Virginia Tech Coach Gives Players a Valuable Lesson on The National Anthem

Attention Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the spoiled, self-absorbed punks who have a bloated sense of entitlement.


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  1. Posted by Jeffery Washington on 29/09/2016 at 21:11

    Thanks,to a coach that teaches young men the meaning of respect. There are too many liberal PC idiots in power positions, and this mans breath of fresh air is truly welcomed.
    I’d like to send along a passage from the book” The Things Our Fathers Saw” for all those disrespectful shitbags out there to read, although they are probably too stupid to “get it”.
    — ‘After 3½ years of starvation and brutal treatment, that beautiful symbol of freedom once more flies over our head! Our camp tailor worked all night and finished our first American flag! The blue came from a GI barracks bag, red from a Jap comforter and the white from an Australian bed sheet. When I came out of the barracks and saw those beautiful colors for the first time I felt like crying!’ ~U.S. Army prisoner of war, Japan, at war’s end


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