A Mass Shooting in Tennessee the Media Ignored

Via Mad World News.

After 5 police officers were killed and another 8 people injured in Dallas, Texas, all attention seems to be focused on just that. Unfortunately, another mass shooting just took place – and there’s only one reason you didn’t hear about this one.

It all started during a fight between 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott and a white man in Bristol, Tennessee. Unhappy with the outcome of the ordeal, Scott later decided to get revenge, so he armed himself and headed out.

According to police, Scott brought a rifle, pistol, and a large amount of ammunition to the local Days Inn motel where he immediately began firing. Deborah Watts, the clerk at the front door, was hit first – but this is where things took a turn.

“He randomly shot at cars, before hitting 44-year-old Jennifer Rooney, killing her. Rooney was the mother of two and was on the way to work when Scott killed her. Her car careened off the road and crashed through a fence.

Scott continued to fire at vehicles, injuring at least one more motorist. The police showed up and engaged Scott in a firefight. Officer Matthew Cousins of the Bristol PD was struck in the leg.” (Source: DownTrend)

With one woman dead and another three injured, Scott’s mass shooting violently ended as police shot him several times. The thug reportedly was taken to an area hospital and is expected to recover – but things only got worse from there.

After being asked why he decided to do something so horrendous, Scott simply explained that “he was angry about police violence against African Americans.” Police further report that all of Scott’s victims and intended victims had one thing in common — they were all white.

If the facts don’t fit the media’s race-baiting agenda, they simply won’t report it.


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