Joint Terrorism Task Force Arrests Liberal Wackjob Who Threatened to Go on Killing Spree

I’m glad they arrested this piece of shit. I hope they throw the book at his ass.

Via Pajama Media

Have you ever heard of David Kenneth Smith? Chances are you haven’t — he’s a rabid anti-Trumper, thus his story didn’t fit any convenient narrative. News of his arrest was treated as a local story with no national significance. However, if this freak had been a right-wing activist, he’d have been a front-page story in every paper in the country.
Smith, 39, was arrested in Orange County, Calif., on Nov. 2 following an investigation involving the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was charged with one felony count of making criminal threats after threatening a university professor through emails and posting threatening YouTube videos — in one he talked about going on a “killing spree.”
Police recovered nine loaded firearms registered to Smith after his arrest, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials.
On Nov. 1, Smith allegedly began exchanging emails with an instructor at Soka University in Aliso Viejo about disciplinary actions taken against him for smoking marijuana when he attended the university in 2008.
……Smith’s YouTube account, “King David,” is awash with creepy and concerning videos. In one, he mixed together different household items such as incense, antacids, and antifreeze.
In another disturbing video titled “What Good Does Killing Ever Do,” he explored the pros and cons of going on a “killing spree,” and decided that it sounded like a “great idea” compared to dying or committing suicide.
“Should I be homeless or go on a killing spree?” the man in the video asks. “I think being homeless is an entirely artificial situation. I wasn’t born here to obey every rule you guys ever made, OK? I was born to be who I am.”


The unhinged libtard opines about Trump’s reversal of his beloved Obama’s damage to America; the dismantling of the disastrous 8-year crime spree, corruption, and constitution-violating orgy:


“Trump is trying to kill us”.  That’s interesting coming from a nutbag who made a video describing his fantasy about going on a killing spree.


Here, he performed a bizarre little play titled, “Trump and the Green Berets.

“Investigators believed the suspect’s threats were credible and an attack possible,” the Sheriff’s Department stated.
Indeed, Soka University may have been spared a horrific mass shooting when this ticking time bomb was taken off the streets.


Lock his ass up and throw the fucking key away.


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  1. He missed his calling, he has a ready made clown face.


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