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al-Baghdadi’s Successor Killed in Air Raid


Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib must be devastated.

Via Breitbart

President Donald Trump confirmed the news Tuesday that a potential successor to ISIS terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had also been killed.

“Just confirmed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s number one replacement has been terminated by American troops,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Most likely would have taken the top spot – Now he is also Dead!”

Trump was likely referring to Islamic State spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir who was reported killed in a separate attack, according to a State Department official speaking to Fox News.

The official said that fellow terrorist Al-Muhajir was believed to be the “number two” leader of ISIS and was killed in Northern Syria.

The New York Times also described al-Muhajir as the “likely successor” to Baghdadi

Kurdish militia said al-Muhajir was being smuggled across northern Syria in the back of an oil tanker truck, according to the Times, when it was hit by an airstrike.

Other reports have cited Abdullah Qardash as a possible successor, known as Baghdadi’s key discipline enforcer.

The fragmented Islamic State has yet to publicly name a successor to Baghdadi after he was killed Saturday after American forces raided his compound.


Congratulations to the US military and President Trump for the successful eradication of a muzzie terrorist shitbag.


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ISIS Thug Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead After SpecOps Raid

Remember Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? That’s the motherfucker responsible for the kidnapping of Kayla Mueller, who was taken  in 2013 while serving as an aid worker and was reportedly raped by al-Baghdadi before she was crushed by debris in an airstrike.  Steven Sotloff, a journalist, and Peter Kassig, an aid worker, were both beheaded at al-Baghdadi’s orders after being kidnapped by ISIS forces.

The head of what Obama described as the “JV Team” has been taken out.

Via Fox News

The suicide of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was preceded by a largescale U.S. Special Operations forces raid on a compound in northern Syria’s Idlib Province, where the terrorist leader was thought to be hiding.

In an address to the nation on Sunday, President Trump said that planning for the raid on al-Baghdadi’s compound began two weeks ago when the U.S. gained unspecified intelligence on al-Baghdadi’s whereabouts.

Unlike the raid in Pakistan in 2011 that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, which was carried out by a small team of U.S. Navy Seals, the raid on al-Baghdadi’s compound was a relatively large assault by U.S. forces with a reported eight military helicopters landing in the Barisha area north of Idlib city — a few kilometers from the Turkish border.

The helicopters flew fast and low to the ground on their approach to the compound and U.S. forces – between 50 and 70 soldiers from the U.S. Army Delta Force and Rangers – were met with sporadic gunfire. But the president said that no American troops or personnel were killed or injured during the raid, during his Sunday morning announcement at the White House.

……Trump said U.S. forces breached the walls of the compound since the doors and other entryways were booby-trapped with explosives. Once inside the compound, the U.S. troops chased al-Baghdadi, along with three of the terrorist group leader’s children, into a “dead-end tunnel.”

Once inside the tunnel, al-Baghdadi set off a suicide vest he was wearing, immediately killing himself and his children, while also partially collapsing the tunnel. Trump said U.S. military dogs chased the terrorist into the tunnel and it was reported that at least one of the dogs was injured during the raid.

“He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming,” Trump said. “The thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, panic and dread – terrified of the American Forces bearing down.”

While al-Baghdadi’s body was severely mutilated in the explosion, his identity was positively confirmed by a DNA test conducted onsite.

Trump made another smart move by keeping the raid secret from Pelosi and the rest of the Dem cabal:  “We were going to notify them last night but we decided not to do that because Washington leaks like I’ve never seen before.” The DemRats think nothing of leaking classified information regardless of risking of lives and compromising missions. I wouldn’t trust them either.

The WaPo announced the death with its usual odious style.

“Regarding our al-Baghdadi obituary, the headline should never have read that way and we changed it quickly,” said Washington Post Vice President of Communications Kristine Coratti Kelly.  Bullshit. Your rag meant exactly what it published the first time.

Notice the disparity:

BTW: According to reports, the cocksucker Bin Laden was buried at sea after a respectful funeral.  The ceremony was conducted by a muslim sailor.  How touching. I wonder if they played taps.  Obama’s affinity for radical muslims is well documented.  He shamelessly pandered;  celebrating the holidays of a brutal Islamic subculture, making apologies to them,  and forced Army Commanders to do the same. He let them waltz through airport security, and gave aid to Hamas, the PLO, and the Muslim Brotherhood thugs in Egypt, and feted them at the White House.

This is the kind of excrement that was so prevalent in Obama’s regime:


President Trump is the complete opposite. He prefers to kill the enemy, not kiss their ass.

The Dems just got sucker punched:

President Trump’s successful operation to take out Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent Democrats scrambling on Sunday, as several top party leaders had complained publicly in recent days that the White House had no “real plan” to combat the terror group following the U.S. pullout in Syria.

In a dramatic sign of how Democrats’ messaging apparently backfired, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” ran an ill-timed sketch suggesting that Trump had created “jobs” for ISIS — just hours before the president held a news conference announcing al-Baghdadi’s demise. The sketch aired around the time the two-hour late-night raid in northwest Syria was underway.

“It’s genuinely fascinating watching Democrats in real-time struggle to figure out what to say about this,” journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on Sunday. “They want to be patriotic and anti-ISIS, but also need a way to malign Trump without contradicting their gushing Obama praise over [Usama bin Laden]: not an easy balancing act. Good luck!”

Congratulations to the SpecOps and President Trump for the successful eradication of a muzzie terrorist shitbag.

It should be the first of many.

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Fake Humanitarian Group ‘White Helmets’ Linked to Terrorists

Via Liveleak

Video and photo evidence reveals the links between the White Helmets who received a Hollywood Academy Award, the terrorist groups destroying Syria, the lead terrorist Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini, and the US and UK media promoted propaganda disseminators for these murderous terrorist groups. This video includes substantial, verifiable direct connections that tie all these entities, individuals and nefarious actions together. Tapestry of Terror clearly exposes the White Helmets as the terrorists and fake humanitarian rescuers that they are. It also clearly links them to the FSA (Free Syrian Army) which is made up of dozens of Islamic jihadist groups who are being paid to destroy Syria, and have been caught on camera on numerous occasions conducting barbaric atrocities since the start of the Syrian war in 2011.

Video at link.


The White Helmets claim to be a non-partisan humanitarian aid group that works towards rescuing all Syrian civilians in trouble spots, however, they are no where to be found in Syrian government controlled areas and are instead only operating in terrorist held areas. This video clearly shows why. They are directly operating as an arm of the Free Syrian Army which is affiliated with dozens of designated terrorist groups throughout Syria.

Video at link.


Some of the investigations involving the White Helmets:





Bottom line: We should not fund or assist any particular group in the Middle East except Christians and Israel. Period.  The allegiance of these ‘humanitarian’ groups can never be fully vetted nor can they be trusted.



Direct Terrorist Collusion: Over One Dozen Videos Capture White Helmets Working Side-By-Side With Terrorist Groups in Syria

Chuckie, Nancy, and Steny Stomp Out of Syria Meeting With President Trump


Via Fox News

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced at a news conference outside the White House on Wednesday that they had just walked out of a meeting with President Trump on Syria policy, after he apparently called Pelosi either a “third-rate politician” or “third-grade politician” and angrily suggested the Democrats probably appreciated communist Islamic State terrorists in the Middle East.

“What we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown, sad to say,” Pelosi, D-Calif., remarked.

……A senior Democratic aide told Fox News that Trump began the meeting, which was ostensibly called by the White House, by remarking that “someone wanted this meeting so I agreed to it.”  Trump also reportedly told Pelosi, “I hate ISIS more than you do,” prompting Pelosi to respond, “You don’t know that.”

Trump then remarked, according to the senior source: “President Obama drew a red line in the sand [in Syria].  In my opinion, you are a third-grade politician.” (Schumer, D-N.Y., told reporters he heard Trump use the term “third-rate politician.”)


As the Democrats walked out, Trump reportedly remarked, “I’ll see you at the polls.”


During the post meeting presser, Pelosi said: “Sometimes I wish you were a politician Mr. President, then you would know the art of the possible”.

That quote fits the clueless bureaucracy of the swamp. The irony of that statement goes right over her pointy head, and illustrates why Americans are fed up with them.



The Dems have their panties in a wad over the pullout of American troops from Syria and the Turkish attacks against the Kurds, but said nothing when Obama yanked the troops out of Iraq, dismissing ISIS as a ‘JV Team‘ while they butchered their way through Iraq and Syria.   They also kept their mouths shut when Yazidi refugees who fled to Mt. Sinjar to escape ISIS were dying from disease and starvation, while Obama took his sweet time on the golf course. When the Yazidi got back to northern Iraq, they were promptly attacked and slaughtered by ISIS.

Likewise, no concern about Christians being subjected to genocide across the Middle East.

It’s typical fake outrage.




As for Turkey, Erdogan is a muzzie shitbag and dictator who seized churches and made them ‘property of the state’, and arrests lawyers and designates journalists and teachers as “terrorists”.  He also sues people who point out that he’s a dictator.

And according to him, muzzies have never committed massacres.  We must have missed all the world-wide atrocities committed by muslims in the name of their violent ideology.

Fuck Turkey. They’re no friend of ours.

The only ally we have in the Middle East is Israel. The rest of the region, is a cesspool of filthy, violent Islamofascist nation-states.  None of them are worth a shit and should have been leveled on 12 September 2001.

Another perspective:




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Muzzie in Texas Wanted to Join ISIS, Carry Out Jihad Massacre in the US

Every muzzie extremest in this country should be kicked out.


Via Houston Public Media

A Houston man who planned to travel overseas and shared information on making bombs and using machetes has pleaded guilty to trying to join the Islamic State group.

Prosecutors say 20-year-old Kaan Sercan Damlarkaya pleaded guilty Monday to attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Damlarkaya, who is a U.S. citizen, was arrested in December 2017 following an undercover FBI investigation. He remains in custody pending sentencing in Houston and faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

Investigators say Damlarkaya shared information on making and using weapons with people he thought also supported IS. When agents arrested Damlarkaya, they executed a search warrant at his residence and found a machete by his bed.

As part of his plans to join ISIS overseas, starting in approximately early August 2017, Damlarkaya had numerous conversations online with many individuals he believed to be fellow ISIS supporters, according to the Department of Justice.

During his discussions, Damlarkaya described his intentions to travel overseas to fight for ISIS in Syria or Afghanistan. He added that if he was unsuccessful in joining ISIS overseas, he would conduct an on attack on non-Muslims in the United States and that it was his “dream” to be a martyr.

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen accepted the plea on Monday and has set sentencing for Sept. 30, 2019. At that time, Damlarkaya faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a maximum $250,000 possible fine.


Either send these fucks to GITMO or send them to an Islamofascist nation-state (pick one) in the Middle East.

Islam is diametrically opposed to democracy.  Under the muzzie point of view, Sharia Law trumps all other laws. It’s meant to overtake and replace all Western civil, criminal, and government jurisdiction. They’re not interested in peace, tolerance, or coexistence. They want a worldwide Caliphate, including the United States. They back up their religious rhetoric with violence.

Any ‘American’ who converts to Islam should be scrutinized. If they declare ‘jihad’, they cross the line to being enemy combatants and they should be treated as such. There’s so many of them in this country who are being harbored in radical muzzie enclaves, and the feds aren’t doing what it takes to get rid of them.

It will take another attack that makes 9/11 look like a fucking picnic before the DHS and the public at large wakes up from their coma.



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