Organized Hate Crimes and Violence by Liberal White and Black Thugs on the Rise Since Trump’s Election

Kicking and screaming brats, rioting in the streets, destroying property, assaulting people, but Trump supporters are “deplorable“.  You libshits live in a delusional bubble.

The ‘protesters’ are paid agitators.


Dozens of anti-Trump protest buses from Wisconsin spotted in Chicago.

The war on women: Protesters call for rape of Melania trump.

Young teenage girl viciously beaten by Hillary-supporting thugs.

Portland erupts in violence and chaos when leftwingnut anarchist thugs take to the streets, smashing cars, rioting, and looting. 71 thugs were arrested.

White man beaten by black anti-Trump thugs speaks out.

In Florida, some douchebag spray painted “fuck Trump” on a house and set a neighbor’s house on fire.

I like this: Anti-Trump ‘protesters’ get violent in Austin,  and get a taste of instant justice.

Don’t expect Obama or the rest of the DemProg contingent to speak up and tell their ideological comrades to stop. They embrace them they same way they did the vulgar hatespeech, vandalism, filth, and crime of the ‘Occupy’ punks.


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