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For the Conspiracy Theorists, Life is a Cover-Up

For them, life is a constant loop of conspiracies and alternative facts. The earth is flat, we never landed on the moon, the government is poisoning us with chemtrails and fluoride, some people are ‘reptilians‘, etc.  Yeah, I had to research that last one.

There’s enough real corruption, conspiracy and crime going on without adding a big pile of stupid to the mix.

Life is complicated, messy, and random. Not everything goes according to a diabolical plot.

Even if you show them documented proof, they’ll claim it’s fake.

Some of the most popular conspiracy theories include “9/11 was an inside job” and “moon landings were faked in a TV studio”, like ‘Capricorn One’.

The 9/11 “Truthers”; a menagerie of wack-job conspiracy theorists who believe that either the government had specific warnings of the impending attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, or worse, that it was behind the attacks. They have even gone so far as to claim that the planes that hit the WTC and Pentagon, which were seen and videoed in full view of millions of people, (North Tower, South Tower, Pentagon) were somehow enhanced by computer optics or some other technological trickery.

Scientists, architects, and engineers, including those who built the World Trade Center, have spoken up to debunk these crazy-assed theories and the loonies who embrace them.

The buildings did not “implode”, they collapsed under the weakening of the structures resulting from the jet-fuel-based inferno. Those planes were chock full of flammable material which in turn, caused massive fires to spread throughout the buildings.

There isn’t a shred of credible evidence to back up these claims 9/11 was an “inside job.” The so-called “evidence” is a loony theory made up by people who are so full of hate for this country they want to believe it attacked itself on 9/11.

Here are CREDIBLE sources that have debunked every single Troofer claim.  Popular Mechanics published a comprehensive, detailed, investigative analysis which dissects all of the myths and idiotic claims surrounding the attacks and the subsequent damage.

Some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the incompetent, dismissive assclowns in the FBI hierarchy, who refused to believe that  Al Qaeda was a national security threat.  No conspiracy, just depraved arrogance.

Bottom line: The 9/11 atrocities lie directly in the hands of the practitioners of a murderous, brutal, violent theocracy that declared war on the West and envisions a New Caliphate.  By the way: The first attack on the WTC was in 1993, by the same brand of muzzie thugs. They tend to forget that.

The simplicity of that is too hard for them to understand.

The moon landings (there were six in all)  have been a constant source of bilious agitation for the conspiracy crowd.

All six landing sites can be viewed by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which can dip as low as 31 miles (50 km) from the lunar surface, close enough to image each landing site in remarkable detail.   The Hubble Space Telescope is even better:


The Apollo program involved thousands of people working towards a single goal. Every stage of the mission and every component of the spacecraft was planned in meticulous detail by experts from dozens of different specialities. If the goal of the program wasn’t to put someone safely on the Moon and return them safely, it seems incredibly unlikely that someone wouldn’t have worked this out.

The amount of effort it would have taken to maintain the conspiracy seems so great, that actually landing on the moon seems on balance the simpler option (relevant Mitchell & Webb sketch here).

Even worse, the conspiracy would necessarily have to extend beyond NASA. The moon landings were independently confirmed by nations all over the world – including the Soviet Union.

There reaches a point where if your hypothesized conspiracy involves the collusion of both sides of the Cold war then you’re attributing so much power to the conspirators that there seems little point trying to uncover it.

……The continued popularity of the Moon landing hoax conspiracy theory is odd, given the continuing accumulation of evidence against it.

Part of the reason may be that with the advent of Photoshop and the increasing use of photorealistic special effects in movies people have become used to the idea that images and videos can be convincingly altered, forgetting that these techniques were virtually non-existent in 1969.


Troofers are entertaining…painfully delusional, but entertaining.


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Liberal ‘Green’ Activist Protests ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ by Going Out in a Blaze of Glory….Literally


Hey liberals, forget eating Tide Pods or condom-snorting, take the fire challenge.

From Fox News

A “green” activist who was a pioneering lawyer for gay and transgender rights — including in the notorious “Boys Don’t Cry” rape murder case — committed suicide by setting himself on fire Saturday morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a grisly act of protest against the ecological destruction of the Earth.

David Buckel, 60, left behind a charred corpse and a typed suicide note that said he was burning himself to death using “fossil fuel” to reflect how mankind was likewise killing itself, police sources said.

He left the note in a manila envelope marked “To The Police,” recovered from inside a black metal pushcart he discarded at the scene.

“Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result,” Buckel wrote in his note, which he also sent to the New York Times.

“My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

He added, “Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death.”


1. The ‘man-made global warming’ farce has been debunked. Repeatedly.

2. There’s no honor in abject stupidity.




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Largest ‘Black Lives Matter’ Site Run by White Male in Australia

The real ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs and guilt-ridden white liberals were scammed.

From the Washington Examiner

The largest Facebook page associated with the Black Lives Matter movement has turned out to be a scam with ties to a middle-aged white man in Australia, according to an investigation of the page.

The fraudulent page, titled “Black Lives Matter,” brought in over $100,000 that supposedly went to the movement, but a CNN review of the page’s associated accounts and websites found that some of the money at the least was transferred to Australian bank accounts.

Payment services, like PayPal and Patreon, suspended or completely removed themselves from the fundraising campaigns through the fake Facebook page.

The page, which was suspended by Facebook after being contacted by CNN, had 700,000 followers on the social media platform, over twice the amount of followers the official Black Lives Matter page has.

Since the suspension of the page and investigation into its validity, the Facebook page posing as being associated with BLM was taken down by an administrator of the page.

The group consistently links back to websites associated with a man named Ian Mackay, who is a National Union of Workers official in Australia.

Mackay and another official have been suspended from the National Union of Workers, a spokesperson for the union said Tuesday.

“[The union] is not involved in and has not authorized any activities with reference to claims made in CNN’s story,” National Secretary Tim Kennedy said in a statement.


Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of shitbags.

Stay Classy Dems: Dem Council Woman Attacks Kids Over Trump T-Shirt

Via Click2Houston

Investigators at the Harris County Precinct One Constable’s Office on Wednesday filed a disorderly conduct charge against West University Place Councilwoman Kellye Burke, after accusations that she berated a group of teenage girls over a Trump T-shirt.

The girls said they were in line at Tiny’s Milk and Cookies in West U on Saturday, waiting to buy cookies for younger girls at their nearby church.

“A tall, short-haired blond woman came up to them and screamed, ‘Grab em by the (expletive) girls!'” the father of one of the girls said. He did not want to be identified, fearing retaliation against his daughter.

The girls initially tried to laugh it off, the father said.

“Then, she yells it again!” the father said. “At that point the girls were getting kind of scared, and then the woman starts, you know, going, ‘MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!’ while shaking her fist.”

One of the girls was wearing a shirt that read, “Trump: Make America Great Again,” the father said.

The father said the girls left without responding to the woman. He said one of the girls said she noticed that Burke had taken a picture of her.

“They were scared,” the father said. “They were absolutely scared. My little girl essentially wanted to know if this woman was going to hurt her.”

West U police referred the case to Harris County Precinct One Constable’s office, which filed a class C misdemeanor charge against Burke.

……Burke was elected to West U’s city council in May 2017.

A biography on the city’s website describes Burke as a native Texan, who has lived in West U for over a decade.

Burke’s Twitter profile also lists her as a volunteer for a group called Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America.

At one point, Burke served as Texas chapter leader for the organization, according to reports.



Their desperation has reached pathetic levels, even for them.



Eichenwald Dives Off the Crazy Cliff (Again)

Kurt Eichenwald brings attention to himself in very craptastic ways. He just wrote a lengthy tirade on Twitter claiming that he’s a victim on social media:


Kurt Eichenwald decided to write some sort of manifesto about his being the victim on Twitter.

Yeah, we made that exact same face and then we read through it and OMG.


This is long.

Damn long.

And there is a good deal of whining involved, and even a few tweets on tentacle porn.

But all of that being said, THIS IS HILARIOUS:



And WOW, what a dumpster fire of stupid this manifesto was. We think he’s trying to convince the world that none of what he’s done is his fault and that Russia, Meghan McCain and Kyle Kashuv are all out to get him.

That or the tentacle porn finally got to him.


Much more at the link.

Ben Shapiro picked up on the fun:


Remember his incoherent rant on Tucker Carlson?


Tucker Carlson tried to interview him and it quickly became apparent that Eichenwald was having a meltdown.  Eichenwald claimed to be in communication with someone at the CIA who gave him ‘secret messages’ about Trump, and the conversation fell apart from there. Then he claimed to have had an epileptic seizure brought on by criticism on Twitter after the interview.

Eichenwald has loose screws that need to be tightened with a pharmaceutical wrench.




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