Trump Forbids Trannies From Infecting Military

Thank. God.


The lives of military personnel were endangered beyond belief when Barky was “Commander-in-Chief”. That mutherfucker  eviscerated the military and made it into a laughing stock.  He  flushed everything we accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His foreign policy was a fucking embarrassment.  Forget combat readiness; ‘gay rights’drag showsdeference to Islamofascist theocracy,  demonizing the nation’s founders, and whatever hairstyle you want was his focus. No wonder the enemy laughed.

Trannies don’t belong in the military.   One of the best arguments against it, is the likes of shitbag Bradley Manning. Obama’s policy of pushing to allow mentally deranged fruitcakes with a ‘gender identity’ problem in the armed forces was disastrous. I’m glad President Trump is reversing some of the damage.

I am so glad the adults are back in charge.


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