UK Spends Thousands of Dollars in Taxpayer Funds for Legal Aid to Muzzie ‘Migrants’

From Jihad Watch.

More than £600,000 (749,250 USD) of taxpayers’ money in the UK is being spent every week so lawyers can give free legal advice to asylum seekers — to help them stay in Britain. A significant portion of those asylum seekers are, of course, Muslim migrants.

Meantime, asylum seekers are getting away with disgusting assaults and crimes, and it isn’t just the British taxpayers who are paying for them: it was reported that a Muslim migrant with four wives and 23 children in Germany claimed $389,000 a year in benefits.

“More than £600,000 of taxpayers’ money is being spent every week so lawyers can give free legal advice to asylum seekers, figures show”, by Matt Dathan, UK Mail, December 15, 2016:

“More than £600,000 of taxpayers’ money is being spent every week so lawyers can give free legal advice to asylum seekers – up almost nine per cent in a year.

A total 38,005 cases were approved for free legal advice over the last financial year, often in cases where the applicant is seeking to fight a decision where their asylum claim has already been rejected.

The cases, which cost the taxpayer an average of almost £900 each, have increased since 2013 as an increasing number of migrants fight for asylum status.”

Incredible. They’re not just letting them in, they’re financing the suicide of their country.

Britain put out the welcome mat for Islamofascist muzzies a while back and now they’re reaping the consequences. British protocol involves bend-over-backwards Dhimmihood.  The muslim thugs in Britain feel quite welcome there for good reason.

Britain sends money to their jihadist pals, they get special attention to their sensitivities, and the British government is producing public relations campaigns that would make Neville Chamberlain blush.

Anjem Choudary, one of Britain’s most rabid Islamic shitbags, and his contingent of jihadists, are still living there. They murder British soldiers in the streets and bomb civilian transportation.

British police charged a man with making ‘malicious statements’ about the  muslim pigs who hacked the British Soldiers to death.

A British motorist was told to remove the British flag from his car because it could be ‘offensive’ to muslims.

In 2008, Britain, Germany, and Japan contributed millions of dollars to a fund to buy off Taliban gunmen who fought British troops in southern Afghanistan.  It didn’t work.

In 2010, a UK teacher was fired after objecting to muzzie students praising terrorists.

London police covered up a muslim hate campaign that targeted suburbs for Sharia enclaves.

An Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 government grant.

The muzzie population in Britain is so emboldened by the cowardice of the British government that they flung epithets and hate speech toward British Soldiers during a homecoming parade.

The Brits should consider ISIS propaganda a big fucking red flag for things to come.

Families of terrorist bombers receive millions of dollars from Britain and the European Union.

Two schoolboys were punished with detention for refusing to kneel and pray to allah.

Police K9 dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of Muslim suspects  so as not to cause offense.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips, the most senior judge in England, gave his blessing to the use of Sharia Law.

Muzzie animals continue the massacres across Germany and engaged in multiple terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, starting with Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015. Evidently, they haven’t had enough carnage.

The number of attacks across Europe by muzzie pigs since 9/11, is growing by leaps and bounds.

Instead of preventing these muzzie monsters from entering their region and deporting the rest, they prefer to become eunuchs for the New Caliphate.


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