Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamad Wants to Come Back to America

Remember the little muzzie cretin who made a fake bomb and took it to school, resulting in his suspension, subsequent visit with Barky and exit to Qatar?

Background: A muzzie kid named Ahmed Mohamed, put together a poorly constructed copy of a digital clock that resembled a bomb, and brought it into his high school. He was evasive when questioned about the device and the school called the cops. The ensuing controversy was less about the kid’s deliberate hoax and more about the Left and muzzie radicals’ shrieking about “Islamophobia.

Well, apparently he and his family want 15 more minutes of fame.

From The Conservative Tribune.

Less than a year ago, the internet was burning up over Ahmed Mohamed, often referred to as “Clock Boy,” who was briefly arrested after bringing a fake bomb (which he claimed was a clock) to his school in Irving, Texas.

Mohamed left the country soon after, accepting a full scholarship in Qatar where he is finishing up high school and has spent time sending out uninformed political tweets, as if anyone actually cares what he thinks about the crises facing the world today.

However, the Dallas Morning News has reported that ‘ole “Clock Boy” is coming back to the United States for an extended visit because he has gotten homesick.

……“He miss(es) Texas, and he miss(es) Irving,” said the boy’s uncle, Aldean Mohamed.

Ahmed’s parents are suing the city of Irving and his old school district for a total of $15 million ($10 million from the city, $5 million from the school district) claiming that Islamaphobia led to his temporary arrest.

Christians persecuted world-wide: *crickets*.   Muzzie kid makes a ‘clock’ that looks like an electronic explosive: “Hey, wanna come to the White House?”

Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, routinely returns to Sudan to run for president, likes to call himself a sheik, wears a cleric’s flowing white robes and claims hundreds of followers throughout Egypt, Sudan and in the United States. Except that no one has ever heard of him. Just looking at the background of the father tells you all you need to know about that family.

Fuck him and his rotten family, Stay in Qatar.


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  1. dont let the little bastard cpme back because the next fake bomb may be real!!!


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