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It’s Official: David Frum is a Douche

Project much, assclown?

They hate Trump, so he’s waaaaaaaaaaycist.

Black and Hispanic Trump supporters might have something to say about that.




Trump is successful, exuberant, brash, confident, thinks outside the box, and goes against the grain of the Swamp status quo.

He’s is reversing the damage Barky Obama did to this country and has accomplished more positive improvements to the economy, foreign policy, and national security in his first two years in office than all the previous White House occupants since Ronald Reagan.

And the Dems hate him for it. Inane, stupid shit is all they’ve got

When it comes to racism, no one does it like the Left.




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Leftwingnuts Bring the COVIDIOT Haterade

Death wishes for President Trump:


Benjamin Dreyer is, according to his Twitter bio, a copy editor.

Since Orange Man Bad, Dreyer’s venom is just fine for tolerant liberals.


Corrupt, malfeasant Hillary “what difference does it make?” Clinton spewed her usual garbage:

Has-been actor and douchebag Michael Rapaport displayed his stunted intellect (again) with another rant:

“Why don’t you send your fucking son, dick stain Donald Trump Jr., big-toothed fucking Eric Trump, little fucking Barron, fucking Ivanka, junkyard Jared — let them go out there and test the fucking waters,” Rapaport said. “Let them see if shit is sweet. Let them take the cars, the trains, the buses, the Amtrak, let them play in the park. And if everything’s good after five days of them playing out there in the streets, we’ll all go back.”

CNN “analyst” Joe Lockhart calls Dr. Birx a “Stepford Doc” and misspells her name:

The New York Times blames Christians:

The New York Times published an op-ed Friday that blamed evangelical Christians for the coronavirus pandemic.

The argument, by journalist and author Katherine Stewart, is that because religious voters supported Trump, that means he governs without regard for science.

Stewart also claims that Republicans, more than Democrats, are likely to deny science.

In her op-ed, titled “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals,” she writes:

Donald Trump rose to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science, bashes government and prioritized loyalty over professional expertise. In the current crisis, we are all reaping what that movement has sown.

At least since the 19th century, when the proslavery theologian Robert Lewis Dabney attacked the physical sciences as “theories of unbelief,” hostility to science has characterized the more extreme forms of religious nationalism in the United States.

She then goes on to provide several quotes from pastors who pushed back against the idea of closing their churches.

Stewart admits: “By all accounts, President Trump’s tendency to trust his gut over the experts on issues like vaccines and climate change does not come from any deep-seated religious conviction.”

But she adds: “But he is perfectly in tune with the religious nationalists who form the core of his base.”

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Trump has repeatedly deferred to scientists, doctors and experts in the administration — particularly Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Debbie Birx, who feature in his daily press briefings.

Notably, scientists have confirmed that President Trump’s travel bans on China and Europe slowed and limited the spread of the disease in the United States. In Fauci’s case, he specifically urged the travel ban be imposed on Europe.

All of the Democratic candidates for president opposed those bans.

There isn’t one crisis, real or manufactured, that the Left won’t exploit or blame on Republicans/conservatives.

What a charming bundle of shitstains.

Gropin’ Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault (UPDATED)

Via The Federalist

The Times Up Legal Defense Fund, a fund administered by the National Women’s Law Center, declined the chance to defend one of former Vice President Joe Biden’s sexual harassment accusers citing its non-profit status and his presidential run.

On Tuesday, the Intercept’s Ryan Grim reported that Tara Reade, one of several women to come forward with credible allegations of harassment against Biden last spring was turned away from the preeminent #MeToo legal institution when she sought help with her case.

Time’s Up argued that the case was too political considering that Biden was a candidate for president, and it didn’t want to jeopardize its status housed with the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) as a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the Internal Revenue Service, which allows the organization to be exempt from certain taxes. Since launching in 2017, Times Up has raised more than $24 million through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe and has provided substantial legal support for big name accusers such as those abused by Harvey Weinstein.

In Reade’s case however, she was shown the door.

In February, Reade was told after discussions on her case between Time’s Up and NWLC that the organization would refrain from offering Reade their support.

“Please know how much I appreciate your courage in speaking out and appreciate what you shared over the phone, that you are speaking out so that your daughter and other young people can start their careers free of harassment,” wrote the NWLC’s program director to Reade, according to the Intercept.

“As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the National Women’s Law Center is restricted in how it can spend its funds, including restrictions that pertain to candidates running for election,” NWLC spokesoman Maria Patrick told the Intercept. “Our decision on whether or not to provide certain types of support to an individual should not be interpreted as our validation or doubt of the truthfulness of the person’s statements. Regardless, our support of workers who come forward regarding workplace sexual harassment remains unwavering.”

When trying to be heard, Reade told Krystal Ball on The Hill’s ‘Rising‘ that she approached Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts who brushed off her claims.

“I’ve actually been out there, trying to get my story heard for months. I decided to tell the full story. It wasn’t being picked up by any news outlets so I went to Kamala Harris, I went to Elizabeth Warren… and I never received a response.”

Never mind that the two senators both openly endorsed the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over demonstrably weak and unverified allegations from more than 30 years ago.

Reade detailed her sexual assault from Biden in an interview with Katie Halper published Wednesday.




More, at Breitbart.


Biden’s propensity for unwanted sexual advances is documented. A former Secret Service agent described how they had to protect women from Biden’s “Weinstein level stuff”.

Biden is clearly a serial sex offender.

Not only that, but his mental state is very unstable.

He compared victims of domestic violence to the “man rape”  in the film Deliverance.

He told a newly-sworn in female senator, “Spread your legs, you’re going to get frisked”. The look on her husband’s face says it all. He walked away immediately after the picture was snapped.  Fuckin’ Biden. What a scumbag.

He told a group of supporters in Danville, Va that, ‘Republicans are gonna put y’all back in chains’.

He ranted about “rape” and Bush “burning down houses” during a speech pushing Obama’s tax-raising ‘jobs bill’.

He called his sister a “girl-boy,” meaning a tomboy, and then explained that girl-boys are softer than “girl-girls.”

During a Sept. 12, 2008, speech in Columbia, Mo., Biden called for Missouri State Sen. Chuck Graham, who is wheelchair-bound, to “stand up.”

He had bizarre ideas about Obama’s jobs bill and rape fantasies.

You know the deal, folks. If he were Republican, the media would be having grand mal seizures.



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Anonymous Lib Journo Leaves Nastygram for OANN Reporter, Gets Slammed



A closeup:


Her response:



The liberal mainstream media has pushed hysteria and weaponized the corona virus for its political agenda.

The only thing that’s viral is the stupidity.


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The Dems Will Not Let a Politicized Crisis Go to Waste

Via The Federalist

So it turns out the real reason congressional Democrats blocked a Senate coronavirus relief bill on Sunday wasn’t because they were concerned it favored corporations over individuals or because they wanted more direct aid to families and small businesses. It was because they want to use this crisis as pretext for passing a bunch of Democratic policies that have nothing to do with the pandemic.

On Monday, right around the time Senate Democrats blocked a $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill for the second time in as many days, we found out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, fresh from a weeklong vacation, has her own bill, a 1,400-page monstrosity chock full of mandates, regulations, and nonsensical federal programs that leftists would enact if they were king for a day.

Many of the provisions in Pelosi’s bill have no discernable relation to the coronavirus pandemic, much less helping families and small businesses facing economic ruin. There are sections mandating “risk-limiting audits” of election results, early voting, same-day voter registration, mandatory reporting for federal agencies on their use of minority-owned banks, new rules for the retirement plans of community newspapers, and even a section requiring airlines to provide passengers information about greenhouse gas emissions from flights they took. The list goes on, like a parody of Democratic governance.

But it’s not a parody, it’s an old Democratic tactic—especially for Pelosi. Remember President Obama’s $830 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009? It was supposed to fund those now-infamous “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects but in the end mostly went to federal welfare programs like Medicaid, food stamps, and extended unemployment insurance.

That wasn’t an accident. Pelosi was speaker of the House back then, and she helped transform the stimulus into a massive welfare bill, arguing that injecting billions of dollars into food stamps and unemployment insurance would somehow generate economic activity. It didn’t, which is one reason the recovery under Obama was so sluggish—and why he was so thoroughly panned last month for bragging the stimulus paved the way for “more than a decade of economic growth.”

……Majority Whip James Clyburn reportedly said, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”


Pelosi also included a $1,000,000,000 provision for “sanctuary cities“.

They do the same thing whenever there’s a mass shooting; taking advantage of the crime to target the 2nd Amendment and lawful gun owners.

This time around, they’re exploiting the hysteria by violating civil liberties and cashing in with insider trading.

The fucking Dems spent the last 3 years attempting to overthrow a duly elected President with a Russian collusion hoax and an impeachment shitshow that failed spectacularly.   Every other legislative responsibility was put on the back burner. Now that there’s a virus scare, they’re trying to shove their socialist bullshit into a bill that’s supposed to help the victims of draconian government shutdowns.

If this bill ever lands on President Trump’s desk—-and I seriously doubt it will—-he should write a huge “FUCK NO” across the top, along with a veto.


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