Priebus: We Won’t Apologize for Keeping This Country Safe’

Good. It’s about fucking time.
U.S. Code Title 8 Chapter 12 Subchapter II Part IIݤ1182
The POTUS has power to suspend entry into the U.S.:



Obama rigged the immigration priorities in favor of illegal aliens  and muzzies. Not one single effort in support of persecuted Christians from the Middle East was ever put forth. Matter of fact, some of them were deported from this country.


From Real Clear Politics.

President Trump’s WH chief of staff Reince Priebus joins NBC’s Chuck Todd on ‘Meet The Press’ to defend Trump’s executive order restricting people coming into the U.S. from seven middle eastern countries.

“The fact of the matter is that 325,000 people from foreign countries came into the United States yesterday, and 109 people were detained for further questioning. Most of those people were moved out. We’ve got a couple dozen more that remain,” Priebus told Todd. “I would suspect that as long as they are not awful people, they will be moved through today… If they’re folks that shouldn’t be in this country, they’re going to be detained. So we apologize for nothing here.”



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  1. Why not release around 1000 Cobras into the next gathering of screeching rioters and tell them we believe them to be defanged but we’re not sure.
    Jeffery Washington


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