Idaho Authorities Cover Up Muzzie Rape of 5 Year Old Girl

From Pam Geller.

The prosecutor in the Muslim migrant rape case of a 5-year-old girl in Idaho has been making the media rounds, boasting about what a great job he is doing while the family lives in abject terror. One of the rape gang still lives next to the little girl, and a third member of the Muslim migrant rape mob is still at large.

This ongoing coverup is unconscionable.

Loebs needs to come clean and start serving the people, not the elites. As one Twin Falls resident told the City Council when they complained of getting bad press: “Sorry you feel like you’re being attacked, but this little girl was attacked.” It’s time that Twin Falls and Idaho officials stop the politically correct nonsense and remember that fact.

From Frontpage Magazine.

Amid a great deal of obfuscation, the horrifying truth has emerged: a five-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, was gang-raped by three young Muslim migrant boys. Her parents are still encountering tremendous difficulties in trying to get justice — apparently because the incident conflicts with Barack Obama’s agenda to flood the country with Muslim migrants.

The victim’s mother told Pamela Geller what the little girl told her: “This is what my daughter has told me: that they grabbed her at knifepoint and forced her into the laundry room and told her that if she tried to leave, they would kill her. The seven-year-old boy took her clothes off. She tells me he put his private in her mouth and peed in her mouth, and put it in her private, and then peed all over her.”

According to Idaho law, that is rape: “Rape is defined as the penetration, however slight, of the oral, anal or vaginal opening with a penis…”

The mother continued: “And she said they recorded her, too… She also told the emergency room CARES doctor that they had a knife as well, and they found on her neck a cut. Then the day after, they claimed it was a scratch, when in fact it looked like a cut.”

The girl’s father told Geller what he saw on the video that one of the attackers took of the rape, and triumphantly showed him: “I watched the 8-year-old boy push my daughter up against a wall and pull her pants down and his pants down; he then attempted to penetrate her from behind. She was able to run away and crouch in a corner shaking in fear while the boy danced around naked laughing at her. I stopped watching after that.”

Too bad he didn’t go after the little shitbags and their parents.  If that were a loved one of mine, they’d be charging me with temporary insanity-related murder.

Rather than aggressively pursuing the rapists, this is what the the Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney did, instead:

Amid all the controversy surrounding this terrible incident and the solicitude of Idaho officials for the attackers, not the victims (Wendy J. Olson, the Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney for Idaho, threatened: “The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law”), one question has never been answered: why would these boys do this to this girl?

Olsen must be frightened of offending the perps because they’re muslim.  Caucasian Christians wouldn’t get the same favor.

The animalistic behavior is condoned in their violent ideology.

Get them OUT of this country and stop the rest from getting in.



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