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Gun Owner to Greensboro, NC City Council: “I am the majority!”

Vua Biz Pac Review

A black gun owner slammed those who would want to restrict guns from law-abiding citizens during a Tuesday city council meeting on how to combat gun violence.

“You want to restrict my right to buy a firearm and protect myself from some of the very people you are talking about in here tonight,” Mark Robinson, a Greensboro, N.C., resident said. “The law abiding citizens of this community, of other communities we are the first ones taxed and the last ones considered.”

Robinson spoke out a city council meeting held to address how the community should handle gun violence and whether it should cancel an up-coming “Gun and Knife Show.” The Greensboro gun owner argued it was far past time for the government to listen to the “majority” in America: law-abiding citizens who might want to buy guns.

“I’m the majority. I’m a law abiding citizen who has never shot anybody,” Robinson said. “Never committed a serious crime. Never committed a felony. I’ve never done anything like that. It seems like every time we have one of these shootings, nobody wants to put the blame where it goes, which is at the shooter’s feet. You want to put it at my feet. You want to turn around and restrict my rights.”

I feel the same way, Mr. Robinson.

I will not be disarmed.


Trump’s Straightforward Answer on Why North Korea Offered to Talk About Nukes: “Me”

This is what happens when America gets a real leader in office who won’t back down or take shit from communist thugs.

Via the Daily Caller

President Donald Trump credited his own diplomatic work for North Korea’s willingness to hold nuclear talks with the U.S., in a joint press conference with the prime minister of Sweden Tuesday.

Asked what he believed was the impetus for North Korea’s Tuesday offer to hold nuclear talks, he replied, “Me.” When his remark received only a few chuckles, he remarked, “Nobody got that.”

“I think they are sincere, but I think they’re sincere also because the sanctions and what we’re doing with respect to North Korea, including, you know, the great help that we’ve been given with China…..I think that’s been a factor. But the sanctions have been very, very strong. Very biting. And we don’t want that to happen. I really believe they are sincere. I hope they are sincere. We’re going to soon find out.”


B. Hussein Obama’s foreign policy, including his chickenshit approach to North Korea, was a laughing stock.

China has warned its North Korean problem child not to mess with Trump.  The current administration is everything Obama wasn’t.  Obama’s cowardly, flaccid, kowtowing, embarrassing conduct has been replaced by a no-bullshit, aggressive, America first approach.  Trump simply doesn’t put up with crap from liberal Euros, Islamic swine, or communist despots like Kim Jong Un.

The grownups are back in charge.



Republican Virginia Delegate Drops Truth Bomb on Triggered Dems Over Gun Control

This beat down on Dems over their bullshit, is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

From Biz Pac Review

Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas engaged in such a harsh dose of truth telling over the Second Amendment and how to prevent gun violence that Democrats were forced to put themselves in timeout to cool off.

But not before many walked out of the Virginia House of Delegates in outrage.

Freitas, who is running for the GOP nomination to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine, shared a video of his calm, matter-of-fact speech that has now been viewed more than eight million times.

“Most of the shooters come from broken homes. What sort of government policies have actually encouraged broken homes?” the Republican lawmaker asked…

Freitas said it’s difficult to have an open and honest debate on gun violence because Democrats are comparing Republicans to “Nazis” and segregationists, but reminded the chamber that Democrats were once the party of slavery and segregation.

“I just want to remind everyone very quickly, it was not our [Republican] party that supported slavery, that fought women’s suffrage, that rounded up tens of thousands of Asian-Americans and put them in concentration camps, that supported Jim Crow, that supported segregation, supported mass resistance. That wasn’t our party, that was the Democrat party.”

He also had a ready answer for the claim that Republicans have blood on their hands for failing to act on gun violence.

“I would really appreciate it if every time you want to make a powerful point, you don’t project the sins, the atrocities and the injustices that the Democratic Party perpetrated onto others onto us,” Freitas said.

Democrats were in such a lather from the speech that many walked out, according to the Washington Post.

They also demanded a recess to allow time to calm down, the newspaper reported.



LOL! The Dems were so upset over the verbal spanking that they fled the room. Kudos to Mr. Freitas. If the rest of the Republican party took his lead and shoved the Dems’ hypocrisy down their throats, they would get more respect from their constituents.

Democrats initiated Jim Crow laws to punish blacks.  In fact, the KKK, was founded as the the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.

Remember Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV)? He was a Grand Kleagle in the KKK.

The Dems have quite a racist history to contend with, and they’ve done everything to deny, coverup, and revise the chronicles of their bigotry.

That always gets lost in the race hustle. The Dems have repeated their lies so often that it’s become the accepted version of politics.

Bottom line: It’s all about control; in the world according to Progs, some people are more deserving of the 2nd Amendment than others, and they selectively exploit and politicize gun-related crimes.

If you love your rights and liberties, defend them as if your life depended on it; because it does.



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Winning: Trumps First SOTU Address Highlights Success, Holds Firm on Policies, Dems Pout

From Fox News

President Trump appealed for unity in his first State of the Union speech, declaring a “new American moment” even as many glum Democrats in the audience sat on their hands and refused to acknowledge economic gains or calls to honor veterans.

While Trump held firm on his demands for border security and used the grand setting to tout his first-year accomplishments, his call for bipartisanship on the thorny immigration debate met with stonefaced stares from top Democrats such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Tonight, I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties — Democrats and Republicans — to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion and creed,” he said.

……The president described his recent offer on immigration as a “fair compromise” for both sides. The White House is pushing a plan to broaden eligibility for the DACA program – which gives a reprieve to illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, and which Trump is planning to end absent a legislative solution – in exchange for border wall funding and other big changes.

……Even as he pushed for an immigration deal, the president didn’t stray from messaging aimed at his base. Trump said his “highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, and my constant concern is for America’s children, America’s struggling workers, and America’s forgotten communities.”

“Americans are dreamers too,” he said.

He also called on Congress to “finally close the deadly loopholes” that have allowed MS-13 to flourish inside the country.

The president tackled national security toward the end of the speech, specifically warning that North Korea’s “reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles” could “very soon” threaten the United States.

“We are waging a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from happening,” he said. “Past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation. I will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations that got us into this dangerous position.”

During the speech, the president recognized the parents of Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who died over the summer after being injured while imprisoned in North Korea, who attended Tuesday’s address.

Vowing to fight terrorism, the president said he ordered Defense Secretary James Mattis to re-examine the military’s detention policy toward terrorists and keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay.

The president called for bipartisan cooperation on infrastructure, saying “together, we can reclaim our great building heritage.” He said every federal dollar for infrastructure projects should be “leveraged” by partnering with state and local governments and private sector investors for projects.

“We will build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, railways and waterways all across our land, and we will do it with American heart, and American hands, and American grit,” Trump said.

The rising economy, the stock market records, tax reform, and the eradication of the ObamaCare disaster were also covered in the speech. He didn’t shy away from mentioning the heroes that Democrats loathe.

He began his speech by praising heroes during natural disasters and tragedies over the last year, including during the summer shooting of Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice.

“With us tonight is one of the toughest people ever to serve in this House — a guy who took a bullet, almost died, and was back to work three and a half months later: the legend from Louisiana, Congressman Steve Scalise,” Trump said.

……During the speech, some caucus members declined to stand even to honor a 12-year-old guest of the first family who was recognized for gathering flags for veterans’ graves.

Trump praised Preston Sharp, a boy from California, who started a movement to place flags at the graves of fallen service members.

“Preston’s reverence for those who have served our nation reminds us why we salute our flag, why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance, and why we proudly stand for the national anthem,” he said.

Trump’s comments were aimed at the NFL football players who have been kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against police shootings of African-Americans.


That statement about American patriotism twisted the Dems’ panties in a knot.

Dems scowled, sat on their hands, and refused to stand and applaud.



The Dems displayed their usual class and groaned in disgust when President Trump paid tribute to the families whose children were killed by MS-13 gang members.

After the speech, the Dems ran for the exits as the GOP chanted “USA, USA!”

This is the funniest aspect of the Dem strategy for the night:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered a stern warning to House Democrats attending the speech during a closed-door caucus meeting on Tuesday, imploring them to play nice.

Pelosi advised Democrats against a walk-out, with sources in the room saying Pelosi told members “if you want to walk out, don’t come” and to let Trump be “his slobbering self.”

Speaking of slobbering, the Dems picked Joe Kennedy to represent them in their response. The result was pathetic.  David Blackmon’s take:



Watch the response for yourself.   Blackmon’s comment is dead on.

More from Twitter:


Full text of address, HERE.


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NFL Censors AMVETS Ad Against Kneeling Thugletes

From The Army Times

AMVETS officials are decrying “corporate censorship” from the National Football League for their decision not to run an ad in their Super Bowl program which responds to league players’ decision to kneel for the national anthem in protest of national equality issues.
The ad, which would have cost the veterans organization $30,000, features the tag “#PleaseStand” with a picture of service members saluting the American flag and information on how to donate to the congressionally-chartered organization.

Group leaders said NFL officials refused to include the ad in their Super Bowl publication, but did not issue a reason why. In a statement, AMVETS National Commander Marion Polk said the issue is one of fairness and respect

“Freedom of speech works both ways,” he said. “We respect the rights of those who choose to protest, as these rights are precisely what our members have fought — and in many cases died — for.

“But imposing corporate censorship to deny that same right to those veterans who have secured it for us all is reprehensible and totally beyond the pale.”

In a statement, NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy said the Super Bowl game program “is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams and the Super Bowl. It’s never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.”

The overpaid thugletes who disrespect the flag, the country, and the military by kneeling during the anthem already made a political statement, you assclown.

Paying tribute to the victims of 9/11 is too ‘political’ for the NFL hierarchy to handle.

Asking players to show some respect and class when the anthem is played, is too ‘political’.

Players wearing socks that portray cops as pigs, is okay:

nfl player cop pigs socks

Running ads that promote illegal  aliens is okay.

Kneeling in disrespect of the anthem, flag, and country, is okay.

The NFL’s priorities are pretty fucked. That’s why fans are staying away in droves and not watching games on TV.


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