Muzzie Goes on Rampage With Machete, Attacks Two Cops in Belgium

From the Mirror UK.

A man slashed a policewoman’s face with a machete and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before her fellow officer gunned him down.

The attacker reportedly walked up to two policewomen at the entrance of the police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi just before 4pm, pulled a machete from his bag and hacked at the officer.

He was then shot in the chest and leg by a fellow officer and later died.

The policewoman sustained deep cuts to the face and was rushed to hospital. Her colleague was only slightly injured.

A police spokesman told a press conference: “It’s a sad thing. Our hearts go out to the two cops involved.

Later they added: “The death of the assailant with a machete is confirmed. The two colleagues are out of danger. Thanks for the support.”

Very little is known about the knifeman, but it appears he wanted to attack multiple people, reports VTM NEWS journalist Nathalie Dyck.

Fortunately, he had to pass through an external checkpoint before he could enter the police station – a security measure put in place after the nation’s threat level was raised in the wake of the wave of bomb attacks that hit Belgium.

Prime Minister Charles Michel’s spokesman says he is “closely monitoring” the situation and will meet tomorrow with security services.

He added that early indications for the motive are “very much towards a terrorist attack”.

A witness told RTL that he heard gunshots at the scene and there is an ambulance at the scene.

He added: “The police asked to remain inside and close all.”

The identity of the perpetrator and his motives are still unclear.

Let’s see, the muzzie mutherfucker yelled ‘allah u akbar’ as he attacked, and they can’t figure out the motive.

France and Belgium have had multiple Islamic terrorist attacks starting with Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015.  Evidently, they haven’t had enough carnage.



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