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“Health Experts”: Defying the COVIDIOCY Lockdown is Bad, Except for the BLM Riots

If you needed more proof that the COVIDIOCY scamdemic is a political hoax, here’s another example:

Gateway Pundit

A group of over 1,000 “health experts” signed a letter supporting the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and riots but are against any conservative, working American or Christian protest gathering.

These dishonest hacks try to explain how the dangerous Black Lives Matter protests and riots are good for society and acceptable during a pandemic.

But these same leftists describe conservative protests against COVID-19 lockdowns as racist and dangerous and should not be allowed.

They actually wrote this in their letter:

These hateful idiots do a great disservice to the American public and their profession.


The intellectually bankrupt Left still pushes hysteria when it’s convenient. Otherwise, go ahead and riot, vandalize, assault, commit arson, and murder to fight “systemic racism”.



Thoughts on the Dem Party Dysfunction

Dems politicize everything; skin color, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Instead of appealing to all American citizens as a whole, they create protected classes and pander to segments of society based on the viability of votes. Step outside the approved categories and you’re vilified. Notice how quick black Republicans are called “oreo”, “house negro”, “Uncle Tom”, and a variety of other epithets because they don’t buy the Dem party line.  When it comes to racism and hate, the DemLeft contingent is comprised of unhinged, frothing lunatics.

Rampaging Antifa anarchists and BLM thugs have hijacked the Dem platform, with their blessing. If you think this won’t have an impact in November, you’re delusional. A majority of Americans are sick of the insane extremist bullshit being displayed on a daily basis; riots, vandalism, arson, assaults, rapes, and murder, by the groups endorsed by the Dems. They foster and encourage the violence hoping that the divisive tactics will give them an edge.

Democrats have demonstrated they have no respect for American citizens. They hate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution because it limits government power; in particular, the power they want.

The Demleft divides us into two classes of people: Those who believe in the socialist agenda they push, and the unwashed heathens who refuse to buy their shit sandwich.

Economically, they support a bloated welfare state and spend taxpayer funds on illegals.

I could spend all day discussing their rancid foreign policies, which include hatred of Israel and support for the Islamofascist regime in Iran.

Bottom line: Donald Trump will be re-elected and the leftwing moonbats will have to contend with 4 more years of fulfilling campaign promises and getting this country back on track.




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Seattle Mayor Finally Shut Down Antifa/BLM ‘Autonomous Zone’ After Thugs Pay a Visit to Her Home

From Brodigan at Louder With Crowder

It finally happened. Seattle Mayor Jenny Derpkan has ordered police to clear out CHAZ/CHOP. All it took was for the protesters to show up at her house and inconvenience her life for action to be taken. Not so much the lives and inconvenience of the plebeians Mayor Derpkan lords over. Or, like, the multiple homicides. But I guess better late than never. The summer of love is no more.



I know some of my colleagues will want to focus on the violence and the body count and the communism. But I’m choosing to focus on the fun times we had. Like the idiots there not knowing how plants work. Or the comparisons to South Park. Or this guy, who just wilded out one day. The CHAZ/CHOP and the CHOP/CHAZ, while I’m sure unintentionally, brought so much laughter and entertainment to so many people. If nothing else, the people of the CHAZ or the CHOP can take pride in that.


More from Tucker Carlson:


The rampaging antifa/BLM radicals racked up robberies, rapes, and murder in their little anarchist dystopia.

And they had a warlord who passed out AR-15s for the occasion.

What could go wrong?



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Seattle Mayor Was Fine With Antifa/BLM Violence Until They Showed up at Her House


It’s all fun and games until the revolution you cheered shows up on your doorstep.

Washinton Examiner

A group of protesters marched to the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Sunday afternoon, upset that she pledged to dismantle the police-free “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” zone, known as CHOP.

Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant joined a group of dozens of demonstrators gathered at Durkan’s home who were holding signs, chanting, and demanding she leave the area alone or meet protesters’ demands.

Durkan said last week that police would soon return to Seattle’s East Precinct, which has been overrun by protesters who set up the CHOP zone, but gave no timetable.

Demonstrators have controlled the six-block area since June 8, saying they will not leave until the city meets a list of demands.

Defunding the local police department by at least 50% is at the top of their list. Over the last several days, multiple instances of shootings, rape, and robbery have been reported inside or near CHOP, local police said.

As of Monday, the barricades guarding the area remain intact.

Durkan’s office issued a statement on the protests, saying Sawant joined the protests “without regard for the safety of the Mayor and her family.”

“Mayor Durkan and her family are in the state program to keep their address confidential because of the death threats mostly related to her work as Seattle’s U.S. Attorney under President Obama,” a statement from the mayor’s office issued Sunday read. “Instead of working to make true change, Councilmember Sawant continues to choose political stunts. Tonight she did so without regard for the safety of the Mayor and her family. The Mayor was not even home — she was working at City Hall. Seattle can and should peacefully demonstrate but should not put families and children at risk.”


The mayor of Olympia. Washington got the same Karma:

A Washington state mayor was fine with the Black Lives Matter protests that followed George Floyd’s death in police custody.

But that was until vandals damaged her home, according to reports.

Now, Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia refers to the protests as “domestic terrorism,” according to The Olympian.

“I’m really trying to process this,” Selby told the newspaper Saturday, after the rioters’ Friday night spree left her front door and porch covered with spray-painted messages. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.


So did a black sportswriter for ESPN:


The left created a Frankenstein’s monster and it’s turning on them.


Armed Couple Defend Home From Antifa/BLM Thugs

Good for them.


Personal injury lawyers Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia, 61, told KMOV4 that they were having dinner with family outside their home when the BLM protesters broke through iron gates marked with “No Trespassing” and “Private Street” and rushed towards their home.

“A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives,” said Mark McCloskey.

According to police, the couple told protesters that they were on trespassing on a private street and needed to leave. Shortly after, the couple grabbed their guns after noticing several armed protesters in the crowd, shouting threats.

“This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob,” McCloskey told News 4. –KMOV4

The couple, identified as attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, engaged in a shouting match with the protesters, waving what appeared to be an AR-15 rifle and a pistol….

As the Gateway Pundit‘s Cassandra Fairbanks notes, the BLM protesters can be clearly be seen entering a gate into the McCloskey’s private community.


St Louis Today

……St. Louis police said the couple had called police for help once they saw the large crowd enter Portland Place. The McCloskeys had been at home and heard a loud commotion coming from the street; they went to investigate and saw “a large group of subjects forcefully break an iron gate marked with ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘Private Street’ signs,” police said.

“The group began yelling obscenities and threats of harm to both victims,” police said. “When the victims observed multiple subjects who were armed, they then armed themselves and contacted police.”

……Anders Walker, a constitutional law professor at St. Louis University, said that although it’s “very dangerous” to engage protesters with guns, the homeowners broke no laws by brandishing or pointing weapons at them because Portland Place is a private street. He said the McCloskeys are protected by Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, which allows people to use deadly force to defend private property.

“At any point that you enter the property, they can then, in Missouri, use deadly force to get you off the lawn,” Walker said, calling the state’s Castle Doctrine a “force field” that “indemnifies you, and you can even pull the trigger in Missouri.”

Of course, the liberal media and lefwting mob are frothing over this.

Lefty think tank president says he would have “rushed them and beaten their brains in”:

lefty threat to homeowners

As you can imagine, his rancid stupidity was not well received:


He deleted the Tweet and then this:


And this:


More citizens are taking a stand against these violent punks. The increase in the arson, assaults, and vandalism by the rampaging mob has resulted in a spike in gun ownership.

Newsflash for the antifa/BLM shitstains: Your rights end where mine begin. You can march down the street with your signs and scream your racist anti-white, anti-cop bullshit to your little heart’s content, but trespass on my property and threaten my life and my family, and I will drop your putrid ass where you stand.


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