2016 Asshat of the Year


It’s been another year full of idiotic, vulgar, cowardly, disgraceful, illegal, depraved, immoral, and corrupt conduct by a collection of shitbags in government, media, universities, the entertainment industry, and the population of assorted radicals.  They all qualify for Asshat of the Year, and it’s an award they richly deserve.

The recipients:

Obama and his regime:

Barky’s last desperate race-baiting gasp: “….we have, by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism…”.   We have, mutherfucker. You, on the other hand, have played it like a goddamned fiddle for 8 years.

Obama makes idiotic statement that there were no successful terrorists attacks on American soil during his administration.

He blames Fox News for his failures.

For threatening to raise the penalties for those who can’t afford his imploding socialist ObamaCare Frankenstein.

For adding $10 trillion to the national debt.

His spokestool Josh Earnest tells WWII vets to ‘get over’ their anger about the Japanese Prime Minister visit to Pearl Harbor.

Obama encourages illegal aliens to vote.

For blowing $100 million on the relocation of illegals aliens to spots in the U.S.

Leaked emails show Obama’s motivation for 8 years of pandering to muzzie extremists.

Obama’s spokestool Josh Earnest says U.S. is in “narrative fight” with ISIS.

Biden declared Trump unfit for presidency, then pointed to military aide carrying nuclear codes.

Obama made secret deals to aid Iranian banks.

For allowing radical muzzie shitbags to establish ‘no go zones’ in our country.

He sent $400 million in ransom to Iran for hostages.

Barky exempts new immigrants from oath of allegiance.

Susan Rice: National security is “too white”.

Muzzie extremist appointed as DHS advisor.

Barky’s retarded response to the terrorist attack in Orlando.

He appointed a terrorist facilitator as a liaison to terrorist organization.

Barky blames ‘right wing radio’ for his failures.

Obama’s embarrassing speech at Hiroshima during another apology tour.

He lifted the embargo against communist Vietnam.

The new designation for criminals: “Justice involved individuals”.

His racist ‘troof ta powa’ commencement speech.

The thug life at the White House.

The first refujihadists arrive in U.S.

He literally censored the words‘Islamist terrorism’ from a video.

He bad-mouthed America in Argentina.

He set the tone for structural failures, e.g., losing Iraq and creating ISIS.

He bowed to Cuba’s criticism of America.

His State Department trained a former Georgian army commander who turned ISIS.

He invited Syrian ‘refugees’ to his final STOTU address.

He continued to release muzzie cutthroats from GITMO.

He continued to violate executive orders.

Barky released 7 Iranian thugs in exchange for 4 American hostages and wrote a $1.7 billion dollar check to the muzzie state sponsor of terrorism. Good going, douche.

He granted clemency to Iranian criminals in the U.S.

For being a total pussy in the face of Iranian thugs who captured American sailors in INTERNATIONAL waters.

Obama ordered the destruction of records pertaining to muslim terrorists.

He visited a mosque known for hatespeech and violent rhetoric.

He released 90,000 illegal alien criminals into our streets.

He instructed U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain from a U.N. resolution condemning Israel, thereby insulting our only democratic ally in the Middle East for the umpteenth time.

In a final big government fuck you to the American people, he unleashed 3,853 regulations—18 for every law—in over 97 thousand pages of red tape.  Trump needs to shitcan every one of them.

His Secretary of State, John Kerry, told Israel that they ‘can’t be Jewish and democratic’.  When was the last time this shitbag admonished an Islamofascist nation-state for being incompatible with democracy?

After 8 years of Russian saber rattling and neo-Soviet aggression, Barky decides to expel 35 Russian diplomats, accusing them of ‘hacking the election’; something the Russians didn’t do.


The Clinton Foundation is a money laundering, political favor-peddling racket, that took money from  countries known for stomping on human rights.

She instructed her aides to send classified information on her illegal, unsecured email server.

Hillary instructed her housekeeper to handle classified documents.

Her State department knew of 10 Al Qaida camps in Benghazi before the attack on the U.S. embassy.

She scrubbed the investigation of the mosque in Orlando at the center of the attack at a gay nightclub.

Hillary awarded securities trader a to spot on intelligence panel after he donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary: ‘We didn’t lose one person in Libya’.

Sore loser: She advocated the dumbassed, taxpayer-funded, failed recount effort by leftwing moonbat Jill Stein.  Incidentally, that recount backfired so badly that Trump actually picked up more votes in Wisconsin.  Her idiocy was halted by officials in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

For accusing the Russians of ‘influencing the election’.

The Feds:

Loretta Lynch panders to radical muzzie scumbags at Virginia mosque.

IRS corruptocrat Koskinen continues Lerner’s policy of targeting free speech.

Comey crumbled under Hilalry’s intimidation.

Loretta Lynch schmoozed with Bill Clinton over Hillary’s national security violations.

Comey: Hillary ‘just careless’ with emails.

DOJ refuses to prosecute EPA over deliberate toxic spills.

FBI and State Department colluded to cover up Hillary’s illegal emails.

DOJ dropped charges against arms dealer who threatened to expose Hillary’s and Obama’s supply oof weapons that ended up in the hands of muzzie terrorists.

Feds gave citizenship to illegals who should have been deported.

FBI destroyed Hillary aides’ laptops.

DOJ, FBI conspired in Hillary coverup.

Secret Service agents implicated in smear campaign against Rep, Chaffetz.

FBI jackboots arrested innocent rancher  Clive Bundy and murdered Lavoy Finicum.

IRS encouraged illegals to use stolen social security numbers for fraudulent tax returns.

TSA hired muzzie terrorists.

The DemProgs and liberals:

Liberals have crying jag, meltdown over election.

New York State employee demands death for Trump voters.

For being sore losers and blaming their election loss on the Russians, China, and dumbassed conspiracy theories. Funny, they had no problem actually cavorting with the Russians when it was convenient for them.

Prog criminals firebombed a GOP headquarters in North Carolina.

California leftards voted to exempt themselves from unconstitutional gun gun laws.

Liberals spun the Orlando attack as, ‘don’t jump to any conclusions’.

Capitol Hill celebrated ‘muslim day’.

D.C. officials pass law to pay criminals not to commit crimes.

Donald Trump canceled a rally in Chicago because the MoveOn punks displayed their usual tolerance for freedom of speech.

DemProgs issue death threats to electors.

Just when you think the Dem-controlled cesspool of California can’t get more depraved, they prove that they can, They  legalized child prostitution.

Academic intelligentsia:

The daily bat-shit crazy idiocy of college faculty, administration, and students can be found here.

Resident Advisor at The George Washington University tells students to check their ‘white, cis, Christian, male, ‘privilege’.

California school indoctrinates children with LGBT agenda.

Seattle college dean placed on admin leave for recommending Dick Gregory book.

DePaul prof resigns over ‘hurt feelings’ due to free speech.

Black owned corporation teaches ‘white privilege’ and Marxism for millions of tax dollars.

Portland Community College to devote an entire month to ‘whiteness’-shaming.

Mizzou encourages anonymous finger-pointing for acts of intolerance.

UNC-Greensboro requires education majors to make ‘commitment to social justice’.

Oregon State workshop to teach ordering Starbucks is an ‘implicit bias’.

“Black Lives Matter” thugs and the Social Justice Warrior cupcakes:

Black Hillary supporter arrested for ‘vote Trump’ church arson.

Lowlife SJWs vandalize Memorial Day displays.

‘Black Lives Matter’ activist charged with pimping 17 year old.

Idiots at an Indiana college mistook a Dominican monk for KKK.

CalPoly crybaby frets over college tuition and lack of attention to her ‘queer existence’.

UCLA students threatened for saying that this planet has two genders.

Black radicals demand segregation on campus.

College snowflakes depressed from activism.

Minority students at Iowa State insist white students get treatment for ‘privilege’.

Wealthy, privileged half black NFL player, kneels during National Anthem because “racism”.

The Media:

CNN hack Kurt Eichenwald has meltdown on national T.V., later admits he lied about Trump.

CNN uses camera operator to pose as ‘protester’.

David Brooks: ‘Less educated will vote for Trump’.

HuffPo: ‘Mohammad was history’s first feminist’.

Twitter blocks James O’Keefe for exposing corruption and vulgarity of Clinton staffers.

Liberals spin the DNC convention circus.

WaPo: ‘White trash cultural history’.

Liberal hack at the Daily News fires an AR-15 and wets himself.

Allen West’s Facebook admin banned by Facebook for pointing out that muzzies kiled 3000 people on 9/11 without using guns.

In a related item: Twitter’s second largest shareholder is a muzzie prince.

Twitter nazis censor Milo.

Charlotte newspaper thinks girls should get used to the sight of male genitalia in pubic restrooms.

Irony: Facebook boots conservative for saying that Facebook censors conservatives.

Obama’s spin doctor gloats over media ‘echo chamber’ created to sell the regime’s dicked up foreign policy.

Shocker: Facebook and Twitter promote leftwing, censor right leaning news and silences critics.

Black racist leaves MSNBC because ‘racism’.

Twitter’s complaint department now includes ‘disagreement with my opinion’.

Facebook uses leftwwing-biased ‘sources’ as ‘fact-checkers’.


Leftwing celebrities threaten to leave if Trump elected, then renege on promise.

Anti-gun celebs photographed with armed security.

Beyonce turns Super Bowl half time show into black panther rally.

Euro leftwingnuts:

German authorities’ idiocy that led to Berlin attack by muzzie terrorist.

French cancel concert because lead singer states the obvious about muzzie terrorists who attacked Paris concert.

The Left’s embrace of Islamic-inspired rape.

German press complicit with Merkel’s censorship of criticism about muzzie invaders.

Muzzies rampage throughout Germany.

Europe becomes a eunuch for the new Caliphate.

Military hierarchy:

CENTCOM altered reports of the ISIS threat to fit Obama’s  “JV” narrative.

Navy commander surrendered to Iranian thugs to ‘protect Obama’.

Black West Point Cadets who posed with  ‘black power’ raised fists won’t face disciplinary action.

CENTCOM analysts forced out of jobs for telling the truth about U.S. backed Syrian rebels.

Army subjects Soldiers to “white privilege’ briefing.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions:

RINO Paul Ryan: For funding VISAs for 300,000 muzzie “migrants”.

Former CEO of Wounded Warrior Project: For spending donations on lavish parties and conferences.

Kevin Williams: For writing a shameful hit piece on the white working class.

John Boehner: For his idiotic rant against Ted Cruz.


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