Biden Says Trump Unfit for Presidency, Then Points to Military Aide Carrying Nuclear Launch Codes

Flashback: Bubba lost the biscuit.

Bill Clinton’s administration lost track of “the Biscuit,” special codes that allow the president to launch a nuclear attack, according to retired Gen. Hugh Shelton.

The codes, printed on a credit-card-sized certificate, are a key part of America’s nuclear protocol. They allow the president to open a special briefcase that contains instructions for a surprise nuclear launch, and the commander in chief is supposed to keep the card with him at all times.

Under Bill Clinton, the card disappeared.

“The codes were actually missing for months,” Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in his book “Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior.”

“This is a big deal — a gargantuan deal — and we dodged a silver bullet,” Shelton wrote, according to Agence France-Presse.

Biden brainless

Just think, as stupid, incompetent and corrupt as Obama is, this idiot is a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

From Breitbart.

Vice President Joe Biden revealed during a campaign rally that he had a military aide with the nuclear codes present at the event.

“There’s a guy that follows me right back here, has the nuclear codes,” Biden said, turning and pointing. “So God forbid anything happened to the president and I had to make a decision, the codes are with me.”

After Biden bragged about how the nuclear codes were with him, he said that Trump was “not qualified” to know the nuclear launch codes.

He said Trump was not worthy of being the commander in chief, reminding the audience that his son Beau served in Iraq.

“I must tell you, had Donald Trump been president, I would have thrown my body in front of him,” Biden said. “No I really mean it.”

Biden insisted that Trump’s presidential campaign was already endangering American Soldiers stationed overseas.

“If my son were still in Iraq and I say to all those who were there — the threat to their life has gone up a couple clicks,” he said.

Crazy Joe isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. And Biden’s son was a JAG officer. Not exactly a dangerous job in the military. Just sayin’.

The lives of military personnel have been endangered beyond belief with Barky as “Commander-in-Chief”.

That mutherfucker has eviscerated the military and made it into a laughing stock.  He  flushed everything we accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His foreign policy is a fucking embarrassment.

Forget combat readiness; ‘gay rights’, drag shows, deference to Islamofascist theocracy,  demonizing the nation’s founders, and whatever hairstyle you want is the new focus. No wonder the enemy is laughing.

Obama’s purge of dedicated, experienced military leaders, has been quite extensive.  The warrior ethos has become the latest casualty in Barky’s evisceration of the military.

I’ll take Trump over a SCOAMF and his retarded VP any fucking day of the week.





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