Fresno Cops Shoot Unarmed White Man…Where’s the Riots?

To be fair, he ignored the command to show his hands like 30 fucking times, and he kept walking toward the cops with his hand going for the back of his waistband.


From The Daily Mail

California police have released harrowing new bodycam footage which shows unarmed teen Dylan Noble being shot dead by officers last month.

Stuart R. Chandler, the attorney representing Noble’s family, said the footage makes him ‘more certain than ever’ that his death was the result of ‘an inexcusable use of excessive force’.

But Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer hit back, saying what the film actually shows is Noble ignoring at least 30 instructions to show his hands and not to walk forward before the officers opened fire.

In the footage police can be seen pulling Noble over while he rides in his truck after being called to reports that he had a rifle, already aiming their handguns at him as he pulls into a gas station.

After he pulls in, the cops can be heard ordering him to put both hands out of the window.

The footage shows at least one of Noble’s hands emerging from the side of the vehicle, though it is unclear if he fully complies with the order since the camera is pointed away for a large part of the exchange.

As police move toward the vehicle, Noble goes to climb out but is warned by officers: ‘No I didn’t tell you to get out.’

The exchange continues as more officers pull up, this time wielding shotguns, and join the standoff with Noble.

Noble eventually gets out of the car, without being ordered to, and begins to pace about on the garage forecourt despite being told: ‘Lay your f***ing a** down.’

He walks around with his left hand raised in the air and though his right hand remains down by his side, it appears to be empty in the footage.

Officers repeatedly tell Noble to lay on the ground, and at one point an officer mentions that he has something in his hand, though there is no evidence of this in the footage.

Nobel then begins walking toward police, who explicitly warn him: ‘If you walk forward you’re going to get shot, man.’

After taking several steps back Noble again advances on cops, who claim he made a statement about ‘hating my life’ before they opened fire with two rounds, at least one of which appears to hit him in the stomach.

He falls immediately to the floor, where both of his hands are clearly empty, and begins rolling around, seemingly dazed from the impact.

Noble is then shot twice more, once by a pistol and a second time by the shotgun after police accuse him of reaching for his waistband.

Just before the footage ends officers can be heard pleading with him: ‘Don’t reach or you’re going to get shot again, please.’

Noble was eventually taken to hospital where he was treated for four bullet wounds, but later died in surgery…

Attorney Chandler said: ‘After viewing the police bodycam videos last Friday, and conferring with experts, I am more certain than ever that the shooting death of Dylan Noble was the result of an inexcusable use of excessive force. 

‘The City of Fresno must be held full accountable to his family – and for that matter to the community – for this tragic loss of life.’

The Fresno police chief, however, insists he was reaching for something in his glove box, not following orders, and concealing his hand behind his waistband.

Noble’s family are suing the city of Fresno for damages over the teen’s death on June 25.

,,,,,,Darren Noble, Dylan’s father said: ‘Dylan was a fun loving kid. He loved life. Everybody around him loved him. For anybody saying differently– they didn’t know him’. said Darren Noble, Dylan’s father.

‘I am outraged that police would shoot my son and say it was his fault and that he was suicidal. To say he was unhappy’, said Dylan’s mother Veronica Nelson.

Really? Coulda fooled me: “Noble again advances on cops, who claim he made a statement about ‘hating my life’…”

I watched the video (at the link) and that mutherfucker was acting all kinds of crazy.

So, when are white people going to hold massive disruptive protests, vandalize, riot, and shoot cops?



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