If There’s Any Doubt About the Violent Intent of Muzzies in Britain, This Should Clear Things Up

This was from an April 2015 protest outside Regent Street Mosque in London. His name was Trevor Brooks, now known as Abu Izzadeen.

The muzzie hatemonger was jailed for two years in January 2016 after committing a “serious and deliberate” breach of counter-terrorism restrictions. He was born in Britain to Christian parents of Jamaican origin. He converted to Islam aged 17 with one of his brothers and changed his name. Funny how they don’t get violent and bloodthirsty until they convert to the “peaceful religion” of Islam.

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One response to this post.

  1. Profile could be terrorist, but it seems that he is still in jail.

    But with intoxication that is in the Press of Soros, this situation could have an impact on general information, since people can be suspicious when analyzing the suspects, politicians can compel the police to lie or press more to avoid to provide the true identity of the criminals.

    If still with intoxication in the press of Soros, are part of what happens to the citizenry.

    Good job, thank you. I follow him. Very good information.

    Protection always.

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