Leftwingnuts at Occidental College Vandalize 9/11 Memorial

Stay classy, libtards.

From the Facebook page of the Occidental College Republicans.





Oh, and here’s the libtards’ lame attempt at memes:



We invaded Afghanistan first, by the way, which was Bin Laden’s operating base at the time. Secondly, no one ever claimed that Iraq was directly connected to 9/11, although Saddam Hussein had plenty of connections to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, not to mention the WMDs he possessed that posed a threat in the region. Of course, the little assholes conveniently forget that shit.

But, like I always say: I would have leveled every single Islamofascist nation-state in the Middle East on 12 September 2001.

Occidental College issued a statement saying they don’t know yet who is responsible for the incident, but that they are investigating “and will take disciplinary action.”

Don’t hold your breath.


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