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Patriot. Constitutionalist. Soldier.

I started this blog as a forum to fight back against leftist blowhards, Islamofascists, and their supporters.

After witnessing the vulgarity spewed by the Democrats during the 2000 election, I could no longer maintain the status quo, so I traded in my kid gloves for brass knuckles. I post news articles, write opinions about current and historical events, and provide a counterpoint to the DemProg propaganda..

Some Bio: Born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio vicinity in a working-class family. Graduated from Southview High School in 1975.  Received an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Cuyahoga Community College.

Diehard Browns fan and Ohio State Buckeye fan.

Joined the United States Army and earned the title of Soldier in 1976 as a member of the now disbanded Women’s Army Corps.  Former Intelligence Analyst. Worked in tactical boots-on-the-ground battlefield intelligence, strategic intelligence, and counter-terrorism. Veteran of Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have been to Europe, Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and all over the U.S.  Duty assignments included: 1st Armored Division, 21st Psychological Operations Company (USAR, Cleveland, Ohio), 342nd MI Co (USAR Cleveland, Ohio), 1st Cavalry Division, 3rd COSCOM, EUCOM, 101st Airborne, and the DIA.

Retired from the Army in December 2006.

SFC Cheryl McElroy US ARMY (RET)

Drill Sergeant

Be sure to check out the site’s front page: https://sfcmac.wordpress.com/

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