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John Kerry to Israel: ‘You can’t be Jewish and Democratic’

When was the last time this shitbag admonished an Islamofascist nation-state for being incompatible with democracy?


From Politistick

John Kerry, showing passion and outrage never shown against enemies of America, including radical Islamic terrorism, spent roughly an hour attacking the only democracy in the Middle East and America’s only ally — Israel.

On Wednesday, Kerry, with less than three weeks left in office, at a time of Allepo burning with human atrocity, Iran racing towards a nuclear weapon, and the worse refugee crisis since World War II, focused on lecturing peace-loving Israel like a laser beam, having the audacity to tell them to choose either being democratic or Jewish because they can’t be both at the same time.

“But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic — it cannot be both.” 

Isn’t it interesting that you’ll never see Obama or Kerry use similar rhetoric to the many Islamic states in the Middle East?


The consolation is that this arrogant, vile piece of shit will be out of office and Jeff Sessions will be the new Secretary of State. Likewise, Obama.  Together, Trump and Sessions can repair and reinforce our relationship with Israel and unfuck Barky’s damage.



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Barky Insults Our Israeli Allies One Last Time

Obama just dissed our only ally in the Middle East for the umpteenth time.

From Fox News

A “shameful” abstention by the U.S. in a United Nations vote Friday allowed passage of a resolution condemning Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.

The UN Security Council resolution was put forward by four nations a day after Egypt withdrew it Thursday under pressure from Israel and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Failure by the U.S. to veto the measure was seen as a double-cross of America’s key Middle Eastern ally, and attributed directly to outgoing Barack Obama, who has had chilly relations with Israel throughout his eight-year tenure.

Reaction from U.S. Republicans and Jewish leaders around the world was swift and sharp.

“It was to be expected that Israel’s greatest ally would act in accordance with the values that we share and that they would have vetoed this disgraceful resolution,” said Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon. “I have no doubt that the new U.S. administration and the incoming UN Secretary General will usher in a new era in terms of the UN’s relationship with Israel.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., blasted the Obama administration for undermining America’s historic Middle East ally.

“This is absolutely shameful,” Ryan said. “Today’s vote is a blow to peace that sets a dangerous precedent for further diplomatic efforts to isolate and demonize Israel.”

Minutes after the vote, Trump took to Twitter to express his opposition.


Anne Bayefsky, director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and president of Human Rights Voices, said the contention that settlements, and not Palestinian terrorism, is the obstacle to peace is false.

“This UN resolution represents the Big Lie of modern anti-Semitism,” Bayefsky said. “Palestinians’ backers on the Council, New Zealand and Malaysia, made today’s slander clear, claiming Jews living peaceful, productive lives on Arab-claimed land was the ‘single biggest threat to peace” and “primary threat to a two-state solution.’

“Seven decades of violent Palestinian rejection of a Jewish state prove otherwise,” she added.

The measure was adopted with 14 votes in favor, to a round of applause, after U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power abstained. It is the first resolution the Security Council has adopted on Israel and the Palestinians in nearly eight years.


The Israelis have been on that land—Judea and Samaria–for 4000 years.  They’re “settling” on their own land.

Mike Huckabee sums it up:



Obama has done everything he can to pander to America’s Islamofascist enemies in the Middle East while insulting and disrespecting Israel repeatedly:

Obama Regime Calls Netanyahu ‘Chickenshit’

Obama, Sarkozy Caught Dissing Netanyahu on Open Mic

Obama to White House Staff After Getting Owned by Netanyahu: “What the fuck was that!?” (That episode followed Barky’s insistence that Israel return to the pre-1967 borders, and Netanyahu let him know that was not going to happen.)

Obama has made himself more than clear on where he stands with regard to Israel,  America, and Islam.

Flashback: White House Congratulates Iranians After Rouhani Victory.  If that doesn’t clear things up, nothing will.

Barky really got his panties in a wad when his efforts to undermine Netanyahu’s campaign failed and he was re-elected.

Disrespect our allies and kiss our enemies’ ass. That’s how he rolls.

If Trump is true to his word, Israel can count on us to have their back.



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Muzzie Parents Kiss Daughters, Send Them Off to Blow Themselves Up for Allah

Muzzie parents of the year.

Via The Clarion Project.

A fighter from the terrorist group formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra filmed his two daughters preparing to blow themselves up. One of the children is thought to be the eight-year-old girl who carried out last week’s suicide bombing at a police station in Damascus. The child was the only person killed in the attack.

The video was widely shared on rebel-aligned social media on Wednesday.

“Why are you sending your daughters?” jihadist Abu Nimr asks the girl’s mother from behind the camera, according to a translation by The Independent. “One is seven and the other is eight, they’re young for jihad.”

“No one is too young for jihad, because jihad is a duty for every Muslim,” she answers him.

“You want to surrender so that you’re raped and killed by the infidels?” he asks the girls. “You want to kill them, no? We’re a glorious religion, not a religion of humiliation, isn’t that so darling?

“You won’t be scared, because you’re going to God, isn’t that right.”

Jabhat Fatah al-Shams is one of the many Islamist rebel groups fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s ongoing civil war.

When the enemy starts using kids as human bombs you know they’ve reached the abyss of atrocities.

They’re busy breeding the next generation of muzzie terrorists.

muzzie kids terrorist bombers

Posted Image

Aren’t they adorable? Just wait until they’re old enough to become pilots.

Fake News: Civilians Making Social Media Pleas From Aleppo are Actually Terrorist Mouthpieces with MSM Primetime Access

From RT

Social media coming out of Aleppo has gone into overdrive. Well-articulated video pleas alleging near-death snake their way into the mainstream. There’s just one issue: these aren’t just any civilians, but activists and filmmakers – with spots on primetime TV.
A viral video by ‘In the Now’ host Anissa Naouai notes that it barely takes an internet search to quickly verify their identities.

A viral video by ‘In the Now’ host Anissa Naouai notes that it barely takes an internet search to quickly verify their identities.
The narrative is the same each time: that an all-out genocide is taking place; that the Assad forces are going from city to city killing their own people and taking no prisoners; and that Aleppo’s rebels valiantly look death in the face as they endure alleged Russian bombardment.

‘In the Now’ found there’s little to indicate that the people appearing in the mobile videos were actual civilians experiencing the hyped ‘Russian and Syrian shelling’.
Rather, these were everything from activists to independent filmmakers who’ve made public commitments to the rebel cause to their thousands of followers on Twitter and elsewhere.

Most recently, CNN interviewed one of them, Bilal Abdul Kareem – a documentary filmmaker and journalist who’s had unprecedented access to the rebels in eastern Aleppo, including their new leader Aby Al Abd, whom he interviewed just three days ago.

Incidentally, Bilal Abdul Kareem is one of the  muzzie terrorist propagandists masquerading as ‘citizen journalists’.  CNN fake news reporter Hala Gorani interviewed him and claimed he was an “independent filmmaker”. No wonder he has “unprecedented access”.



Aleppo is a shit sandwich. On one side, you’ve got the U.S.-backed ‘rebels’ which are a “subgroup” of both ISIS and Al Nusra (Al Nusra is Al Qaeda). On the other, you’ve got Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s forces, backed by Russia.

Assad’s regime has it’s own history of bloody violence, and the Syrian government engages in state-sponsored terrorism.

Charles Krauthammers’ take:

The Obama administration is on the defensive over its Syria policy as the city of Aleppo falls to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government and civilians are evacuated, an operation preceded by desperate pleas from the city’s battered residents and reports of atrocities against them.

“Aleppo is his legacy,” Krauthammer said on “Special Report” tonight, referring to the city at the center of the Syrian civil war and Middle East refugee crisis. “History will remember this as kind of the symbolism of the whole policy of retreat and the inevitable outcome.”

He explained that Obama failed to act when Assad crossed the “red line,” and he failed to act when Russia began intervening in Syria on Assad’s behalf.

Krauthammer slammed Obama’s policy of “passivity” in the face of such aggression.

“And we see the result now.”

Obama set a “red line” in Syria back in 2013, and did nothing when the Syrians crossed it.

Russia started an offensive against U.S.-backed Syrian rebels last year with a series of airstrikes, and rekindled their old relationship with Iran. Thanks to Barky’s total failure in the Middle East, there’s a resurgence of Islamofascist aggression coupled with Russia establishing a new foothold in hostile Islamic nation-states.

The result is a shit sandwich. There are no good sides in Syria.


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Brigitte Gabriel’s Lessons on Islamofascism

Ms. Gabriel is one courageous, intelligent woman. She is a Lebanese-Christian immigrant who spent her girlhood amid the bloody devastation of the Lebanese civil war. She witnessed, firsthand, the carnage brought by the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’.  She is an outspoken opponent of its theocracy and has endured threats against her life. Her group is called Act for America. It’s an organization dedicated to America, the United States constitution, and national sovereignty and security.  She is the author of “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It”, and “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America”.


Some more of her videos, here:



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