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China Warns North Korea: Don’t Mess With Trump

For eight years we were saddled with a wimpy socialist shit for brains who did this:

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And this:





Obama Bow Gauge Bend Over Cartoon

We now have a leader that won’t fuck around when it comes to dealing with despots.

Via Hannity.

China warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Wednesday that President Trump’s threats should be taken very seriously, telling the dictator to stop pursuing its nuclear program or face a military strike from the United States, reports the NY Post.

The Chinese government issued the warning to its neighbor and ally through the Communist Party’s official newspaper.

“Not only [is] Washington brimming with confidence and arrogance following the missile attacks on Syria, but Trump is also willing to be regarded as a man who honors his promises,” wrote the People’s Daily.

The paper implored Kim Jong Un to halt any further nuclear tests or missile development “for its own security,” adding the US refuses to “co-exist” with a nuclear North Korea.

“The US is making up its mind to stop the North from conducting further nuclear tests. It doesn’t plan to co-exist with a nuclear-armed Pyongyang. Pyongyang should avoid making mistakes at this time,” said the newspaper.

The Trump administration has recently engaged the Chinese in a joint effort to halt North Korea’s nuclear program, but has made it clear that the US is willing to act alone should Beijing fail to reign in the rogue nation.

Speaking of rouge nations, China’s in that category, too.  So is Russia.

It’s time for America to reassert its interests around the world and deal with Communist and Islamic despots alike.


ACLU Shows its ‘Tolerance’ For Opposing Viewpoints by Calling Police on Activist Who Told Them to Think for Themselves

The lefties at the ACLU are holding ‘national resistance training’ seminars to give tips to the radical, violent, anarchist, leftwing thugs on how to be even more violent. As if they needed help.

From Zero Hedge

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) staged a nationwide training event Saturday to make sure people are aware of their rights as protesters and urge organized, public resistance by those opposed to policies of President Donald Trump.

A month ago Kellyanne Conway pointed out the media’s role in “emboldening” violent protesters (in this case at Berkeley).

This week then saw the non-violent “day without women” protest the ultimate in “virtue signalling bullshit.”

And so, as tensions roil between the left and the right, the gay and the straight, the ‘everyone else’ and the white, the legal and the illegal immigrants, and the taxpayers and the freeloaders; it appears the ACLU has decided the already-divided nation needs help… in becoming more divided.

……ACLU attorney Lee Rowland said large demonstrations generally require a local permit, but government can’t typically shut down protesters in public places without good reason.
“The government can’t censor you just because it disagrees with your opinion,” Rowland said.

That’s interesting, because your fucking pals in the very groups attending your ‘resistance training’ like to censor people who tell them to think for themselves and violently assault people who disagree and counter-protest:

The American Civil Liberties Union apparently called the police on a woman who interrupted a “Stop Trump” meeting.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the woman – activist Ginger McQueen – crashed the meeting to urge the leftists to think for themselves and not fall victim to the ACLU’s propaganda.

“There’s a lot of fear-mongering,” she said. “I think there’s two sides of this. We’re getting one side. For example, with all the health care issues – none of that has been decided yet.”

She continued, “the Russian issues – take a step back from that. What we learned in WikiLeaks this week, it tells you that the CIA can make it look like absolutely anyone.”

“Don’t take just one person’s word for it,” she concludes. “Don’t take the ACLU’s word for it. There’s a much larger picture here.”

The ACLU was reportedly not very happy about Ginger’s speech.

Ginger went on to point out the irony of the situation.

The only opinions sanctioned by the ACLU are the ones it tolerates.

The leftwingnut ACLU, known for aligning itself with Occupy Wall Street criminals, muzzie terrorists and illegal aliens,  incites leftie nutburgers  to riot, commit assault, make death threats, vandalize, and spew psychotic rants because they don’t like the outcome of the election, or the fact that Trump is unfucking all the damage Barky did to this country.  If that means bring violence into our streets, that’s what they will do.  If that’s what they want, bring it.  Apparently, the liberal fascists don’t know that we are armed and we will fight back.


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Obama Funneled Billions to Leftist Groups Through ‘Slush Fund’

Another item on Obama’s list of corruption.

From Fox News

The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme, according to congressional investigators.

 “It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, told Fox News. “The DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.”
Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism.

“Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton told Fox News. “It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.”

There is a recent effort by Republicans to eliminate the practice, which many believe was widely abused during the Obama administration.

When big banks are sued by the government for discrimination or mortgage abuse, they can settle the cases by donating to third-party non-victims. The settlements do not specify how these third-party groups could use the windfall.

So far, investigators have accounted for $3 billion paid to “non-victim entities.”

Critics say banks are incentivized to donate the funds to non-profits rather than giving it to consumers.

“The underlying problem with the slush funds is we don’t know exactly where the money is going,” Ted Franks, director of The Competitive Enterprise Institute Center for Class Action Fairness, told Fox News. “Using enforcement authority to go after corporate defendants, DOJ bureaucrats are taking billions away from taxpayers to fund their pet projects overriding congressional preferences.”

Soros Funds Thugs Behind Berkeley Riots



From the Daily Caller.

The left-wing group that helped organize the violent shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday is backed by a progressive charity that is in turn funded by George Soros, the city of Tucson, a major labor union and several large companies.

The Alliance for Global Justice, based in Tucson, is listed as an organizer and fiscal sponsor for Refuse Fascism, a communist group that encouraged left-wingers to shut down the Yiannopoulos event.

……Refuse Fascism, which includes Princeton professor Cornel West as one of its founding “initiators,” defended the response, issuing a statement on its website that called the shut down “righteous.”

……According to its most recent 990 tax form, Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) received $2.2 million in funding for the fiscal year ending in March 2016.

One of the group’s biggest donors is the Tides Foundation, a non-profit funded by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros. Tides gave AfGJ $50,000.

Other notable donors include the city of Tucson and the United Steel Workers labor union. The former gave $10,000 to AfGJ while the latter contributed $5,000.

What an assortment of shitbags:

Protestors Bonfire


From Breitbart:

The riot started at UC Berkeley on Wednesday after protesters against Breitbart Senior Editor MILO became increasingly violent outside of his show.

“Anti-fascists” started several fires, smashed windows and ATMs, looted downtown stores, attacked cars, and assaulted dozens of MILO fans, male and female, who they falsely accused of being “Nazis.”

Despite the large amount of violence, numerous reports indicate that police officers refused to intervene, and only one suspect was arrested.

UFC veteran and professional MMA fighter Jake Shields was even forced to rescue a man who was being assaulted by left-wing rioters after police allegedly refused to intervene.

“Like fifteen people were trying to attack him and others were cheering them on,” explained Shields, who managed to successfully rescue the man, in an interview with Breitbart News. “No one helped, no one had the balls to step in, so my reaction was to run in and start picking people off.”

“More chaos started happening, so I went up to the police and tried bringing them back, but they were just like ‘we’re not really going over there. You should just stay away.’” he continued. “I don’t know if they were taking orders from someone or if they were just being lazy. I don’t know what the situation was, but it was pathetic to watch. Our police, who are supposed to defend the citizens of Berkeley. It’s a sad scene that they would allow that.”

Anarchist thugs run wild through the streets, committing arson, assault, and vandalism but the cops act like spectators.  Who the hell told them not to stop this shit?  Probably the unhinged LeftProg mayor Jesse Arreguin.

Soros is known for using his money to finance some pretty despicable things.

He facilitates various organizations, foundations, and financial sources as tools for an empire designed to mold the world to his own warped vision.  His  accomplishments include trying to silence media opponents, funding ACORN, financing his vision of a post-America New World Order, and spreading his malignant Fabian socialist ideology  throughout economic and political infrastructures. He speculated the Bank of England into financial catastrophe. He also funded some of the groups behind the violence in the Ferguson riots.

The FBI needs to investigate Soros and his merry band of lowlifes.

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‘Antifa’s Hilarious Hissy Fit Over Criminal Consequences of Riots

The violent subversive assholes who rioted  in D.C. after the inauguration, just got a rude awakening.




The responses in the thread are hilarious and not exactly sympathetic to the anarchist thugs.

Turns out that the Feds are charging them with felonies for all the vandalism, arson, assaults, and filth they left behind. Most of the  230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will be charged with felony rioting; an offense which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

This is not protest, it’s violence and rioting. They endangered the lives of innocent people and destroyed private property. I hope they get every fucking minute of a 10 year sentence. They deserve it.