*Shocker* Islamic Terrorist Planned Nice, France, Attack for Months

Another fact that blows away the liberal theory of lone muzzie wolf.

From Breitbart.

French authorities now reveal that the Nice terrorist was not only religious, and not “fast radicalized” as previously asserted, but planned his attack along with accomplices over many months.

Top anti-terror prosecutor François Molins on Thursday revealed that Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel showed ties to Islamic terrorism at the time of the January 2015 jihadist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris and a kosher market, according to the Wall Street Journal. The magazine had run satirical cartoons depicting Muhammad. The new report from Molins contradicted statements in recent days from Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Prime Minister Manuel Valls that Bouhlel had become “fast radicalized” before killing 84 and injuring many more with a large delivery truck and other weapons in a Bastille Day terror attack.

Molins indicated that a year before his Islamic terror attack, Bouhlel surveilled the scene of the murders and communicated with accomplices more than 1,000 times, according to WSJ. Investigations continue into any connections between the Islamic terror group and a larger group such as the Islamic State.

The five suspects in French custody include “an Albanian couple, two men with Tunisian and French nationality and one man with only Tunisian nationality,” according to the report.

Early reports from a host of media outlets suggested that Bouhlel was not religious and did not attend mosque. Family members back in Tunisia pointed to a history of mental instability. Then came the reports from the French officials of “fast radicalization” and a report in the Telegraph that cited the testimony of a neighbor to Bouhlel’s estranged wife that said Bouhlel had been attending mosque at least since April.

Molins had previously revealed that “in just the two weeks before the attacks — [Bouhlel] searched ‘on a near-daily basis’ for information on suras, or chapters of the Quran; on nasheeds, or chants, that have been used by jihadist groups like the Islamic State; on Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan; and on attacks in Orlando, Dallas and Magnanville, France, where an Islamic State militant killed a police captain and his companion last month,”….

……WSJ reported that two of the suspected conspirators have been connected to the truck Bouhlel used. He also texted three of the suspects with the name of the rental company on July 5. More text messages were sent from Bouhlel to suspects just before the terror attack. One suspect has also been identified as having recorded himself from on scene as emergency services responded.

His history of ‘mental instability’ is rooted in  muslim ideology.

By the way, French authorities had this shitbag  under ‘judicial supervison’  under bail conditions which allowed his electronic monitoring bracelet to be deactivated for a few hours every morning, an opportunity he used to commit a terrorist atrocity.

They’re on a bloody rampage in Europe and they’re promising more.   Shut down every fucking mosque in France, deport muzzies who aren’t citizens and scrutinize the hell out of the rest.


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  2. ISIS Quran followers think evil continually. Who else did that? People ought to know.


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