Hacked Emails Show Bubba Clinton’s Sexual Assaults Included a 3rd Cousin

From the WikiLeaks Podesta emails.


Wow. The number of sexual assaults, philandering, and ‘unwanted advances’ (that we know of):

Gennifer Flowers
Monica Lewinsky
Dolly Kyle Browning
Elizabeth Ward Gracen
Paula Jones
Juanita Broaddrick
Kathleen Willey
A former Arkansas state employee who said that during a presentation, then-Governor Clinton walked behind her and rubbed his pelvis up against her repeatedly.
A woman identified as a third cousin of Clinton’s who was abused by Clinton when she was baby-sitting at the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock. Which means she was a minor at the time.

But Trump’s use of the word ‘pussy’ in private conversation triggers the microagressed social justice warriors into ginormous hissy fits, and whips Hillary’s leftwing media lap dogs into a frenzy.


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