GOP (Temporarily) Finds its Balls, Shuts Down Dems’ Anti-Second Amendment Push

From Fox News.

House Speaker Paul Ryan sent lawmakers packing for the holiday break early Thursday morning after a raucous, hours-long sit-in waged by congressional Democrats failed to force a vote on gun control measures.

As Ryan decried the protest as a “publicity stunt” — complete with loud chants and blankets and live-streaming — Democrats claimed they nevertheless had made “some progress” on the issue.

The House adjourned around 3:15 a.m. ET Thursday, and even as Republicans left the buildings, some Democrats stayed on the House floor repeating their chant “No bill no break!” and waving papers with the names of gun victims written in black. A core group lingered for a while on the House floor wrapped in blankets and resting on pillows.




The protest finally came to an end early Thursday afternoon, hours after Republicans held a final vote on the Zika response and, save for a short upcoming session, sent lawmakers home until July 5. The sit-in lasted a total of over 25 hours.

Democrats declared success in dramatizing the arguments for action to stem gun violence, despite the failure to conjure a vote.

……Republicans said their colleagues had accomplished nothing other than disrupting the business of the House to score political points.

The DemProg crybullies reacted in typical fashion by making total assclowns out of themselves on the House floor.

Must really suck for them to know that they can’t shred the Bill of Rights.

This is the same party of douchebags who surround themselves with armed guards while giving speeches about ‘gun control’.



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