Paging the DOJ: Where’s the Investigation of the Threats Against Electors?

From The Washington Times.

Electors around the country are being harassed with a barrage of emails, phone calls and letters — and even death threats — in an effort to block Donald Trump from being voted in as president by the Electoral College on Monday.

…….For Michael Banerian, a senior at Oakland University in Michigan and a Republican elector, the harassment comes with a dark side.

He said he’s been getting death threats via email, snail mail, Twitter and Facebook.

“Somebody threatened to put a bullet in the back of my mouth,” Banerian, 22, told The Post on Wednesday.

From Hot Air:

The Electoral College meets in three days — and Jonathan Barnett can’t wait. The chair of Arkansas’ slate of six electors tells KHBS in Fort Smith that he and his colleagues have received tens of thousands of demands that they change their votes, including some death threats. The effort to intimidate electors has a particular focus on Arkansas, one of 21 states where electors are not bound by state law to the popular vote within their state.

Nonetheless, Barnett tells KHBS that he’s an enthusiastic Electoral College advocate — and that he and his fellow electors will follow tradition and represent the state’s overwhelming choice for president, Donald Trump…

From Fox News.

Bruce Ash, another elector and Arizona’s GOP national committeeman told the Republic he had also received hundreds in what he called “an outright political maneuver.” He said many of the calls were hateful.

“They demonize me, they call me a homophobic, an isolationist, a bigot, a misogynist, and an anti-Semite, which is interesting because I’m Jewish,” he told the Republic.

From Hot Air:

Idaho‘s Secretary of State…reports that the state’s four electors were being barraged with harassing calls and messages.

A similar flood of harassing emails was received by an elector in Iowa.



If the situation were reversed and pro-Trump people waged a massive harassment. death threat campaign against Hillary voters, Barky’s DOJ would be on it like stink on shit.



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