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Commie West Point Grad Discharged From Army

After his little stunt at West Point, he should have been kicked out.  This ‘conscientious objecting anti war’ puke joined the military anyway.

Smells like opportunistic hypocrisy.

From Breitbart

Spenser Rapone — the Army Soldier who became notorious after a picture of him in his West Point uniform holding a “Communism Will Win” sign went viral — was discharged from the Army this month, according to social media postings.

……Rapone first gained widespread attention in September after he tweeted the picture of himself at his 2016 West Point graduation holding the “Communism Will Win” sign under his cover, or hat, along with the hashtag #VeteransforKaepernick, in support of former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Members of the military are prohibited from expressing political views while in uniform.

He also tweeted a photo of himself wearing a Che Guavara t-shirt under his uniform.

West Point and the Army subsequently launched an investigation, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a staunch anti-Communist, demanded answers from Army leadership. Rapone’s mentor at West Point, Professor Rasheed Hosein, was on administrative leave at the time of the controversy, as Breitbart News exclusively reported. A West Point spokesperson said the action was unrelated to Rapone.

Breitbart News inquired Tuesday with West Point about the status of its investigation into Rapone. The request was forwarded to the Army headquarters at the Pentagon, but a response has not yet been received.

……Spenser is being discharged from the military with an Other Than Honorable discharge this June.


The little fuckstick supports a political ideology that is diametrically opposed to our Republic. We are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies; foreign and domestic. He’s a domestic enemy. His objective was to use his position in the military to subvert democracy. He’s an abject disgrace to the uniform. His communist ‘revolutionary’ dogma violates the oath he took. He was also mentored by a muzzie West Point professor.

Why is a goddamned muzzie who worships a violent theocracy, allowed to teach at a U.S. military academy in the first place?

West Point needs an overhaul.




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Liberal Explains Why He’s Finally Fed Up With Seattle

It took him 14 years to figure out that cities—like Seattle—which embrace socialism, end up being a cesspool of failure.

From his OpEd piece in the Seattle Times:

I KNEW Seattle was no longer a place for me when I met with Debora Juarez — the District 5 City Council member I had voted for.

Last September, at what I thought was going to be a friendly one-on-one meeting between an elected official and her constituent, I expressed some concerns that were on my mind. I fretted over the deterioration of a city with which I had fallen in love — a city that, despite my 21 trips to Europe, I still believe to be the most beautiful in the world.

I told my council member that Northgate, my home, had seen a noticeable increase in litter and graffiti. To my dismay, she seemed to suggest these issues were someone else’s job, not hers. So, I moved on to a bigger issue: homelessness.

When I first moved to Seattle 14 years ago, to attend the University of Washington, homelessness essentially didn’t exist at Northgate. Though I have never been a victim of or witness to a crime, some of my neighbors have been, and they believe homeless camps are the reason. Additionally, the conditions in such camps are often atrocious — not only are the homeless more likely to be victims of violent crime, they are susceptible to infectious disease, such as the hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego that sickened nearly 500 people and has killed 20.

I believe strongly that it is not compassionate to leave people who are unable or unwilling to care for themselves to suffer and die on the street. Because many (but certainly not all) homeless people struggle with mental illness or drug addiction, I suggested that Seattle find a way to make it easier to provide treatment to these troubled souls — involuntarily, if need be. It could literally save their lives.

Juarez exclaimed, “What is this? Nazi Germany?”

Appalled — in part because my grandparents survived Nazi Germany — I got up and walked out.

As a professional science writer, I’ve certainly grown accustomed to the crass insults that have become routine in our toxic political environment. I just didn’t expect it from a person for whom I voted. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Slowly but surely, Seattle has become an angry place. Councilmember Kshama Sawant called a police shooting a “brutal murder.” She also tweeted that it was “terrible” for a feminist organization to wish that Barbara Bush, on her death, rest in peace. As a congressional candidate, Pramila Jayapal supporters implied that her respectable opponent, Brady Walkinshaw, was a misogynist and racist. And former Mayor Ed Murray, whose pattern of alleged sexual behavior finally caught up with him, remained defiant until the bitter end.

For a city that prides itself on being “anti-Trump,” it is difficult to see how exactly we’re supposed to possess the moral high ground over “The Other Washington.”


Your first mistake is assuming that the Left has the ‘moral high ground’ , especially since the Dems are the biggest hate group in America.

They’re out of touch, smug, arrogant and intolerant of anyone who doesn’t hold the same leftwing ideology.

They, and I’m sure you as well, have a pronounced disdain for Trump voters and the residents of ‘flyover country’.  The only difference between you and the part of town you’re leaving is that you still have a bleeding heart for the unwashed homeless, as long as you don’t have to step over them on your way to work.

The toxic politics are bad enough, but the city also has become unaffordable for the middle class. Partly, that is due to high demand (which is a good problem for a city to have), but it’s also due to self-inflicted wounds, such as a restrictive housing policy that artificially caps supply. Seattle is well on its way to becoming the next Vancouver, British Columbia, with the median housing price having spiked to an eye-watering $820,000, far outside the reach of the middle class. Unless they are able to save for about 14 years to afford a down payment, millennials can forget about homeownership entirely.

The $15 minimum wage has added gasoline to the fire. Though it hasn’t even been fully implemented yet, the most recent study last summer revealed that when the minimum moved from $11 to $13 an hour, low-wage workers lost about $125 per month. That means that the law raises costs for businesses and customers while actually harming employees it was meant to help.

But stubborn facts and a hurting middle class don’t seem to faze the City Council, which seems far more concerned about issues over which it has zero control — such as climate change and foreign policy — than it does about issues over which it has at least a modicum of control, such as the cost of living, homelessness, crime, traffic and potholes. For our City Council, virtue signaling is more important than governing.

So, my wife and I are heading to the Eastside. We really would prefer to stay in Seattle. But if safe streets, clean sidewalks, an affordable place to live and polite discourse is asking too much, we’ll gladly seek refuge in a city where quality of life and civility still matter.


I have a newsflash for Mr. Berezow:  If you wish to move far enough away from the socialist insanity that has consumed the West Coast, I suggest you relocate further than ‘to the Eastside’.

The Democrats have controlled America’s major urban areas for almost half a century. Everything they touch turns to shit.  They have a symbiotic relationship with minorities and the poor: they victimize and exploit in exchange for votes.  Their hatred for the middle class has become part of their platform.

If you happen to move to a town  “where quality of life and civility still matter”, try not to infect it with the rancid socialist crap you left behind.


The UK Hospital That Killed Alfie Evans Also Sold Child Organs

Sick murderous fucks.

Via Western Journal

This must be the pride of socialized medicine.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, became notorious in international headlines last week as the site of the legal “execution” of a stricken toddler over the wishes of his parents, as well supporters of the parents on both sides of the Atlantic, and even in the Holy See.

But the hospital had a well-documented history of being the scene of abusive medical practices long before it admitted young Alfie Evans into what became his death chamber.

As the pro-life group Live Action reminded the public in a social media post Friday, Alder Hey was at the center of a British National Health Service scandal in the 1990s that involved hospitals throughout the national socialized medicine network harvesting and storing the organs of deceased children without the knowledge of the children’s parents.

A summary of a government report about the scandal, published by the U.K. Guardian in 2001, noted that the dead children’s “parents were distraught to find that thousands of body parts had been removed and kept in hospital storage.”

According to The Guardian, the organs in those cases were removed during autopsies, a standard practice. But the families were never informed that parts of the bodies of their children had been kept for research purposes.

But Alder Hey took that a step further by getting paid for some of the body parts it harvested.

The hospital actually transferred the thymus glands removed from living children during heart surgery to the French vaccine maker Aventis Pasteur in exchange for a small “donation.”

……An exact number of the organs wasn’t reported, but it was believed to be in the hundreds.

……At the time of that report, a pediatrician associated with Alder Hey tried to justify the obviously ghoulish practice of removing bodily organs from living children and selling them without the knowledge of the parents by saying the company produced a drug that helped treat children with anemia.

……But the fact remains that a British hospital, part of the country’s vaunted system of socialized medicine, was harvesting organs from living children and selling them to a commercial company without the knowledge of the people who really mattered.



Such is the filthy, impersonal, and antiquated bureaucracy of the British NHS.

The British health care system is an assembly line of death. And it looks like they make a tidy profit from it, as well.



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Alfie Evans Dies: Congratulations, U.K. Your NHS Just Killed Another Child

From Fox News

Alfie Evans, a terminally ill British toddler whose case drew attention from Pope Francis and others around the world, has died, his parents announced Saturday morning.

Parents Kate James, 20, and Tom Evans, 21, wrote on Facebook that they were “absolutely heartbroken” that they had lost their son.

Alfie was born in May 2016. Later that year he suffered a series of seizures and was admitted to a hospital in Liverpool where he has been since, BBC reported.

Alfie developed an incurable degenerative brain condition and was at the center of a legal battle over his treatment.

Medics struggled to precisely identify Alfie’s condition.

Doctors said further treatment was futile and recommended that Alfie be allowed to die, but his parents — backed by the pope and Christian groups — fought for months to take him to a hospital in Italy so he could be kept on life support.

The hospital withdrew Alfie’s life support Monday after a series of court rulings sided with doctors who said continuing Alfie’s treatment was “not in Alfie’s best interests.”

Justice Anthony Hayden, a U.K. judge, said the ruling represented “the final chapter in the life of this extraordinary boy.”

Under British law, courts often intervene when parents and doctors disagree over the treatment of a child, who’s rights often take precedent over the parent’s right to decide what’s best.

‘What’s best’: The STATE owns your children.

People in the UK are not citizens. They’re royal government subjects, and as such, they have no individual or civil freedoms.

There are exceptions, however. If this child belonged to Prince William or Prince Harry, they would have been rushed to the nearest specialist, regardless of where they are.

British health care kills thousands of patients every year; one of whom was a former NHS director who died waiting for an operation at her own hospital.

This is what happens when you allow yourselves to be governed and oppressed by a socialist oligarchy.

For this reason and much more, Britain is fucked.

North and South Korea in Talks to End Korean War

I don’t trust Fatty the Third as far as I could throw his 400lb ass.  I’ll believe it if it actually happens.

From One America News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President have announced an end to the Korean War.

The historic agreement follows a full day of meetings between both leaders. In a joint declaration, both leaders agreed to hold further talks to establish a peace treaty, with the further goal of reaching a final accord later this year.

During prepared remarks, Kim Jong-Un said Koreans should not be confronting each other, and should be living in unity. President Moon echoed his statements, adding both sides have agreed to denuclearize, and will turn the Demilitarized Border Zone into a “peaceful area.”

Although the Korean War officially ended sixty-five years ago, a peace treaty was never signed.


We’ll see if Kim Jong Un allows his starving, oppressed citizens to freely cross the border into South Korea. Secondly, I don’t believe that the communist dynasty in Pyongyang is ready to transform into anything that remotely resembles a peaceful democracy.

I want to see inspectors go over North Korea with a fine tooth comb to see exactly what Jong Un has in the way of nuke weapons and facilities. Unless that happens, he’s not really denuclearized. Even then, I’ll be suspicious.

Maybe, just maybe, North Korea’s infrastructure, economy, and regime has reached the breaking point after decades of dictatorship. Maybe.

If I don’t seem to be enthusiastic, it’s because I’m not.  Over 60 years of brutal communist control won’t just evaporate. One thing is for sure, North Korea does not want to tangle with the U.S. under Donald Trump. He’s made that abundantly clear. Even China, North Korea’s puppet master, has warned them not to mess with Trump.

Sure does beat B. Hussein Obama’s foreign policy, including his chickenshit approach to North Korea,

In any case, Kim Jong Un should be held accountable for perpetuating the atrocities of his predecessors.  Either haul his ass up in front of a tribunal or chop him up and throw him in the sewer.


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