Liberal Media Spin for the DNC Convention Circus

If you thought the leftwing media hacks were giving up on their Obamesssiah, this should clear things up.

Obama media_in_love_2

Andrea Mitchell thinks Barky is the most eloquent statesman since Lincoln.

“Of course, the challenge now is for her to follow this and I don’t think anyone could — perhaps no one expects that she will. That is not her gift. His gift is unique. I don’t think we’ve ever had a President save Lincoln, who is as great a speechwriter as this man.”

Like the speech writer who wrote this drivel?:

And this?:

And this?:

And this?:

Lincoln, he ain’t.

CNN gushed:

CNN’s Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger declared, “And that’s what I was thinking about this evening because he described an American that we all aspire to be and in a way we are.”

Borger also glorified the Democratic Party for bringing back American exceptionalism, “What is interesting to me comparing this convention to the last convention … is that this notion of American exceptionalism with the Democrats now saying America is great.”

Really? Wait…didn’t Barky declare that America needed to be ‘fundamentally transformed’, incessantly bad-mouthed this country in front of the U.N., and ingratiated himself during world apology tours and declared that he’s not interested in “pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning.”

His abject hatred of America is palpable.

Chris Matthews, who still gets a thrill up his leg over Barky’s presence, and Brian (Walter Mitty) Williams were close to tears:

The crew at MSNBC late Wednesday were locked and loaded to respond to President Barack Obam’s speech to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and didn’t disappoint as breaking news anchor Brian Williams informed everyone that “we will not see his kind again” before Rachel Maddow ruled that “[t]here’s nothing else like him” while Hardball host Chris Matthews admitted that “it’s pretty well known I’ve always gone for this guy.”

They never miss a chance to trash this country’s ideals:

……Last but not least, one other reaction worthy of being a part of this compilation was AM Joy host Joy Reid, who used her time a few minutes later to trash the idea of America as depicted in Norman Rockwell paintings:

“[T]here is secular sort of liturgy of American of what it is, the fundamentals that embody it that, for a very long time, were what Eugene talked about, a Norman Rockwell painting, it didn’t really include black and brown folk. It didn’t really include LGBT Americans. It include people of other faiths that were not Christian or had no faith and that changed. As those groups begun to be included in fabric of the country and pushed forward in terms of sharing and embodying the country has created a fundamental fear in part of the country…Barack Obama applies that liturgy to the changed America….It was brilliant, probably one of the best speeches that he’s ever given. Brilliantly done.”

A commenter at the site sums it up nicely:


They like his skin color.  His epic fails can be ignored.

A chorus of ‘amens’ for the black Jesus:

The journalists at ABC, CBS and NBC were beside themselves with gushing praise of Barack Obama’s address to the Democratic National Convention, Wednesday. Immediately after his speech, they hailed the President as a “preacher” and a “powerful” “lawyer.”

Offering the most effusive cheering, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley lauded, “Barack Obama in full Sunday meeting mode, preaching to a choir that sang a chorus of  amens.” He parroted, “The first African-American president challenging Democrats to make history again. The biggest difference in this election, he said, is the very meaning of our democracy.”

……Reporter Cecilia Vega highlighted the unsurprising fact that Democratic operatives liked the speech: “George, I’m standing here at the back of the stage near Clinton and Obama staffers. They were crying during this speech.”

The deification started a while back.

The leftwing media conglomerate foisted this despicable fraudulent corrupt shitbag into office.  They’re not about to pull their lips away from his ass just yet.


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