the weekend. But Mattis is a corporate lawyer with Times Square law firm Pryor Cashman.
……Authorities say Rahman, 31, tossed a bottle filled with gasoline through a broken window into the cruiser just before 1 am Saturday but the Molotov cocktail failed to ignite. Rahman jumped into a van driven by Mattis and they sped off, court papers allege.
The attempted torching was captured by video surveillance cameras outside the precinct stationhouse on DeKalb Ave., according to court papers.
Cops gave chase and stopped the van nearby on Willoughby St. They found the makings of another Molotov cocktail in the back seat along with a gasoline container, authorities say.
……Mattis, who lives in East New York, graduated from Princeton University and New York University law school, according to his LinkedIn page.
He is an associate with Pryor Cashman, where he specializes in start-ups. He was furloughed from the firm in April, said Ronald Shechtman, a managing partner at the firm.
Rahman’s Facebook page showed her celebrating her graduation from Fordham but a neighbor said she struggled with financial problems after losing her job.
“She’s in trouble. That’s bad. I’m sorry to hear that,” Raleigh, the super, said after learning of her arrest. “But if you want to play, you’re gonna pay.”

Both of the turds face federal charges.


Both of these educated radical nimrods just earned their way into prison.



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