CalPoly SJW Crybaby Complains About College Tuition, and ‘Lack of Acknowledgement of Her Queer Existence’

From Campus Reform

California Polytechnic State University student claims she is thinking about selling off superfluous organs after learning of a proposed tuition increase.

In an op-ed for the Mustang News Monday, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo junior Erica Hudson argues that she is “absolutely fucked,” complaining that she has watched her student loans “soar into skies I’ll never be able to skim the surface of.”

Complaining that she is already trying to balance two jobs and a social life with her studies, Hudson describes an annual exercise in which she researches the possibility of selling her eggs to pay for school, but claims that the logistical difficulties involved have led her to consider other organs, like a kidney or pinky toe.

The target of her ire is the proposed Sustainable Financial Model for the CSU system, which calls for annual increases in tuition and fees as part of a strategy for dealing with reductions in state funding, though a report from the SFM Task Force also recommends boosting enrollment by allocating additional dollars to financial aid.

Hudson argues that “if the money from my wallet was going to our teachers, it would make sense,” but asserts that “instead, it’s going to an endless list of administrative positions that we simply do not need.”

Her most damning criticism, though, relates to Cal Poly’s alleged failure to sufficiently embrace her homosexuality.

“I’m lost because I’m at a university that hardly acknowledges, or cares for, my queer existence, as reflected in our curriculum, campus climate, and administrative support,” she laments. “Lost attending a school that claims to care for diversity, but shows little-to-no meaningful support in facilitating a diverse learning environment, and either tolerates hate-filled opposition to diversity or allows it to be swept under the rug.”


The university doesn’t cater to her lesbian existence. Boo Fucking Hoo. Maybe it’s because the primary function of an institution of higher learning is education and preparation for a career.  Unfortunately, many colleges in America do just the opposite and foster the kind of leftwing cultural fascism so popular among the millennial mush brains.

Hudson then goes onto to mock San Luis Obispo’s moniker as the “Happiest city on Earth.”

“More like the straightest, whitest, frattiest, ignorant, hegemonic city on Earth,” she counters mockingly. “But hey, be happy! We have the Farmer’s Market and Spring Stampede to look forward to.”

Albophobic and heterophobic.  Fuckin’ bigot.

Yet according to the last census, the city of San Luis Obispo is 81 percent white, whereas Cal Poly is 58.5 percent white, with Latino/Hispanic students making up the second-largest demographic at 14.3%. The whitest cities in the United States, according to Priceonomics, are Portland, Oregon and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Her claim of a white-dominated campus is obviously false, but proglodytes never let facts get in the way of a good rant.

Recounting the warnings she received from friends before enrolling that Cal Poly is a “really conservative school,” Hudson goes on to claim that the university “isn’t just a conservative school, it is a dead one,” because “the students here don’t care about diversity. And if they do, they are either passively sitting along with the oppressor or they are silenced and ridiculed.”

That’s funny, because there’s been a rash of hate, violence, and harassment against conservative students and anyone else who won’t goosestep to the liberal fascist memes.

A compilation of liberal campus idiocy at:

“Do you think once you leave here with your increasingly meaningless college degree that suddenly the understanding of how fundamental diversity is just going to punch you in the face?” Hudson asks incoherently as she concludes the op-ed. “That isn’t how the world works. Support diversity. Support our teachers. Support your fellow Mustangs. Oppose the Sustainable Financial model.”

What a thumb sucker.  This is how the world works, sweetpea: Just wait until you get out into the real world and find out that facts,  reality, and employers don’t give a shit about your immature, self-absorbed tantrums.

Gawd, if she represents the future of this country, America is fucked.


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  2. Ship her to Angola or Yeman on a 2 year exchange program. Call me when she comes back. Then we will talk.


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