PACOM Commander at Pearl Harbor Ceremony: “Pearl Harbor Vets Never Took a Knee, Never Failed to Stand” During National Anthem

HOOAH! I love it.

From Twitchy.

Pearl Harbor hosted a number of events Wednesday to remember the December 7, 1941 surprise attack by the Japanese. Many current military and veterans alike showed up to honor those who served.

The patriotism of Americans living during those events was contrasted with Americans today. Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., had this to say:



“You can bet that the men and women we honor today and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago, never took a knee, and never failed to stand whenever they heard our National Anthem being played.”

The Admiral is referring to attention whore and punk Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players, who disrespect the flag and the National Anthem prior to football games because “racism”.

He’s pointing out the contrast between generations that understood the concepts of Duty Honor Country, and simple recognition and respect for America’s principles. The current crop of self-absorbed, narcissistic, entitled Millennials could never measure up to the courage and sacrifice it took to defeat the Axis in WWII.  How times have changed.


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