National Debt Reaches $19 Trillion

Thanks to the out of control spending, government waste, and corruption of the federal government.

Check it out in real time:



But according to Obama raising the debt ceiling just “pays for the bills” and doesn’t raise the debt by encouraging new spending.

In 2013, right after the GOP in Congress caved to Obama’s demands for a hike in the debt ceiling, $328 billion was added to the debt, bringing it to a total of $17.075 trillion for the first time in history.

In 2014, RINO John Boehner kissed Barky’s ass and handed him another debt-ceiling increase.

After almost 8 years of Obamanomics, it’s hit 19 trillion.  It’s not just the dollar amount, it’s the abject waste; the insane projects, causes, and unworthy recipients that will make your  boil.

The bottom line:

The  reason our economy is in such crappy shape, is because of the wild-assed spending that keeps busting through whatever debt ceiling we have, from administration to administration.

When America’s economy  finally implodes, every one of those mutherfuckers should be strung up.

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