Captain Obvious. Paul Ryan: ‘Obama Has Grossly Exceeded His Authority’

Via Grabien.

RYAN: “We believe that this president has grossly exceeded his authority. He’s not the only president to do that. He’s just the most recent president to do it, and he’s taken it very, very far. So, yes, this is one of the things that we are in discussion with our presumptive nominee about, which is our steadfast commitment to our principles of self government which is to restore the constitution.”


This is coming from a RINO who has basically kissed Barky’s ass ever since he became Speaker. He picked up where Boehner left off.

Obama has been breaking the law and violating the Constitution for the last 8 years.  We elected a GOP majority in Congress, to stop Barky and his regime dead in its tracks.

Fat lot of good it’s done.



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