Another Thug Stirred Up by ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rhetoric, Goes on Rampage in Tennessee

Congrats, BLM. Their blood is on your hands.

From BizPac Review.

On my short commute to work on Thursday morning I passed by the barricades, the cones, the multiple flashing police cars and emergency vehicles. The first thought that entered my mind was a bad car accident, or maybe a tornado or lightning storm had knocked down a power line.

When I looked at the local news site later, I found that it had been something else altogether, a 2:20 a.m. shooting rampage by a “lone gunman” that started at a Days Inn and continued with random shots at random drivers, resulting in several injuries and the tragic death of newspaper carrier Jennifer Rooney, a 44-year-old mother of two who was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time while driving to pick up papers for her morning route.

Although the suspect was wounded by police and hospitalized, more than a day went by before authorities released his name. The more time that went by, the more I felt that police must have REALLY wanted to have their ducks in a row, perhaps because the suspect and motivations for this shooting were potential lightning rods.

Indeed, my suspicions were confirmed with the Friday afternoon release of the suspect’s name – Lakeem Keon Scott, a 37-year-old black male who preliminary investigations showed was angry over recent shootings involving black suspects and white police officers. Armed with a pistol and a semi-automatic rifle, Scott fired a shot into the Days Inn window, striking Watts, then proceeded to fire off a few shots at oncoming traffic before getting into a gunfight with responding police.

Scott was neutralized, then transported to Bristol Regional Medical Center where he remains in serious but stable condition.

A Bristol Tennessee Police Officer, Matthew Cousins, was wounded in the leg in the gunfight but, thankfully, he’s been treated and released.

Deborah Watts is in serious but stable condition, although friends say she could lose her arm.

Jennifer Rooney was not so fortunate, and her children will face life without a mother.

All the victims were white.

……His Facebook page does list him as a member of a group called the “Official Jason Black Group,” which regularly posts gems like the below:


Keep it up, muthafuckas. You’re going to get that race war you want.

Newsflash for all the stupid, illiterate, uneducated, race pimps who think we’re impressed with their raised fists and “kill whitey” bullshit: You are a fucking joke. You couldn’t follow through on your little race war if you tried. Do you know how many (white) people in this country own guns?  Bring it you racist muthafuckas. I’m armed and I will shoot.

Here’s to you  ‘Black Lives Matter’ assholes, from us white folks:

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sfcmac on 10/07/2016 at 08:04


    Excellent comment. Our country has become so divided especially since Obama was installed. This is my stock answer to the BLM idiots:

    You are the quintessential American; someone who lives the principles of the melting pot and raises his children to respect fellow citizens and the Constitution. Your kids should be proud to have you as a parent.



  2. Posted by Jeffery Washington on 10/07/2016 at 07:42

    I’m American. Not African American, not BlackFrench American, but a plain old born here in the USA American and damned proud of it. These BLM shitbags should all be shipped to Africa where they could see just how well they have it here. They wouldn’t last a week in Zimbabwe. While we’re at it let’s include Al “The Windbag” Sharpton, Jessie “Wandering Dick” Jackson and all those other ” African American” race card playing “We’re so oppressed” limelight seeking assholes. These people have done more damage to race relations than a plantation owner in 1800’s Georgia. My friends are all different shades of skin tone, our children play color blindly together and we,as one, find these “Race Warriors” a deadly joke. Come into our neighborhood, start your BLM bullshit and we’ll plant your asses using OUR LEGAL weapons.
    Jeffery Washington


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