Muslims Are Not ‘Moderate’

Every time I hear some liberal idiot say “not all muslims”,  “moderate muslims”, and other lame-assed excuses for the Islamic-inspired carnage, I’d love to put them in the audience at one of these speeches so they can get a good idea of just how fucked up they are.

From InfoWars.

In light of the massacre of dozens of people at a gay club in Orlando, it’s worth re-visiting the comments of Islamic speaker Fahad Qureshi, who admitted that the desire to see homosexuals killed was a belief held by so-called “moderate” Muslims.

During a conference held in May 2013, Qureshi complained that the media often frames views such as “the death penalty for homosexuals” or the subjugation of women as only being held by radical Muslims.

“I always try to tell them that….these are general views that every Muslim actually has….every Muslim believes in these things.”

It has also been confirmed that just weeks before Omar Mateen’s rampage, Muslim cleric Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar called for gays to be executed during a sermon at an Orlando-area mosque.

Sekaleshfar also called for homosexuals to be killed “out of compassion”.

This could just as easily been Dearbornistan, Michigan. It’s happening right here in America. In our military, our schools, and our government.

The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Jamaat Al Fuqura, and the Arab-American Action Network,  are terrorist groups and facilitators that operate carte blanche within our borders. It’s time we kicked their asses out of the country with a one-way ticket to an Islamofascist cesspool of their choice.

Not that we don’t have enough terrorist threats in this country, Barky wants to import more of them.

In muslim-dominated countries, gays are hanged, thrown off buildings, beheaded, and set on fire.

And yet the LGBT militant fascists in this country threaten death to Christian bakers over a damned wedding cake.

Remember this shit whenever some libtard tries to pin anti-gay hatespeech and violence on Christians.

Jesus doesn’t instruct  Christians to kill.  Muhammad demands it. That’s the difference



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