Leftwing Twitter Nazis Censor Milo Yiannopoulos (UPDATED)

UPDATE: After considerable anger and public backlash, his account was reinstated:
After global media reports, a front-page story on The Drudge Report and globally-trending hashtags, Twitter reinstated the account of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos less than an hour after his account was initially suspended.
The suspension followed Milo’s announcement that he planned to give a press conference and short talk on Islam and Gays in Orlando, Florida, the site of a deadly Muslim terrorist attack on a gay dance club.

In the wake of his suspension, Twitter was subject to a massive backlash from conservaive media and Twitter users, which resulted in the #FreeNero and #FreeMilo hashtags trending globally.

Original story:

The truth about murderous muzzies from a conservative gay person will not be tolerated.

From Heat Street.

The controversial conservative flame-thrower was booted off the social networking site Wednesday for reasons that have yet to be determined, though Milo has been under fierce attack from Muslims for his criticism of the left for “choosing Islam over gays.”

Milo told Heat Street on Tuesday: “I saw the shootings happen and realized this has been something I’ve been speaking about for a very long time and although I’m constitutionally opposed to saying, ‘I told you so,’ this did strike me as an illustration of something I’ve been warning against for quite some time.”

On Wednesday, the gay U.S.-based British outspoken Trump supporter and anti-feminist, who is currently on a 50-week, 60-date U.S. college tour and going viral on a regular basis, is scheduled to deliver a talk on Muslims and gays at a press conference in Orlando. He had been planning to speak at the University of Central Florida, but the campus police canceled his talk.

In March, Milo wondered at a White House Press conference if he had been de-verified on Twitter for being an outspoken conservative.

Wonder no more. It’s already happened.


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