“Allah Akbar” Should Be Seen as the Modern Day Equivalent of “Heil Hitler”

From a comment on Twitter:



Royce is 100% correct. Muzzies and Nazis have similar ideologies.

During WWII, they were pretty tight.

The Handschar (Khanjar, Scimitar or Sword) Muslim Waffen SS Divisions:




If you replaced Mohammad’s name with Hitler in the Koran, you’d have a fucking Islamic “Mein Kampf”.  Both ideologies direct hatred at America, Jews, Christians, and Western freedoms. Muslims and Nazis have a lot in common with each other, and come to think of it, they have a lot in common with the Democratic Party.

Muzzies want to turn the world into a Sharia concentration camp with Mutaween as the new SS.

This war ain’t over by a long shot.

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