The Brass Balls Award Goes to Charlie Hebdo, for Unflinching Courage in the Face of Muzzie Thuggery

brass balls


From Creeping Sharia.



French  satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been inundated with fresh death threats after featuring two naked Muslims on the front cover this week.

More than 60 disturbing messages, insults, and anti-Semitic remarks were posted on the magazine’s Facebook page, including one saying ‘You’re going to die!”.  Another message warned of an imminent terrorist attack.

An inquiry has been launched and French police are currently investigating the “very threatening death threats” made against Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and journalists.

Although the first incident was reported in June, number of threats rose dramatically after the latest edition hit the newsstands this week.

Charlie Hebdo’s editorial board has been under police protection since the January 2015 attacks.


Muslims make threats, attempt murder, and carry out mass slaughter  because someone criticizes their violent theocracy and draws cartoons of a crazy ass prophet.

Jews and Christians are insulted, slandered, parodied, and persecuted worldwide, and not a fucking peep out of the ‘tolerant’ Left or muzzie zealots. Remember the “art exhibit” called Piss Christ?  Obama’s anti-bullying representative’s filth-laden tirade against Christians?  The “art display” in Sacramento that singled out the bible and Christian faith for harsh criticism?  None of those moonbats were killed for their viewpoints.  As long as the target is Christian or Jewish, it gets a pass.

Kudos to Charlie Hebdo for poking muzzies in the eye and not backing down.  The chickenshits in American media don’t have a fraction of the courage.


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