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Restaurant Owners Threatened, Attacked After Appearing at Trump Rally

They’re legal, hard working immigrants who became citizens the right way, so they don’t get the same preferential treatment as illegals.

Via Washington Times

The immigrant owners of a Mexican food grill defended Sunday their support for President Trump after receiving threats and negative restaurant reviews for attending his Phoenix rally.

Jorge and Betty Rivas, naturalized U.S. citizens who own Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina, Arizona, said the backlash began after critics circulated a screen-grab on social media of the couple standing behind Mr. Trump at the Feb. 19 rally, with her face circled.

“There have been calls as well threatening us and giving us a hard time because we support the president,” Mr. Rivas told “Fox & Friends.”

Despite being called “evil” and “racists,” and receiving some unflattering restaurant reviews, Mr. Rivas said business has picked up after a few shaky days.

“The first day, a couple of days, it goes down, but like yesterday, we had a very good day,” Mr. Rivas said. “People know that anyone as an American has a right to support whoever they want, they come out and support us in a way that has turned out to be pretty good, thankfully.”

The Rivases make no secret of their Trump support. In a video posted last week on Facebook, they discussed the negative social-media posts and calls while wearing pro-Trump hats in an office decorated with a full-sized Trump cut-out and signs such as “Latinos for Trump.”

“I feel that as naturalized United States citizens, we have the right to support President Trump or to support any other candidate that loves this country,” said Mr. Rivas. “For me, it is very important to support people that have the same values as I do. Just because we are Latinos, it doesn’t mean that we have to think like every other Latino in this country. We are individuals. They said a similar backlash occurred in 2016, but that they refused to back down, instead displaying a photo in their restaurant of Mrs. Rivas and Mr. Trump.

“We have never denied or [tried to] hide from what we stand for or what we believe,” Mr. Rivas said. “And we’ve been active. We’ve been going to President Trump’s rally in Phoenix and going to other meetings where Republicans meet.”

Mr. Rivas is from El Salvador, while Mrs. Rivas immigrated from Mexico’s Sonora state, according to KOLD13 News.

Downplaying their support for Mr. Trump “would be an insult,” he said.

“We know who we are,” he said. “We know that it’s important for us to stay out there, to say what we feel. I personally feel that for me, staying quiet, saying, ‘Oh I’m not going to express my opinion because they might attack me,’ that would go against what I believe. That would go against what America stands for.”


Before illegal aliens became political tools, Dems actually wanted the immigration laws enforced.

Anyone who follows the pattern of Dem agenda, talking points and strategy knows that illegal aliens are part of their voting bloc.  They intend to entrench and exploit as many (Hispanic) illegals as they can to push their socialist agenda, institutionalize selective rights, and wrest control of the country away from American citizens. Democrats  would rather subvert the voting process for political gain than follow the law.

SCOTUS Backs Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Via Fox News

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a win to President Trump on Wednesday by allowing his administration to enforce the “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy as litigation surrounding it continues.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had said a week earlier that it would block the policy in Arizona and California, the two border states where its authority extends. The Trump administration then turned to the Supreme Court for relief.

“The application for stay presented to Justice Kagan and by her referred to the Court is granted, and the district court’s April 8, 2019 order granting a preliminary injunction is stayed pending the timely filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari,” the Supreme Court said in an order……

……The Justice Department responded Wednesday by saying the high court’s order restores “the government’s ability to manage the Southwest border and to work cooperatively with the Mexican government to address illegal immigration.”

……The policy, officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) requires individuals seeking asylum at the southern border to stay in Mexico while the U.S. considers their cases. Several organizations sued the administration, claiming that MPP is in violation of federal law that sets standards for how asylum applicants are treated.


This isn’t ‘asylum’ as the Dems insist.  If south of the border nationals want asylum, there are nine U.S. consulates and one U.S. embassy in Mexico where non-U.S. citizens can apply for asylum. The Left’s push for open borders is part of their effort to create more dependents on the Dem plantation and add these foreign nationals to their voting bloc.

Every country has immigration laws, travel laws, and borders.

The U.S. has the right to control who enters the country. There is no Constitutional or legal right for a foreigner to enter the U.S.  It’s a privilege.



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Libs Have Seizures as ICE Arrests Illegal Aliens in NYC

How dare they enforce our immigration laws.

Via Twitchy

It appears ICE is, you know, doing its job in New York City and libs just can’t deal:


ICE agents executed a criminal arrest warrant:


ICE did arrest an illegal alien charged with the sexual abuse of a child after NYC released him.

Via Townhall VIP:

An illegal alien charged with sex crimes was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers after New York City authorities released the suspect days after his arrest on charges that include child rape.

U.S. Border Patrol agents first encountered Miguel Federico Ajqui-Ajtzalam, 20, in Sep 2016 after the Guatemalan national illegally entered the U.S. without an inspection, according to a statement from ICE. Ajqui-Ajtzalam was released from ICE custody pending removal proceedings but subsequently arrested by New York City Police officers on Feb. 27. He was charged with various sex crimes, including felony rape and sexual abuse of a child.


This is part of President Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal alien criminals.

Those who aid, abet, and hire them should be arrested and prosecuted as well.

These are just two of the Federal Statues that cover illegal immigration:

Title 8 US Code section 1324

Title 8 US Code section 1325

Hundreds of crimes are committed by these vermin. Cop killers, rapists, child molesters,murderers, thieves, robbers, gangs (MS13s), and a slew of other human garbage are coming into this country illegally and committing more felonies once they get in.

The U.S. has the right to control who enters the country.

It’s about time we did.


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Islamic Center of Cleveland Tied to Terrorists

Another terrorist training center.

Via Investigative Project

On June 18, 2004, Fawaz Damrah, then imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, was convicted of unlawfully obtaining his United States citizenship through a false or fraudulent application. Damrah concealed from the INS his membership in and/or affiliation with: (1) Afghan Refugees Services, Inc., aka Al-Kifah Refugee Center; (2) Palestinian Islamic Jihad, aka the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine; and (3) Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP). Damrah was sentenced to two-months in prison, four months of in home confinement, three years of supervised release and stripped of his citizenship.

At his mosque, Damrah openly raised money for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, telling a 1991 fundraiser that Sami Al-Arian’s Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP) was “the active arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine. We preferred to call it the ‘Islamic Committee for Palestine’ for security reasons. Two years earlier, Damra attended an ICP conference in Chicago, where he argued “terrorism, and terrorism alone, is the path to liberation” for Palestinians.

Damrah’s close work with Al-Arian led prosecutors to designate him “Unindicted Co-Conspirator One” in Al-Arian’s PIJ support trial.

Other funds raised in the Islamic Center of Cleveland went to the Holy Land Foundation, which was found guilty, along with five of the organization’s officials, for funneling money to Hamas in November of 2008.

Damrah was also named a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial.


The replacement imam, Ahmed Alzaree, made some rather disturbing remarks, specifically a sermon in which he makes the following statement:

Dear brothers and sisters, the talk about the Day of Judgment is long and full of things that will confuse the human mind and put fear in the hearts of the faithful. Every day that comes is much more Worse than the day before it as we get closer to the hour. Among the signs of the approach of Day of Judgment is what the messenger of Allah PBUH said: “The hour of judgment shall not happen until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Muslims shall kill the Jews to the point that the Jew shall hide behind a big rock or a tree and the rock or tree shall call on the Muslim saying: hey, O Muslim there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him, except the Gharqad tree which will not say, for it is the tree of Jews.” Agreed upon. This is seemed to be very soon and close now. We ask Allah SWT not to test us so hardly if we live till this horrible moment insha’allah.


They feel the same way about Christians.


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Muzzie Aviation Student Opens Fire at Pensacola Naval Base, Three Killed (UPDATED)

Obviously, the country has learned nothing from 9/11.  We’re still training them how to fly.


His fellow jihadists are on the run:

Authorities investigating a deadly attack at a U.S. naval base in Florida are reportedly focused on finding several unaccounted for Saudi nationals linked to the shooting, as additional details have emerged about the shooter’s movements in the weeks leading up to the rampage.

……In the days since the attack, a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity after being briefed by federal authorities told the Associated Press that a total of 10 Saudi students were being held on the base as of Saturday while several others were unaccounted for.

……The U.S. has long had a robust training program for Saudis, providing assistance in the U.S. and in the kingdom. Currently, more than 850 Saudis are in the United States for various training activities. They are among more than 5,000 foreign students from 153 countries in the U.S. going through military training.


The shitbag, identified as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Saudi Air Force.

He railed against America before the attack:

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani……posted a short manifesto to Twitter where he claimed to be “against evil,” AFP reported, citing the SITE Intelligence Group.

……“America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil,” the post reportedly continued.

According to SITE, a group that monitors jihadist media, Alshamrani allegedly wrote in this manifesto that he “hates” Americans for their supposed crimes against Muslims and “humanity.”

“I’m not against you for just being American, I don’t hate you because your freedoms, I hate you because every day you supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity,” he wrote, according to the report.

That’s pretty fucking funny coming from a muzzie who’s from a region of the world that trains, funds, indoctrinates, supports, and breeds terrorism all across the Middle East. It’s the epicenter of Islamofascism.

Atrocities and brutality are carried out worldwide in the name of their “Islam”, but this (now dead) muzzie piece of shit blames his actions on America.  Typical raghead hypocrisy.

The Saudi sand niggers are  some of the worst terrorist facilitators on the planet.  After 9/11, we should have bombed them first.

From Fox News

The gunman who opened fire Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, fatally shooting three people, has been identified as an aviation student from Saudi Arabia as investigators are looking into whether the attack is terrorism-related.

The shooter — who was wielding a handgun, despite firearms not being allowed on base — was confronted and taken out by a pair of responding officers, officials said. Two people were killed at the scene while a third victim died after being rushed to a local hospital. Seven others suffered injuries and are undergoing treatment, including the two officers, one of whom was shot in the arm and the other in the knee. Both are expected to survive.


He was a Saudi muzzie and he probably shouted ‘allah u akbar’ during his little jihad, but they won’t say it’s terrorism.

Why in the fuck are they letting them train with U.S. service members? Why in the fuck are they letting them into this country?

The policy of allowing foreign students from countries known for terrorist facilitation should be brought to an immediate halt.

Islam is diametrically opposed to democracy.  Terrorism is part of their ‘religious’ doctrine. Under the muzzie point of view, Sharia Law trumps all other laws. It’s meant to overtake and replace all Western civil, criminal, and government jurisdiction.  They’re not interested in peace, tolerance, or coexistence. They want a worldwide Caliphate, including the United States.

Assimilation is not on their itinerary.

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