‘Triggering’: Idiot Students at Indiana University-Bloomington Mistook Dominican Monk for KKK

From The Indy Star

A tweet sent out…caused panic for some Indiana University students, as a man in a white robe walked through the Bloomington campus, The Tab reports.

“IU students, be careful, there’s someone walking around in KKK gear with a whip,” the since-deleted tweet read.

That “someone” reportedly ended up being Father Jude McPeak, a Dominican monk. And no, he’s not in the Ku Klux Klan. The whip in the original tweet was actually his rosary or belt.

Everyone mistook a priest for a Klan member.

dominican priest

Dr. Paul Kengor at Campus Reform, sums it up nicely:

The Dominicans far pre-date the American university. Not unrelated, our universities once taught what we commonly call “Western Civ,” or “Western Civilization,” where students learned the elemental facts of their Western world, and where contemporary campus oddities like religious figures were not alien to their mind’s eye. But such is not the zeitgeist of the modern university, where today’s typical student is enmeshed with a thoroughly secular worldview where a trinity of race, gender, and sexual orientation account for what is held sacred. They are carefully trained to be ever-vigilant for the slightest whiff of racism, sexism, and “homophobia” or (the latest rage) “transphobia.” Their “education” is such that an ancient religious order is utterly unrecognizable.


They are so trained to see a racist/sexist/ boogeyman around every corner that they’re not smart enough to tell the difference between a priest and someone wearing Klan sheets.

Millennial college students aren’t very bright but they sure are entertaining.



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  2. 🙂 “You can’t fix, Stupid.”


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