*Surprise* Muzzie Terrorist Who Attacked People on London Bridge, Known to Authorities, Featured in Jihad Documentary


From The Sun:

……The man who went on to wage a horrific attack on people at London Bridge previously appeared in a programme called The Jihadis Next Door on Channel 4 and was also thrown out of his mosque for ranting about an election.


From The Daily Mail:

The killer in an Arsenal shirt can today be named as British extremist Khuram Butt who was filmed unfurling an ISIS flag on national TV and was reported to the police twice but still managed to launch murder on Britain’s streets.

Butt, 27, a married father of two nicknamed ‘Abz’ …was born in Pakistan…

He was known to both the police and MI5 who are awaiting what they described as international confirmation before naming the third terrorist.

……he and two friends crashed their van into crowds on London Bridge before slashing at people with large knives murdering seven people and leaving 48 injured on Saturday night.


The muzzie who blew himself up along with 22 innocent people at a Manchester concert, was also known to Brit police. 

There’s a lot of that shit going on. Euro law enforcement and intelligence agencies know many of the terrorist groups and individuals in their respective countries, yet they do nothing.  They put out the welcome mat for Hadji, allow the creation of muzzie extremist enclaves and ‘no-go zones’, and they wonder why the fuck their countries are being attacked from the inside.



One response to this post.

  1. No one in Europe should “wonder why” Islamic terrorism is happening – their traitorous governments are importing it on purpose. The NWO wants Europe to fail; they want economic collapse and Islamic terrorism and WWIII to consolidate more money and power in the hands of a small elite. Why else would so many nations simultaneously implement immigration policies equivalent to national suicide?

    Islamic Terrorism will be the new normal as long as Europeans are not willing to fight it. This is a one-sided war. The jihadists know they are at war, but the Christian West, Europe in particular, is unwilling to acknowledge the state of war.

    I think this is what Nostradamus was describing centuries ago when his prophecies warned that “negligence” and “neglect” would leave Western Europe open to an Islamic Invasion. Read – Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe – https://www.amazon.com/Nostradamus-Islamic-Invasion-Europe-Montaigne/dp/1546435840


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