IRS Reveals List of Tea Party Organizations it Targeted for Discrimination

From the Washington Times.

More than three years after it admitted to targeting tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, the IRS has finally released a near-complete list of the organizations it snagged in a political dragnet.

The tax agency filed the list last month as part of a court case after a series of federal judges, fed up with what they said was the agency’s stonewalling, ordered it to get a move on. The case is a class-action lawsuit, so the list of names is critical to knowing the scope of those who would have a claim against the IRS.

But even as it answers some questions, the list raises others, including exactly when the targeting stopped, and how broadly the tax agency drew its net when it went after nonprofits for unusual scrutiny.

The government released names of 426 organizations. Another 40 were not released as part of the list because they had already opted out of being part of the class-action suit.

That total is much higher than the 298 groups the IRS‘ inspector general identified back in May 2013, when investigators first revealed the agency had been subjecting applications to long — potentially illegal — delays, and forcing them to answer intrusive questions about their activities. Tea party and conservative groups said they was the target of unusually heavy investigations and longer delays,

Edward D. Greim, the lawyer who’s pursuing the case on behalf of NorCal Tea Party Patriots and other members of the class, said the list also could have ballooned toward the end of the targeting as the IRS, once it knew it was being investigated, snagged more liberal groups in its operations to try to soften perceptions of political bias.

“As we have identified in our filings in this case, important questions still exist regarding changes to the IRS‘ case listings that occurred after the IRS learned that the [inspector general] and congressional investigations had begun,” he said. “Based on these changes, which to date remain unexplained, a very real possibility — if not probability — exists that the IRS modified its targeting in light of the investigations, packing its own internal lists of targeted groups to support its preferred narrative, including by adding ideologically diverse groups.”

Important questions…like when are the fucking jackboots going to be prosecuted for their criminal activity?

A series of investigations found the IRS did ask intrusive questions and did delay applications for years, in violation of policy. But so far no investigation has found any order from the White House to conduct the targeting.

Of course not. There’s no independent task force or oversight committee to investigate Obama’s crimes.

Obama, Lois Lerner, and the IRS used ‘Tea Party’ as the criteria. Obama knew what was going on and had a hand in it.

Under Obama’s direction, the IRS didn’t have any trouble defining his preference of sympathetic leftwing groups over Tea Party/GOP organizations.

Obama met with top IRS official William Wilkins before the targeting began.  As a matter of fact, a Cincinnati IRS employee testified that it was quite clear the orders came from D.C.

Lois Lerner orchestrated the targeting and Obama’s DOJ refuses to prosecute her.

This is how Obama’s regime greases the wheels of its own corruption:

In 2010, the most “transparent” administration in American history summarily abolished the position dedicated to transparency and passed those duties to a partisan hack who is openly antagonistic to the notion of disclosure by government and politicians.

He also removed the Inspector General of AmeriCorps after the guy dared to investigate the misuse of federal grants by a pal of Obama’s, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

The whistleblowers who exposed Obama’s and Holder’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation were smeared with leaked documents and subsequently fired.

After the DOJ was caught hacking into the computers and private phone records and personal emails of reporters and media outlets, Obama responded by ordering Holder to investigate himself and his own DOJ.  DOJ declared that it will still violate the 4th Amendment, it will just make sure you know about it.

Witnesses of the terrorist attack in Benghazi were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements during a memorial service for the fallen Americans.

After the shit hit the fan over Obama’s blanket, indiscriminate NSA spying,  Congress enacted the ‘USA Freedom Act’,  which fails to address the real issue of privacy versus the collection of information on terrorists in the United States.

The entire Obama regime should have been under Leavenworth by now, which is where the average citizen would be if they had done a fraction of what Barky has done the last 8 years.





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