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Leaked Emails Confirm DOJ Told Hillary to Delete Email Evidence

H/T Conservative Daily Post. ……The FBI is revisiting the initial Clinton email scandal and has provided newly declassified information about the Clinton Foundation via the FBI Vault. In an email sent to Cheryl Mills from John Podesta the evening of March 2, 2015, hours after the New York Times reported that Clinton possibly violated federal […]

Leaked Emails: 2008 Memo Written by Muzzie Extremist Groups That Drove Obama’s 8 Years of Pandering

From: This is the kind of  influence that directed Obama’s policy of sucking up to muzzie radicals. FYI: The Brennan Center for Justice is a Leftist think tank and legal activist group that is heavily bankrolled by George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Obama damaged national security, gives aid and comfort to the enemy, and allows […]

Leaked Emails: Podesta Disappointed That San Bernardino Terrorist Was a Muzzie, not a White Man.

The DemProgs sure are a piece of work. From Fox News. Top Hillary Clinton aides were upset a Muslim man was publicly named as the shooter in a 2015 massacre that left 14 people dead, and a longtime Clinton confidant even expressed regret that the terrorist wasn’t a white man, according to purported emails released […]

Leaked Emails Show Collusion Between Hillary, DOJ

From Fox News.   Republicans accused the Hillary Clinton campaign and Obama Justice Department of “collusion” on Tuesday after an email surfaced from the latest WikiLeaks document dump indicating the Clinton camp got a heads-up from the DOJ about one of the former secretary of state’s court cases. The May 2015 email from Clinton spokesman […]

More on Comey’s Corruption: Comey Hid Emails Vowing to “Find the Guy” Who Leaked Corrupt Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting to Press

    Remember Bubba Clinton’s secret meeting with Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix airport tarmac? Cowardly & Corrupt- Comey’s FBI hid emails vowing to “find the guy” who leaked corrupt Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting to press. @realDonaldTrump #Dobbs #MAGA #TrumpTrain — Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) December 2, 2017   It was clearly a conflict of interest […]