Clinton Foundation is Money Laundering, Graft Operation

From Ending the Fed.

Judge Jeanine Pirro went off this morning, calling the Clinton Foundation nothing more than a “money laundering operation used as a slush fund.”
She was asked on Fox and Friends for her reaction to a new report that Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, went to New York in 2012 to interview job candidates for the foundation.

She argued that people who paid the Clintons via the foundation were given access and favors by Clinton’s State Department in a classic “pay-to-play” scheme.

“The foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation that was used as a slush fund. It is not a charitable foundation. No charitable foundation has only 10 percent that goes to charity,” said Pirro, adding that Mills and Huma Abedin were tasked with protecting the organization.

Pirro said this was “illegal” activity, but the media overall is more worried about things like Donald Trump’s comment that Barack Obama and Clinton “founded ISIS.”

Pirro believes that the whole point of Clinton’s private email server was to protect these dealings from disclosure.

Her illegal server was used for more than that.  Some of the emails contained information about Benghazi, and the fact that she and Obama knew the attacks were imminent.   When hackers accessed her emails, information pertaining to an Iranian scientist who gave information to the U.S. about Iran’s nuclear program, led to his execution.

She unlawfully used a private email server to transmit classified emails and lied about it before Congress.

When you’re entrusted with classified information, security is pounded into your head. You do not grant access to uncleared personnel.  Classified information is to be stored in and transmitted from accredited computers through a secure network to another accredited computer. You do not transmit classified information as unsecured, unclassified emails. You do not remove classified markings and consider the documents “unclassified”.

If you’re Hillary Clinton, such things are trivial.

96% of the charitable donations given to Hillary went to the Clinton Foundation.

When Hildabeast was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation peddled influence and favors in return for millions of dollars in foreign donations; some of which came from governments, organizations, and individuals with some pretty nasty track records on human rights and terrorism.


She also awarded a securities trader a top spot on an intelligence panel after he donated to the foundation.

During her tenure at the State Department, Hillary’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills,  interviewed applicants for the Clinton Foundation.  That’s highly unethical; you are not supposed to use your government position to influence, interview candidates, or accept donations.

Chalk it up to more corruption that Hillary gets away with.


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