Quinnipiac University Poll: Obama is the Worst White House Occupant. Ever.

He doesn’t deserve to have the word “president” in the same sentence with his name.

From the New York Post.

It’s not the kind of history Barack Obama planned on making — but Americans now rate him as the worst president since World War II.

With two years left to go in his second term, Obama “beat out” predecessor George W. Bush, who left office during a steep economic downturn and an unpopular war, for the dubious distinction, a new Quinnipiac University poll found.

Respondents were asked to rate the best and worst presidents from the list of 12.

One-third picked Obama as the worst, while 28 percent picked Bush.

By comparison, only 13 percent cited Richard Nixon, who resigned under the cloud of the Watergate scandal.

Eight percent chose Jimmy Carter, who left office with a stalled economy and having been unable to win the release of American hostages held in Iran.

When it comes to which president Americans consider best, Ronald Reagan cleans up, with 35 percent picking the Gipper.

Eighteen percent picked Bill Clinton and 15 percent chose John F. Kennedy, whose tenure often gets mediocre ratings from professional historians but who tends to do better among a public still enchanted by the days of Camelot before JFK’s assassination in 1963.

……Most of Obama’s “worst” votes come from Republicans — 63 percent of whom picked him as dead last, far more than any other contender, with Carter trailing, at 14 percent.

But Obama also was slapped with the “worst” label by more than one-third of independents — a factor that continues to tug at his overall approval ratings.

……Obama’s emergence as the worst president has come at the benefit of his predecessors. Clinton, Carter and Nixon all saw the biggest improvements in this category from 2006 to this year.

Americans also are feeling buyer’s remorse with Obama: 45 percent said the country would be better off if Republican Mitt Romney had won the presidency in 2012, while 38 percent said the country would be worse off.

Anyone who studied Obama’s personality, philosophy, friends, associates, and background, would understand that he is a marxist, and not fit to lead a Democratic Republic. Evidently the Grubered voters couldn’t get enough of the first four years.

For the last eight years this lying sociopath, divisive bigot, and muslim ass kisser  has completely ruined America’s economy, foreign policy, national security, and world standing.

Everything I predicted in 2008 came true. Everything.  Just read what I wrote at the link and multiply that tenfold.


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  1. Posted by sfcmac on 28/05/2016 at 09:34

    Old Poet,
    In what way was GW a ‘war criminal’? Specify.



  2. I agree that Mr. Obama is the worse President of my lifetime. I also agree that George W. (STANDS FOR WAR CRIMINAL) Bush is the second worse. I also agree that Mr. Reagan was the best during my life time. I was born in 1956 and I am a registered Independent voter.


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