What Real Homophobia Looks Like

muzzies praise orlando attack2




In Syria: Gay man thrown off building survives only to be stoned to death:

It is believed the man was hurled from the building, at least seven storeys high, as punishment for 'being gay'

The crowd appeared to surround the man before beating him with stones until he fell unconscious


Treatment of gays across the Islamic Middle East:

Hanged for being gay.


“By the Quran, we will kill you all, you faggots!”: Muslims attack gay club in Paris, beating patrons and spraying them with tear gas.

You chose Islam over gays, so you can pat yourselves on the back.

You’ll make great eunuchs for the New Caliphate.


lgbt gay fruitcakes love muzzies

Fucking morons.


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Gays in The Middle East Marked for Death.


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